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My 2021 Planner Lineup

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I set out to use my planner lineup as intentionally as I could this year.

And for the most part, it all worked out!


When I formed my 2020 planner line up, I had one thing in mind…

To find the balance in planning and living a better life!


And while I am not coming out of 2020 using every single planner introduced in that line up, there are two standing champions that have made it from start to finish!


2020 planner champions


My Golden Coil and my Powersheets Planner have absolutely helped me maneuver the whirlwind that was 2020.

And while there was still a bit of dabbling with other planner brands and layouts, these two planners remained my core. They were easy to fall back on when things felt overwhelming and stressful.

Within these two planners I found a lot of peace and comfort as well as guidance and structure to help me get through the year.

My favorite time of the year is here where I get to decide on my new 2021 planner lineup!

So I’ve had time to sit down and evaluate my patterns and I’m eager to share with you what I’ve learned and what I will carry on into the new year!


Why 2020 Was The Best Year For My Planning


I had a lot of fun with my planners this year. ♥

Granted, I did have a lot more time to enjoy them.

And in being a lot more hands on with them, I’ve discovered a few things that I feel really contributed to my overall planning peace. And with that, I…


Gave More Responsibility To Fewer Planners

I absolutely love the look of a chunky, well-used planner at the end of the year!

Something about knowing that this one book is so chock full of my year just gives me a really satisfying feeling.

I had been on a quest to find another planner to fill from start to finish since my 2018 budget planner. It’s been 2 years since I stuck with another planner consistently.

And this year I’m proud to say that I even managed to stick with TWO!

There were two planners that I ended up not sticking with consistently. And that was my

budget planner and my memory planner.


For my budget planner, it came down to the fact that information I needed was always a room away from me.

I didn’t like having to constantly make sure I had that planner with me at all times. Especially when I already had two with me.

My memory planner was kind of disheartening. I felt like I didn’t have enough memories on a weekly basis to record.

And I kind of got tired of taking pictures of foods I ate or outfits I wore.

I wanted a memory planner because I wanted to record exciting memories but it just didn’t end up that way. At least, not on a weekly basis.

What ended up working for me was combining my memory planning and budgeting into my catch all!

I began memory planning each month on the extra blank page that I had.

And I started to rough draft my budgets into the extra lined pages that I also had in between each month.


Having those two things readily available in my catch all planner seemed so much easier to manage!


I think I learned really quickly how I can work toward all of my goals without needing so many separate planners for them.

When I first began my planning journey, I wanted to know every detail about my behavior in regards to each of my goals.

And while that was probably obsessive, I’m glad I went through that phase.

It allowed me to get here and made it easier for me to prioritize what’s most important and deserves it’s own planner.

And what goals I can mix in with my catch all planner so that I can still maintain progress.

Budgeting, memory planning, home maintenance and creativity are just a snippet of those things that I can mix together.

They are absolutely goals that I want to work on and/or maintain, but I don’t need a whole separate planner for them.

I’m not so intensely involved in them that I feel like I need to document every single step right now. There’s other things that I want (and need) to put more energy towards.


So this year, I can say that I really did allow my Catch All planner to… catch everything.

And I’m going to keep that in mind with my new 2021 planner lineup!


Chose Layouts That Catered To My Planning Personality

I am a Planner Sprinter lol.

There are many phases I notice I pass through as the year progress. A lot of this is what helps me rationalize buying up so many planners!

I jump from monthlies all the way to detailed dailies. Planning for me has always been based off of my energy levels.

Monthly planners are always my first choice since it allows me to shift around through those phases without me actually having to leave days (or weeks) blank.

I honestly thought that would be the case in my Golden Coil planner, but surprisingly it wasn’t.

I’ve definitely had my moments where I found it hard to plan ahead so I just used it day by day.

And the other half of the time, I found it so beneficial to have those extra monthly notes pages and the dashboard layout to help with more detailed pre-planning.


It was pretty much a monthly, weekly and daily combined all into one!

I discovered pretty fast in my planning journey that I just do not like traditional layouts. (vertical, horizontal, or hourly) To me, they’re a little too restrictive for my personality.

But on the other hand, bullet journals are FAR too flexible.

This year was my first time trying the “dashboard layout” and it’s my absolute FAVORITE!

Being able to pre-plan weekly and daily in the same week was the best breakthrough in my planning history!

For my 2021 planner lineup, I’ve also realized that I can survive with at least one weekly planner.

Provided it still allows me to ebb and flow through all my planning phases throughout the year. And also as long as it has a similar dashboard structure.

But the rest of my planners in my lineup have to be either monthlies or undated. For I already know, that will be too much energy for me to keep up with regularly.



Maintained A Peaceful And Positive Atmosphere

I think it goes without saying that if you didn’t really have a lot of anxiety before 2020, you probably got a glimpse of it by now lol.

Okay, all jokes aside, while there was good that happened this year, there has also been a lot of noise.

Noise that I happily tuned out every time I opened up my planners. ♥


I’ve always advocated for having some positivity and optimistic tones in your planner, but this year I really took that to heart.

I found my positivity through the memory planning I added, the creative spreads I put together, and the highlights I would track on my monthly calendars.

The layout I chose with Golden Coil also came with a weekly section for Gratitude which I also used more times than not.

My Powersheets also gave a sense of optimism by providing me clarity and guidance.

Being able to check in every month with my Powersheets was like having a stationary therapist.

I would write down all that was bothering me and simply… turn the page.

And start fresh!

I genuinely loved that about my planners this year! They constantly provided an atmosphere of peace and serenity every time I flipped through them. And it was definitely something I needed this year.

I’ve perhaps gone a bit overboard with the “positivity” in my new 2021 planner lineup, but so far it’s been enjoyable!


Gave Myself More Time To LIVE!

Above all, I feel I stayed true to this.

I didn’t want planners to overtake my life!

And while I did venture out and try different planners and creative journaling, they were only things I wanted to try out.

Not necessarily something I was trying to make myself stick to.

I already had my core planners that were working for me. I didn’t really need anything else.

If I just only used these 2 planners this entire year, I was fine.

One provided me clarity and the other provided me peace.

And that was all I could ask for!



And Now,

My 2021 Planner Lineup!


So with all of that in mind, there are some things I found that I really valued in my planners. And that included a neutral setup, flexibility in planning phases and… peace.

Now which planners am I going to start a brand new and shiny 2021 with? Here are the winners!


Catch All Planner?

Golden Coil Planner


2021 planner lineup golden coil


We’re going with none other than Golden Coil for the second time for my 2021 planner lineup!

This year was my first time using this brand and it was a complete success!

Even though the neutrality of this planner was quite the culture shock (to say the least), my year long journey with it has proved to be the best planner for ME.

Golden Coil has a very warm and inviting aesthetic that makes planning in it very soothing.

It’s quite easy to feel at peace within it’s ivory toned paper and it’s simple, non-influential design.

Along with a quality that I really love, I’m so excited to have a brand new Golden Coil planner for next year! I have already started decorating and filling it to the brim with positive and optimistic vibes!

The customizations I went with in my new Golden Coil allow me to be able to continue to memory plan. And be a little more detailed with my budgeting system.

I’ve even incorporated more meal planning and home maintenance activities. Besides that, I have also embraced creating a positive atmosphere within it and brought back my vision boards as well as some Kawaii Journaling prompts. ♥

It will be another fun year in my planner!


Intentional Goal Setter?

Cultivate What Matters Powersheets


2021 planner lineup powersheets


After this year, and everything I still managed to achieve with the guidance of my Powersheets, I was DEFINITELY convinced to get another one!

Getting one for 2020, I wasn’t too sure about since I hadn’t been that consistent with my 2019 one.

But having it this year and deciding to be more intentional with it was honestly the best move for me.

Since I am one to easily get clouded with anxiety and stress over things I can’t control, having this workbook to fall back into and help whip me back into shape was quite helpful to say the least.

I’ve found that when you really choose to use this book fully and give it all you got, you really do begin to reap a lot of benefits from having it.

I created a lot of deep and personal goals that I put a lot of work towards this year, and I feel a lot more… alive.



It should’ve been a year filled with turmoil, but I just don’t see it that way.

In fact, I see it as myself managing to find all the diamonds buried in the dirt.

I broke out of my shell in regards to the kind of art I created, and I dove into creative journaling and didn’t feel the need to draw everything like I used to.

And I finally had the courage to move into a place that I thoroughly love being in despite everything crashing down around me.

I gave myself more attention and love and focused a lot more on creating boundaries for my mental health.

Heck, I even did some random things like try to start a garden (a 2021 goal now lol). It’s even helped me to take on new opportunities, hang out more (when we could), and even helped me rediscover my love for cooking more fresh foods!

From tending my business and helping it grow to taking more pride in who I am, I attribute so MUCH of this self-discovery to having my powersheets this year!

It really was the friend I needed and the structure I wanted and I am SO glad to have this workbook for another year ahead.

Yep, there is no hesitation in having the Powersheets apart of my 2021 planner lineup!


Blog & Social Media?

Erin Condren Monthly Planner


2021 planner lineup blog and social media


If there’s any additional planner I’m glad came along, it was truly this one!

I attained this planner in July when I was chosen to do a collaboration with the Erin Condren company.

And I’m so grateful I did because this planner turned out to be the BEST thing for my blog and social media planning!

I’ve been through so many different types of planners when it comes to trying to map out my business structure, but nothing ever truly stuck.

I’ve used this planner for social media planning before, and it never really worked out. But for some reason, this year, it really clicked.

The way I have been setting up this planner to plan out my blog, youtube, email and shop content works together so well!

Being someone that finds it hard to stick with a routine (shocking right?), it is like a slightly structured bullet journal to me.

It comes with a monthly calendar and a dashboard page. But after that it’s just a lot of notes pages that I can fill with whatever I desire.



I use these notes pages primarily for mock sheets (when testing how new stickers will look when I print them, sizing, etc).

As well as a content calendar (after the fact), master task lists, analytics tracking and day-to-day to do lists as I work on my business.

Some days I don’t use it and most days I do and I love having that flexibility with this planner. It isn’t a rigid planning system but it does help me keep on track with what is needed to get done.

In the back notes pages I customized it to have dot grid pages which I use to outline blog posts. It’s been such a lifesaver this year!

This planner started July 2020 and will end June 2021.

So more than likely I will be getting a new Monthly planner by then when they come out.

This system is just working far too well right now. And I’m so glad to be keeping it for my 2021 planner lineup!



The Unofficial Extras

And lastly, I can’t end this post without noting the unofficial extras for the year.

These are planners that I don’t REALLY need for the most part, but they are nice to have when I want to switch it up a bit. And these planners are:


On The Go?

Passion Planner Undated Daily


2021 planner lineup on the go


I’m keeping my undated daily planners in the mix!

But I find I get the most use out of them when I am on the go.

Since I’m currently not going much farther than from one room to the next, there’s not a big need to use this planner frequently.

Though I love using this planner when I’m heading out of the house! Whether to run errands, on my way to work, or making appointments that require me to sit and wait.

Keeping it in my Simply Gilded cover makes it easier to be able to take little things with me too. That could be notes, bills, cards, etc.

This is a great system for that kind of out and about planning so I will keep it on hand for that purpose only.

For now though, it is not getting much use. But it’s great that’s it’s undated. Because I can start it back up at any time!

And I’m definitely keeping it in my 2021 planner lineup.


Shop Props?

Happy Planner Classic And Erin Condren Softbound Vertical Planners


2021 planner lineup shop props


Okay, so I do have my own sticker shop, and one that I’ve really been showing a lot of love this year!

With the excitement of finally starting to create art I really love, came the realization that I probably should invest in a planner specifically for marketing.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but I don’t really enjoy showcasing my planners after the fact.

Since I journal a lot, which is a personal activity for me, I don’t really like to share that kind of stuff to the internet.


As a shop owner, marketing IS important.

So I would like to see how much it would help if I changed up my marketing style a bit. And started adding in more completed spreads with my stickers in them.

The trick is, these are still actually my plans.

They’re just a more streamlined, internet friendly version of them.



And they’re setup in a way that I’m comfortable randomly flipping through it on a youtube video. Or taking photos of for instagram, or my blog and my shop product listings.

This idea is a win-win for me since I’m really excited at having “faux” catch all planners! And I also get to use up more of these stationary supplies that I’ve accumulated over the year.

For right now, I will be using a Classic Happy Planner that I had previously had, and a new addition which is the EC Softbound planner.

This is a planner I just really wanted to get my hands on and try (review coming soon!).



Also, with having these two planners I can already say that these planners would NOT work for me as my main catch all due to the layouts.

So it’s pretty fun to be able to see my completed plans in a different layout than what I’ve gotten accustomed to.

And so I will be adding these two planners to my 2021 planner lineup! (Unofficially of course)


Recipe Keeping?

Happy Planner Recipe Planner


2020 planner lineup recipe planner happy planner


Ohhh, with the rediscovery of my love for cooking comes the actual use of my Happy Planner Recipe Planner!!

It’s starting to get a lot of love from me lately as I’ve started learning new recipes and skills.

And as I learn more, I throw them into my Recipe Planner in a cute decorative spread that will last through the generations!

The great thing is there is no time limit on this planner. It’s mainly a book of references.

So I can take as long (or as short) as I can to fill it up! Though this year, I’m eager to try as many new recipes as I can.

We’ll see how that ambition goes. 🙂


And I wanna say



That is all I have for my 2021 planner lineup!

At the core, I am only going to commit to 3 planners this year (one down from last year!).

I will still be striving to progress in many different aspects.

But with trimming down my lineup a little more, I’m hoping it leaves even more time to actually work on those goals.

The additional 4 planners are only for “whatever whenever” planning which works out great!

I would say I won’t be buying anymore planners in 2021 but… I won’t be making that promise. 😀

I’ve been eyeing Hobonichi for a long time now… So we’ll just have to wait and see.


So, what are you going to be using for your 2021 planner lineup!? Are you going all out or keeping it simple?

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