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Powersheets Check-In: Last Quarter

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There is one thing from 2020 we must complete before we can launch into 2021, and that is my last quarter check in of my powersheets!

I must say, looking back, I feel I was able to achieve a great number of things last year. And in those last 3 months, I found I really pushed myself in different areas in my life. This resulted in a renewed vigor for the new year and my 2021 goals!

So without further adieu, here were my last quarter goals:



4th Quarter Goals

Reach New Customers For My Shop

Lose 10 lbs

Save Money To Emergency Fund

Organize My Office (And Planner Supplies)

Get My Car Worked On

Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Purchase New Planners For The New Year


October (Month of Expenses)

October turned out to be an expensive month. Expenses that even carried onto the following months.

In this month, I FINALLY got my car fixed up including some minor maintenance like oil changing and other more expensive things like having the rotors replaced and getting some new tail and headlights.

I also had quite a bit of Afterpay bills that I decided to completely wipe clean this month. And along with purchasing my 2021 Powersheets this month, I also decided to start paying off my credit card debt!

Then I had a plumber come through this month and ended up tagged with a charge that occurred in December… yeah. Just a very, very pricey month.


And this month, I decided to start taking my tending list with me!


THIS. Helped SO much with checking in with my goals on the daily and allowed me to more accurately track my daily habits. This is something that I continued in the following months and am still doing with my new powersheets!


October also served to be a month where my IG popped just a tad bit. I was mentioned by Simply Gilded! And from that, I did manage to get a small surge of new followers which was pretty cool!



November (Month of Work)


Alas, November turned out to be the month of Hard. LABOR.

Along with Thanksgiving, it is THEE honorary month of SALES including Black Friday. It was the first time I had ever had a Black Friday sale, so I was incredibly excited to get everything set up for my biggest sale!

My shop is still very, very small, so my main goal this month was to try to reach new customers which I managed to do so through my email list, surprisingly.

I worked extremely hard at trying to promote and advertise for my shop releases prior to it’s actual release. This was my first time trying that since I re-launched my shop in June 2020 and I feel like that worked out so much better!

So I found that it does help to prepare ahead of time in order to have things to start promoting across my different social media platforms.


I’m currently… still working on that schedule.

But it is something I want to work on better in the coming year.


Along with reaching new customers and discovering new ways to advertise my shop, another big hit of November was when my manager decided to resign.

This was kind of a big deal since the department I worked in was basically just her and I. It was a lot of finessing in terms of reallocating job duties which included taking on a few more things, obviously. Work became a lot busier and mentally taxing, so with that change along with all the extra work I was doing on my own business, it eventually lead to a burnout… and a depression.

Towards the end of November, I started falling back into another depressive phase about… everything again. Feeling like the work I was putting in was meaningless and that I probably should just quit.

Because of this, I actually did not prepare ahead of time for any future shop releases because at this time I was contemplating shutting it down at the end of the year. So that ended up throwing everything else out of whack.


There was one saving grace after the fact, and that was receiving my shiny new 2021 Golden Coil planner!



Shortly after receiving it, I dived into my creative realm and spent much of my time decorating nearly every inch of it. It really helped to soothe the anxiety and depression I had been going through and put me at ease again.

And I’m proud to say that despite all the ups and downs of November, I still kept on track with my debt journey! So that’s a definite achievement too!



December (Month of Refresh)

Which leads us to December… probably the BEST month of this quarter!

After an expensive October and a laborious November, we come into a Refreshing December.

I had been so mentally and emotionally taxed from November, I just wanted to spend this month treating myself and having more fun in my life!

It started with this virtual cooking event that my work arranged for us. We were signed up with a company called “Fest” that allows you to get onto a zoom call with an actual chef and they teach how to cook a specific recipe of your choice!

So we made delicious spaghetti and meatballs from scratch!



We made our own pasta dough and the meatballs were AMAZING! (I kept the recipe)

I used to be in a culinary class in high school, so I remembered a bit on how to create the pasta dough which I did ahead of time.

And you know, while doing that, it really allowed me to rediscover the love I had for cooking! I’ve been doing a LOT of cooking since then and have really been enjoying the process of learning new recipes and making up my own in the process lol.

Then, I also decided to bring something new into my shop and that was my Planner Deco Kit that I was so proud to have created! I wanted to try something new instead of my usual thing to see what the response would be and if I would take that into the new year. Which I’m thinking I will.



In this month, I completed my 2021 Powersheets Prep Work and had my new goals in hand. But I was just so excited about starting on them, I decided to jump into them halfway into December.

One of my goals included changing and improving my looks and so with that…



into layers…


I had only cut my hair that dramatically (whether myself or by someone else) one other time. Well, two if you count the time I cut all my relaxed hair off to go natural lol. But since I’ve been natural, I’ve only cut my hair for shape once.

And so, I feel maybe I got a little too scissor happy and hacked off more length than I wanted too, but I think it looks nice. I have to love it because I’ve been wearing my hair out more because of it!

My hair always grows fastest in the front and since I never cut it for shape, the front was just obnoxiously longer than the rest of my hair and looked bad in most styles I tried to do because of it.

Since cutting back my bangs, it looks so much better and I love wearing it more! Taking care and maintaining my hair health AND style is a definite priority for the new year.


December was just such a refreshing month altogether! For me, it was the best way to end 2020 and enter 2021 with a renewed hope to continue building on the things I started in 2020.

I’m going to continue to focus on the things that I CAN control. Dare I say I even had fun in 2020 when I look back through my Powersheets and planners and see everything I achieved. There were a lot of little diamonds that I found this year, and I can’t wait to uncover more in 2021!

And yes, I still stayed on track with my debt journey!


4th Quarter Goals

Reach New Customers For My Shop? B-

I feel like I did everything within my power in November to reach new customers and I did manage to pull in a couple more sales which was a great feeling!

But unfortunately, the depressive phase I went through threw me off track and I couldn’t pull the same consistency with my December release. So I’m giving myself a B- because even though November was great, the other months really lacked in effort and I know more could’ve been done.


Lose 10 lbs? F

I actually ended up gaining a bit.

The food has been really good this quarter! lol

But I do want to start incorporating more healthier meals moving forward. It’s great that I have been very interested in cooking at home more because now I can better control what’s in the foods that I make!

Looking forward to a healthier 2021!


Save Money To Emergency Fund? C

The act of saving wasn’t the problem.

It was the constantly having to take it back out that messed me up.

October was expensive, then all the surprise charges in December, I haven’t been very good at keeping the money I saved IN my savings account.

I’m glad that I now have my budgeting combined into my 2021 Golden Coil planner because it makes keeping up with my expenses and bills so much simpler and easy to access.


Organize My Office (And Planner Supplies)? A+

I definitely spent a lot of time in December organizing the home and my office was one of them!

I’m proud that I finally got around to breaking down the rest of the boxes that had been in here since I moved in. As well as finally getting a hand on organizing my growing collection of Simply Gilded washi tapes! All the extra stickers, the cardstock paper pads and more have finally found a home in my office!

I’ve still got to set up an area for my actual planning space which is currently at my dining room table. But that’s something we will continue into 2021.


Get My Car Worked On? A

I definitely got a LOT done on my car that I needed. The last bit was to get my tires replaced but I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

But as far as rotors, tail lights, headlights, and other things, it’s all been fixed up! Thankfully.


Pay Off Credit Card Debt? A+

Despite this very spendy quarter, I still made paying off debt my priority!

And actually, as of writing this I have already paid off one of my credit cards!!! I paid it off the first week of January, so it doesn’t really count for December… technically.

So yes, I am very proud to say I did really well in this goal!


Purchase New Planners For The New Year? A+

Of course I’m giving myself an A+ here!! There wasn’t any way I was going to slack in getting my 2021 planners! I had my EC Monthly planner that I was carrying into the new year. I only needed to purchase my new Powersheets and Golden Coil planner which has both been achieved!

And I’m so glad I have them! I think I chose excellent planners for the things I’m trying to work on for the new year!




So That’s It!


That’s the end of my 2020 Powersheets Check In!

I hope you all enjoyed it because I’m not sure I will do this for 2021. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t, I haven’t entirely decided yet.

But what I WILL say is that I am very grateful I had these Powersheets throughout the year of 2020. They really did help provide the clarity and focus I needed to be able to still achieve things that were within my control.

I feel like the Powersheets Prep Work alone is worth buying the workbook, especially if you’re like me and love to dig deeper than the surface.

The questions asked not only allow you to dream big about your life goals, but helps you create a staircase of action steps to help move you in that direction.

In the midst of a burning economy, I’m not sure I would’ve achieved half the things I set out to do without it’s guidance this year. And that’s why I’m even more excited about having a new Powersheets workbook for 2021!


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So what about you?

Are you going to be using Powersheets for 2021? Are you excited about it?!

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