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My 2021 Golden Coil Planner

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For the whirlwind that 2020 was, I am SO glad I had my Golden Coil planner to get me through the year.

This year was my first time using this brand, and it worked out so charmingly well, I’m back for a second round!


So what was it?

What was it about this Golden Coil that was SO appeasing I decided to purchase it again?

As I initially reviewed the planner, I made mention of how simplistic, minimal and downright bland the planner is.

And I have to say, I enjoyed those features the MOST.



Thing I Enjoyed About My

Golden Coil Planner


My 2020 Golden Coil planner, when it all started. 🙂


It’s Blandness

I didn’t realize how much I’d appreciate a planner that doesn’t try too hard… or at all really.

Usually, when you purchase a planner, you are purchasing a planner designed by one person with an idea of how it should be used. And it might even come with a guide in how to use it.

The Golden Coil planner, in my opinion, does not really come with that barrier. There aren’t any illustrations to overcome, opinions to challenge you, or anything.

It truly became the definition of “planner peace” for me.


After having my planner this year, going back to anything else is almost irritating!

There was no need to try and figure out how to use a certain page that I had no say in whether it was there or not. Hardly any reason for me to figure out anything!

I was able to completely fill it with my own creativity and personality and I think that was the best part of all!



The Paper

The paper of Golden Coil planners is a warm, creamy ivory-toned type of paper. Definitely not stark white and that is something I grew to really enjoy in my Golden Coil!

After coming from several planners with crisp white colored paper to the warm tones of Golden Coil, I realize how much more peaceful it is to plan in Golden Coil’s paper.

It evokes an atmosphere of peace and serenity whereas crisp white paper evokes a more energizing atmosphere.

My GC was easy to turn to when I needed to calm down, relieve stress and anxiety I was having or trying to soothe myself from a depressive phase.

Plus, the texture of the paper is similar to Erin Condren, and I, personally, enjoy the feeling of EC paper. I will say that the paper is not as thick as EC so it does tend to ghost a bit more.

But for me it’s not too dramatic of a difference and nowhere NEAR a deal breaker when deciding on this planner for the new year!


How I Customized It

And lastly, I really enjoyed the way I customized it!

Some of what I included did not work out the way I had hoped (like the monthly budgeting pages), but a lot of it DID.

I have mentioned before that my planning style tends to be all over the place. And that I go through phases of planning months ahead or flying by the seat of my pants and planning day to day.

And the way I customized my planner for this year really allowed me to shift through all of those phases without needing to have a different planner for it.

I was able to brainstorm for the quarter ahead, the month ahead, the week ahead, AND daily. For me it’s daily anyways since I don’t have many crazy busy days.

I was also able to incorporate more memory planning without having to commit to doing a spread every week!

It provided a space for positivity and peace with the way it was created and everything else I included. And since there was nothing crippling my creative endeavors, I could turn each page into whatever I wanted!

I explored a LOT of my creative style this year, and I have to attribute a lot of that experimenting to my Golden Coil. It was the blank canvas I needed to get me started.




My New Golden Coil!


Golden Coil Planner and dragonfly charm


If you want a more thorough review of Golden Coil the brand and what you can find on their site, refer to this post to get you started.

For right now, I’m just going to go through the way I’ve customized my second Golden Coil planner for the year of 2021!


To start off, the cover.


I managed to get my hands on the Mist color (which is now currently sold out). It is a very beautiful cool-toned grey that looks gorgeous along with the O-ring gold coil.

At the beginning of my planner, I customized it the same way as my 2020 planner. Adding in the same vertical year at a glance, calendex year at a glance and bucket list pages.

I also chose the same weekly layout from this year which was the sections.

This layout is very similar to the Happy Planner dashboard. Being that this layout has the week on one side and on the opposite page is a pre-printed structure of different sections to help you plan for your week.


Golden Coil dashboard layout


This particular one in Golden Coil provides a To Do section, a place for Priorities, Gratitude, Meal Planning and Habit Tracking. But the printing is so tiny and light that it could easily be covered with a script sticker if you want to use it for something else. (Which is what I started doing)


Continuing On…

In the monthly sections is where the “most” change happened. But all I changed was the absence of the pre-made budget pages. And instead opted to have 3 spreads of lined pages (6 in total) and 1 spread (2 pages) of blank paper.

The blank paper I will continue to use for monthly memory planning.

But with the lined pages, I will still use 2 pages for my Master Task list setup. But the following 4 lined pages is what I will use to setup my monthly budget.


Golden Coil lined page


I used to use the EC Monthly planner to budget. But I feel like having a separate budget planner was no longer helping me stay consistent.

And so I am implementing my same budgeting style but now just conveniently in my catch all planner! I feel like this will work out so much better for consistency and awareness.


Aside from that, I did change up a few things in the back.

There are no more travel planning pages, freelance pages, or whatever else I stuffed back there. I didn’t use much of ANY of that this year.

So for my new 2021 Golden Coil planner, I only added one spread of their Contacts page. And after that, 3 spreads (6 pages) of dot grid pages to fill with anything I might come up with throughout the year.


This planner is another full calendar year planner that begins in January and ends in December, just like my current planner. But of course, you can start and end your planner whenever you like!



I Also Grabbed a Notepad!



It is their home care checklist pad and it comes with a total of 50 pages. I plan to use this to keep up with chores on a weekly basis and keeping up with irregular cleanings as well.



Yes, I am VERY excited to have my new Golden Coil planner! I have already began decorating it errrmmm “setting it up” for the new year! I recently wrote a post about including more positive spaces in your planner to make for a more motivating environment.

And from the following pictures, you can see that I really took that to heart. ?


Golden Coil title page and vision board
I have my vision board front in center right next to the title page!

Golden Coil bucket list page


You know I couldn’t wait to show ya! ??


I’m still putting the finishing touches on it and then it’ll be ready for 2021!


So how is your planner lineup coming along? Are you an eager beaver like me to use your new planners!?

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    1. I’m so sorry this comment is so late, but if you were still wondering (or maybe anyone else), it’s actually one of Happy Planners older covers. I’m not sure if they make them anymore, but last I checked there were still some sellers on Amazon and just through random googling. This one in particular was the rose gold cover. Hth!

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