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Touring My Blog & Social Media Planner

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Keeping a planner for my blog and social media has to be one of the most tedious runarounds I’ve ever had in my planning journey!

And there were many fails.

Most were with the EC Deluxe Monthly (now known as the “Monthly Planner”), but I even incorporated a big horizontal happy planner, a passion planner at one point (weekly AND daily), EC vertical layouts and even a BULLET JOURNAL.

NOTHING seemed to stick.

I recently came to terms with the fact that I was the problem with why I continued to fail with every planner I dubbed my blog/business planner for the year.

I thought it was because I just couldn’t find the perfect layout but in actuality, it seems like I had the perfect layout all along.

The only thing blocking my way… was me.


Back To My Roots

I started this quest in a EC Monthly Planner, and that is apparently where I’m ending it…currently.

Granted, the Monthly planner itself has had a few different changes over the years. But not much difference in comparison to the very last one I had.

There are still those additional lined notes pages, the dashboard, the monthly calendar, etc.

The first one I frankenplanned to add in additional notes pages in between each month. For the one I have now, that wasn’t necessary since that was one of the additional changes for the new year!


Well, What Brought Me Back?

It’s style and flexibility.

The only thing more flexible than this layout was a bullet journal.

And for me, a bullet journal provides too MUCH flexibility that in the end hinders me more than it helps.

The reason why this layout appeals to me the most is because there are days, even weeks when I am working on my side business nonstop.

And then there are periods where I am not. At least not on a daily basis.


Why Previous Planners Didn’t Work

I’ve had two previous EC Monthly Planners starting out.

One planner still had the older notes pages where there was 5 sections on one page and a productivity page right after it and those were the only two notes pages you had for each month.



The next year, the layout changed to just include lined pages. As stated before, I did frankenplan this one and it actually could’ve worked out for me.

But I still wasn’t in the mindset of blogging and creating content consistently.

I tried to change my “planning sprint” habit by getting passion planners with the intention of using them to help block out actual, CONSISTENT time to work on my business.

But low and behold that didn’t work. Neither dated nor undated versions.

I kept trying to bounce between the vertical and horizontal layouts. But I started to find out that I just do not like using those types of layouts anymore. And especially not for my social media planning.



I’ve finally reached a point where I really enjoy the content I create. Everything from the posts I write to the items I create for my shop.

It doesn’t feel like more chores that I get no reward from. Planning in my blog planner has started to feel fun again!


And here is my setup of my Blog + Social Media planner!


Touring My

Blog + Social Media Planner



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Sampler Notes Page

The notes page at the very beginning of each month is what I use as a mock page, or to sample designs that I want to list in my shop.

Having a sampler page allows me to test how designs look in different sizes, the print quality, and overall if I like how they come out. I will also sometimes use this page to jot down helpful notes throughout the month that I need to remember.


Find these stickers in my shop @


Content Tracker

I continue to use my monthly calendar as a content editorial, but I only track videos and blog posts that I actually post.

Seems counterintuitive to track my content after I’ve already completed them. But for some reason I really enjoy using it this way.

If I plan to post something on a certain day (usually blog posts) then I will lay down a sticker without writing anything on it. Since sometimes I tend to change up blog post ideas at the last minute.

Otherwise, I just add in stickers as I upload videos and post blog articles. For me, it’s nice to be able to go back and see how active (or inactive) I was throughout the month.



Master Task List

Directly behind the monthly calendar is another lined notes page that I have turned into a Master Task list.

Here is where I jot down everything I want to get down for the month, no matter how big or small the project.



Idea Brainstorm Page

The dashboard page is what I use to brainstorm ideas for specific areas.

I have a section for video ideas, products to create for my shop, ideas I have for my email list and lastly for my blog post ideas for at least 1-2 months in advance.


Significant Moments

Something that I started in my first side business planner was a page for highlights around my business.

Things like cracking a new amount of views, subscribers, maybe a comment someone left that made my day, or even personal breakthroughs. Things that I can look back on to motivate me to keep going.


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Daily To-Do’s

The remainder of the monthly notes pages is what I use for my daily to-do lists.

I tend to only use these pages on days I’m actually working, so there are some times where I’m using it daily and times when I don’t touch it for a week.

That’s the beauty of using these notes pages because it’s similar to using a bullet journal where I can just use it as needed.


Back Notes Pages

The notes pages in the back are all customized with dot grid pages.

I use these pages mainly to outline my blog posts, to brainstorm more ideas and future plan, and whatever other random things that come to mind.



Found My Rhythm!


It’s so nice to have finally have found my groove with my blog and social media planner.

So far, I have been sticking with it pretty consistently.

And what’s even better is I’m being more productive which is always a good thing. Finally, planner peace for my blog planner. 🙂


Do you keep a blog/social media planner? How does that work for you?

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