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2021 Powersheets Planner Review

Haaa, yes! The 2021 Powersheets have finally been launched! Despite 2020 taking more turns than a rollercoaster, this year still managed to bring about it’s own box of accomplishments! And I feel I have the Powersheets to thank for that. In a year filled with smoke, fog and uncertainty around every corner, the Powersheets became… Read More 2021 Powersheets Planner Review

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The Undated Passion Planner Daily + How I Use It

It’s official. Pigs should be flying. Because I have succumbed to the layout of the Passion Planner undated DAILY PLANNER. And I’ve actually been enjoying it… Behold! The newest layout by Passion Planner is their Undated Daily format. And I have thoroughly been enjoying that “undated” aspect. I have a bit of a spontaneous planning personality which… Read More The Undated Passion Planner Daily + How I Use It