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2021 Powersheets Planner Review

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Haaa, yes! The 2021 Powersheets have finally been launched!

Despite 2020 taking more turns than a rollercoaster, this year still managed to bring about it’s own box of accomplishments! And I feel I have the Powersheets to thank for that.

In a year filled with smoke, fog and uncertainty around every corner, the Powersheets became my light in the midst of everything.

A roadmap, a guide, a screeching sidekick urging you not to give up and to remember why you started.


Yep, we are now coming to a close on 2020 but NOT before I got my hands on the newly revised 2021 powersheets!



*doing my happy dance*



What ARE These Powersheets You Speak Of?


To make this as short as possible, Cultivate What Matters is the company behind the Powersheets, an intentional goal setting workbook centered around deep diving and self reflection in order to help you uncover the things that matter most to you.

The purpose behind focusing on the things that matter to you is to allow you to create and live a life you’ve probably only dreamed of up until now!

It encourages you to face fears, persevere through struggles and get to know yourself better all while helping you cultivate the person you’ve always been deep down inside.

The powersheets are not necessarily a “planner” so it is not going to replace that for you.

Instead, it acts as a very thorough companion when it comes to goal setting and helps you achieve your dreams!

I have given a much more thorough explanation of the general setup of the Powersheets in this post. And aside from a few changes, the overall concept is still the same.


Well, What Did They Change?


Speaking solely in comparison from 2020’s version to 2021, the biggest changes include:


The Construction

The 2020 powersheets came with a few changes that weren’t well received including an entire change in coil and rigidly sharp corner edges that could be used as a self-defense weapon.

For the 2021 powersheets, the corner edges have been rounded off making them much more user-friendly.

And although the O-Ring coil is still making a grand appearance, they have made the coil much smaller which in turn makes the pages much easier to flip through.

I say that an O-Ring is still an O-Ring so it just doesn’t compare to a spiral coil. But personally, the O-Ring has never bothered me much.

Just be mindful to close it from the front and not the back and you should be ok. 🙂


Another change in construction stems from the re-design of the pocket attached to the back of the front cover. In the 2020 version, the pocket was very tight and narrow and not very useable.

This year, the pocket is a little more forgiving and wider. I could actually fit my entire pack of wildcard pages within it! So that is definitely a welcome change!


Streamlined Prep Work

Since I’ve started using the Powersheets in 2019, each year they’ve streamlined the prep work by taking out more pages and making them easier to digest.

And the 2021 Powersheets are no different!

The revisions made in this version are a bit all over the place. It ranges from the change in wording or just condensing (or taking away completely) certain sections altogether.

After going through the prep work for the 2021 powersheets, I find that some of the wording references to a struggle-filled 2020 with the hope that 2021 will be a lot better.

It still contains a very optimistic tone but has been restructured in a way to allow for the fact that detours DO happen in life. But it’s all about starting anew with a fresh start.

I really appreciated a lot of the changes in this year’s prep work. And I can’t wait to fully dive into it!

These pages were clearly written with the intent to help provide even MORE clarity and guidance through what is still an uncertain year. And that’s definitely a plus!


Quarterly Refreshes

Quarterly refreshes, formerly known as “Seasonal Refreshes” have received a mini makeover as well.

For one thing, they no longer have their own separate section. But are instead merged into the month where your quarterly refresh would be due.

For example, the seasonal refresh would normally come before the month of April in earlier versions.

In the 2021 powersheets, the quarterly refresh is within the April month tab.

I’ve heard that this change was made to account for all those who do not follow the same seasonal schedule as the planner which is pretty nice.

Besides, I think I like the quarterly challenges in this new version than I did the previous ones anyway.



The one thing that’s made me the most excited is the re-constructing of how you can refresh your quarterly goals!

They have added sections for you to write out your yearly goal followed by a refresh of your mini goals that you want to focus on for the following quarter!

That is an amazing change in my opinion because it helps add so much more guidance to the quarterly refreshes.

Originally in previous versions, you were basically just refreshing your yearly goals without any REAL guidance to map out what your action plan was.

You were supposed to do all of that in the initial goal setting page in the prep work.

But NOW, the goal setting page within the prep work is only for you to work on that first quarter. And not for you to brainstorm the entire year. Likewise, the rest of the quarterly refreshes follow the same idea!

This is definitely one of the most welcomed changes to the new 2021 powersheets!


Overall Weight

With the streamlining of the prep work, condensing of pages overall, and even a smaller coil, that has all contributed to a smaller and more lightweight version of the Powersheets.

It is still quite an additional weight for it not to be it’s own stand alone planner. But it is filled to the brim with thorough questionnaires and reflection, so it makes up for it (in my opinion).


So those are a few of the additional changes made to the 2021 Powersheets for the new year! Now, into my own personal reflection and why I am embracing them again for the new year!


Did They Work In 2020?


Short Answer: Yes.


This year, I managed to stay with my powersheets each and every month.

And despite having to change around some of my initial goals, I still feel that I made a lot of progress this year in many ways.


Some Things I Did…

♥ I looked over the entire book before I finally dove in and started writing.

I spent, maybe a month, looking through the workbook and getting my mindset into a “goal setting” vibe.

♥ I gave myself at least a week to get through my prep work.

Given that I love self-reflecting, I really wanted to embrace time. I wanted to make sure that I was giving a lot of thought into my initial setup.

♥ I allowed myself to be completely vulnerable in my powersheets.

I feel like giving myself the time to get myself through the prep work was a benefit because it allowed me to drop my guard and become more authentic. It helped me dig deeper and unravel things that really mattered in the long run! Instead of filling it with a lot of my own emotional “fluff”.

♥ I had to allow myself the permission to change my mind.

Crazy as it may sound, I was holding on TIGHT to my traveling goals for pretty much half the year! Even after the pandemic struck. I just REALLY wanted to stay true to my goals. But after my third refresh, I realized that it’s ok to leave those goals behind and to focus on other avenues. It was more important to me to make the best of what I had available instead of focusing on the things I really couldn’t control.

♥ Focus on who I wanted to become and not who I felt I had to be.

I love the prep work in that it allows me to write down exactly who it is I want to be, and not just who I feel like I should be. In trying to make everyone around me happy, I felt like I essentially lost myself. And it was hard to remember what it was really enjoyed. Having the powersheets created a realm for me to go back and reflect on who I envisioned being for myself, and not just who everyone around me wanted me to be.

♥ Kept my powersheets open (and started taking the tending lists with me).

Having the powersheets open and always staring at me every month made reaching my goals more of a focal point. And especially taking the tending lists out and keeping them with my catch all planner. That made keeping my goals in view THAT much easier.

♥ Allowed myself flexible goals to reach.

This time, instead of making so many specific goals with deadlines and very rigid journeys, I decided to set goals that allowed for more space. Being someone that has a history of self-sabotage, I enjoyed goal setting this way. I definitely had some delay and setbacks. But it was still motivating to be able to check off a goal I set whether I worked on it a little or a lot.


Some Things I Noticed…

♥ That I became a lot more decisive and set better boundaries.

○  I became more confident in who I was and what I wanted to share.

♥ And I saw a change in the type of content I was creating.

○ Though I still self-sabotaged, I didn’t give up completely.

♥ I reached out and showed love more often.

○  And lastly, I focused more on enjoying who I am as well as my journey on who I wanted to be.



I plan on doing the same thing with my 2021 powersheets that I did for this year. With just a few added tweaks that I think will benefit me greatly, such as…


Actually Taking Out The Tending Lists

Something I started… this month actually… is taking out my tending list and keeping it in my catch all planner. Doing it that way has allowed me to be able to check in better with my daily habits and see more accurate progress on them.

Since both the powersheets and my catch all planner this year are on O-Ring coils, I was able to snip off the edges to pull them out of my powersheets and put it into my catch all planner similar to how I could do Happy Planner pages.

And then when the month is over, I can just transfer it back to the powersheets without needing to tape or paperclip it back in.

I like this SO much better since it really cuts down on my need to have so many planners with me.

I have everything I need available in my catch all for the most part. And it makes it that much more portable and within my reach.


Balancing Flexible and Focused Goals

One great thing I learned about myself this year is how motivated I am when I feel like I’m actually achieving goals.

Weird, I know.

But I’ve always tried to maintain the mindset of creating goals with structure, deadlines, analytics to hit and more.

I can see the value in creating measurable goals like that, but the problem is I get over-ambitious in goal setting.

And it just really discourages me when I create a goal, and only get 80% of the way there and can’t check it off as “finished”.

It kinda makes me want to stop and start over.

This year, I made sure that my yearly and even quarterly goals were all open-ended and without any measurable factor.

At the end of the day, my objective was to just make progress whether it was a little or a lot.

And then, my monthly tending lists is where I would start creating more smaller, measurable goals to achieve. But even THEN I still balanced the focused goals with the flexible ones.

I plan to take that system into my 2021 powersheets because I feel like it just works so much better and makes the journey more enjoyable.

This year, I accomplished a lot that I hadn’t even planned for at the start. And even with the changes, I was still able to see all the wonderful progress I made in each area!

I think at the stage I’m at now, just making progress is the most important thing. Regardless of whether or not I hit certain stats.


Using Monthly For Budgeting

I was kind of all over the place when it came to using my monthly spread.

I started using it for everything, then I contemplated using it for social media and now herelately I’m using it to track when bills are due. And I think I’m going to take that into the 2021 powersheets too.

I say that because I am kind of switching up my planning system for 2021 when it comes to budgeting. And I won’t really have a monthly spread to do the kind of detailed budgeting like I need to.

Using the monthly spread in my 2021 powersheets seems like the best idea since that is already what I’m using it for now. And it seems to be helping me stay on track with due dates.


Planning Earlier If Need Be

So, this is kind of a TMI thing lol but Aunt Flo tends to visit at the very beginning of the month.

The problem with that is the week before (which is normally when I update my planners for the new month) is normally my most depressive week in the month.

My energy is quite low, my mood is pessimistic, and I’m not necessarily in the greatest mindset to be “planning optimistically”.

I went back through a lot of the prep pages for each month and noticed a pattern in how negative I was feeling. Even though those feelings changed by the middle of the month.

And I also noticed I would create goals based off of that doubt and moodiness.

Because of that, I kinda want to try and make sure I plan the next month in my usual, neutral mood.



But wait!

There’s MORE!

This year I purchased their customized bundle. So I received several accessories at a discounted price! Those accessories include:


Accessory Pouch (In Pink Citrus)

I loved the color combo of the Sea Glass cover with the Pink Citrus pouch! It looks like cotton candy. The pouch is deep and can hold a lot of things.

It’s wide enough to hold the stickerbook from Cultivate What Matters. But it’s not wide enough to hold the wildcard pages nor the weekly planning pad. So that’s a bit of a bummer, but it still carries quite a bit!


Weekly Planning Pad

I intend to use the weekly planning pad moreso with my catch all planner for weekly meal planning.

I feel like the way it’s structured out is great for this purpose. Being able to write a snapshot of the meals I want to have for the week, and create a corresponding grocery list on it.

It does come with a bit of a sticky backside, but I will probably also paper clip it into my planner for extra security.


Tending Tape

I always get their tending tape because I just like to have them. They’re such a fun a simple addition to your planner and come in such beautiful designs and colors!


Wild Cards

I believe these wildcards are available on their website to print and they don’t come in colorful designs like their printed versions.

I’ve never really used the wildcard pages myself. And so I decided to go ahead and get a pack of them in my bundle to try them out! So far, the sheets they’ve provided seem really useful and I plan on incorporating at least a few of them into my 2021 powersheets!



I really love using their stickers in their planner!

It just really pulls together the whole colorful aesthetic I love about the powersheets! The stickers are on the thicker side but for some reason, I really like that.

They feel quality made and are so beautiful and vibrant and I think it’s a great addition to the powersheets!


Annd The Little By Little Journal!

Sooo, Cultivate What Matters came out with a new little notebook that they are calling the “Little by Little Journal”.

This is an undated book with a quote followed by 7 blank boxes on each page.

This can be used to write something daily. Whether it’s gratitude, a personal achievement, a to do list or whatever else you can think of.

For right now, my intention is to use this for daily gratitude. There seems to be enough pages to account for 1 year and 1 month for daily use, so I plan on starting this in December. Specifically on the day I start actually filling in my prep work.


And That Will Be IT!

Whew! Those 2021 Powersheets are already a handful wouldn’t you say?

But I absolutely love them! I love the deep dive and self-reflection that this workbook provides.

Cultivate What Matters also encourages you to join their community. I believe it’s mainly on Facebook and Instagram where you can join a community of like-minded women and find your motivation through them.

There is also an event that Lara Casey of Cultivate What Matters will be hosting herself online that you can purchase a ticket for if you would like the support of an entire community!

Personally, I’m fine for it just being me and my Powersheets (and a hot cup of tea!).

Whose ready to deep dive in December!? ??‍♀️



How about you! Do you use the Powersheets? Will you use them for 2021?

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