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Powersheets Check-In: Third Quarter

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We are now beginning to enter the last quarter of the year. And so it’s only appropiate to drop in and give an update on how I’ve been faring in my powersheets for the third quarter.

I have to say that I am pretty impressed with myself. I’ve been sticking to the powersheets every month of the year!

But also, in this quarter, some of my momentum started to drop a bit towards the end. I would say that overall, this quarter had a lot of potential, a lot of hope, and a lot of reality hitting all at that same time. Let’s get into that shall we?


3rd Quarter Goals

Build on my Blog + Shop + Youtube

Build On My Health + Fitness

Practice Intentional Self Care

Make House Feel Homey



July (Month of Potential)

July definitely brought a lot of momentum and energy to my spirit!

In June, I had finally decided to dive all in to creating stickers and art out of things I really loved and cared about. Regardless of whether it was trendy or not.

And in July, all that passion seemed to pay off!

I finally made some sales from my personal online store and that was a GREAT feeling! This was soon after investing into new equipment that I really debated on whether or not I should’ve purchased at that moment.

Turns out, that investment was JUST what I needed to help get the ball rolling.

Also in July, I got a chance to collaborate TWICE with Erin Condren in regards to supplies that I really enjoy from their company.



July was the also the month I indulged deeper into the world of Simply Gilded! She had a presale at the end of July and uhhh, I dropped some pretty pennies.

July was an EXPENSIVE month. A lot of which was for business purposes and other was more for personal pleasure.

I would’ve done well to have created a budget but truthfully speaking. I didn’t do much of any budgeting this quarter, and I definitely am feeling the effects of that NOW.


August (Month of Hope)

August is my birthday month, so this was nothing short of recreation and TONS of intentional self care this month.

Even in quarantine, I did my childish little heart some good by creating a week of special indulgences that I don’t do on the regular.

From taking time to have a whole spa day filled with hair and skin treatments, clay facials, and whatever else I had packed in a box somewhere. To buying myself a little cake to have at home.

And possibly my favorite “adventure” was building myself a little indoor “fort” around my bed for a cozy weekend.

Afterwards, making some hot tea and having some dinner that my mom brought over and reading a good book. It was WONDERFUL!

I found that after almost a whole week of doing nothing but relaxing and pampering myself, that very next day I felt soooo rejuvenated and inspired!

I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to grab a pencil and start whipping out sketches for my next shop release.

It’s kind of funny because the weeks prior to all of that self care, I had been dragging a lot and feeling very sluggish, unmotivated and TIRED. But after giving myself some days to just… BE, I felt ready to take on the world again!

It was at this moment that I realized JUST how important having regular and INTENTIONAL self caring techniques are in my life.


I probably went a little overboard, though, in August lol.

Because I also ended up splurging on another fairly big purchase which was for a Nintendo Switch!

Fortunately, I got it at retail price and not those ridiculously priced ones from scalpers. They finally came back in stock this month and were selling fast. It was something I had been wanting since the beginning of this year, so I went ahead and treated myself to it.

I spent a lot of August just sitting down and playing video games too lol.


But that wasn’t ALL for August. I also dipped back into cooking at home more consistently. I wanted to make sure I cooked a meal at home once a week and I definitely succeeded with that!


Apart from self-indulgences, I DID get some other actual work done. I managed to get out a release for August in my shop that involved introducing new creatchie character, Tintu!

Even though I enjoyed the art I produced, the stories behind it and the potential it held, August’s release didn’t do that great.

And I get it, I am still a new artist, new shop, new everything! But after the mini hype in July, it almost felt like a crash in August.

The only thing that really pulled me through it was the fact that I just loved creating these characters so much!

They inspire me, make me laugh and embody the moods I’m feeling down to a T! I genuinely enjoy using them in my planners and that’s why I just kept creating.

Creating the creatchies just bring me a lot of joy, especially when I see the end results!

Perhaps in time it’ll grow, and it’ll reach all the people that love to use them. And maybe even become bigger than stickers! Hey, you just never know…



September (Month of Reality)

But to come down off of that dream cloud for a moment, here rolls in September.

When September started, I was actually pretty hopeful and giddy about how it’d go.

I got started on a new workout program, started eating a bit healthier and cooking more. In September I also started incorporating regular “Self Care Sundays” which was my day to do some intentional self-loving.

All seemed good!

In the middle of September, I got called back to the office where I work where I hadn’t been for MONTHS. Just to do some work that required us to be in office for a couple of days. And then it was back to remote afterwards.

So it was time to catch up with some of my co-workers and… for some reason, that just kind of broke me for the rest of the month.

I have always been in my head. And this was definitely one of those times where I couldn’t get away from feeling like a late bloomer. In so many ways that I won’t delve into right now.

But it just… kinda hit all at once.

I started feeling like a failure.

Even though there were great things I could see that I achieved, it just didn’t feel like enough. I still felt so behind in so many ways. Socially, financially, even emotionally.

I hit quite a big depression that following week. Everyday after that was a drag.

I set up my September powersheets that week and I couldn’t think of anything I was excited about or feeling hopeful for.

September started to look up slightly when I launched my September releases.

It did surprisingly well, in my opinion!

It got a fair amount of views than my other two videos, and my shop got a handful more visits! I even made some more sales!

And eventually. I felt well enough to get back up and get in the kitchen to try out a new “Fancy French” recipe that was inspired by the Titanic for one Sunday evening.



I watched a youtube video on it, but I cooked up some Chicken Lyonnaise and Chateau Potatoes! And it was actually very delicious!

Such a fun and different Self Care Sunday!




I’ll say that’s gonna wrap up Quarter 3 with all the highlights and lowlights I wanted to address. Kinda short and to the point with this one lol. So with all that in mind, how did I do on my goals?



3rd Quarter Goals

Build on my Blog + Shop + Youtube? A+

If nothing else, I spent a lot of time and energy working on my little side business. In a way, I feel like I was spreading myself thin, and one thing I recognized is that I need better time management.

I procrastinate a lot, especially on getting my monthly releases done and then whip it all out at the last minute. I would like to work on developing a better routine in regards to that moving forward, but we’ll see.

Build On My Health + Fitness? B

Even though I was off and on a lot, I definitely tried to make strides in bettering my health! I started trying to practice doing pull ups this quarter!

Still can’t do a full one, but semi is pretty good right? My only gripe is that consistency is HARD. If I slack just one day, it’s hard to pick up the momentum again. So I will have to find a way to work that out.

Practice Intentional Self Care? A+

Oh yeah! Self Care Sundays is possibly my most favorite thing to come out of this quarter! Earlier in the year I would do monthly date nights. Now I’ve made them into weekly sunday self care days and they’ve really been helping out.

Make House Feel Homey? F

Can’t say I’ve done ANYTHING toward decorating my home. Just the bare minimum.

There’s a lot I’d like to do around here, I just haven’t had the motivation nor energy to do it.



Almost There!


As in, only one quarter of the year left!

This quarter, I have written out more specific, personal (to me) goals so I may or may not post the goals on my next check in.

Keep pressing on out there and let’s finish the year strong! Only 3 months left! What can you accomplish? 😀


Have you kept up with your powersheets? How did your third quarter check in go?


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