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Simply Gilded Washi And How I Like To Use It

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I have been buying heaps of Simply Gilded washi ever since I got hooked on it in March of this year!


The summer time was the worst for me.

The neons sold me, the tie-dye oh MY!

Mermaids and glitter washi, ugh! Her aesthetic during the summer season was incredible!

And it doesn’t help that I’m a summer person anyways. I love the colors and themes that are usually associated with the summer time.


Buying all things washi!


In my defense, I use washi a lot in my spreads. I’ve really started getting away from using so many happy planner stickers and I honestly can’t remember the last time I even bought a stickerbook.

For me, it’s been cute cardstock papers and Simply Gilded washi all the way! And whatever random die cuts I happen upon from Amazon and Etsy.


I can’t contain myself when it comes to these releases. Her washi definitely isn’t JUNK.

As soon as you get it, you can tell how this washi distinguishes itself from the washi you might randomly pick up from the $0.99 bin at Michaels.

The texture of it is so buttery and smooth, the designs are beautiful and her color choices are just *chef’s kiss* PERFECTION!

Not only are these washi rolls nice to look at, they are so luxurious to use!

I know that sounds so weird, but for some reason, I just love the act of using her washi. And second to that is the beauty it brings to each spread!


Haaaa, this is my addiction: Planner supplies.


And this current phase is Simply Gilded Washi lol.


So how? How do I like to use washi in my planners?

Well, I think it’s worth noting that a lot of times, my decorating techniques don’t serve a “functional use”. Well maybe, if you count getting me to actually use my planner as functional, then yes! These are very functional ways that I end up using my washi. ?

So lets just dive right in shall we!?


How I Use Simply Gilded Washi

(or just washi in general)


As Borders

Perhaps the simplest and most common way I like to use Simply Gilded washi in my planners is by making borders.

Which ultimately means covering either the header or footer areas (or both) with beautiful washi to help bring a little color to my spread. You can be as simple or as extravagant as you like!

simply gilded washi border

The more washi I’ve used, I tend to like using rolls that are at least 15mm tall in my planner because they cover more space. If you want something that covers more ground, try using taller washi rolls that are perhaps around 25mm and up! Such a simple way to spruce up your spread, and depending on the roll, you still have a lot more left.





As Cover Ups

If your planner comes with headers that don’t work for you, then cover it over with a strip washi!

simply gilded washi cover up

I tend to use this method the most in my passion planner daily. Covering the headers for the to do list sections and the gamechanger mostly, as I use those sections differently.

If the washi is too light, you may want to use some whiteout first if your planner permits. But dark washi works well without needing to use whiteout on anything.


As Space Breaks

I have fallen in love with the micro sized 5mm washi rolls. They work perfectly adding breaks in my planner!

I will use these strips overhead of my to do list for the day or to separate a to do list from a mini journaling entry that I want to add, provided that there’s enough space for it.


I think it’s a cute and simple way to add a bit more color to your day to day plans without going all out.


As Tip-In Tape

My favorite thing to do with my planner spreads is to add in cute journaling cards or other cut outs of some sort to my planner.

simply gilded washi journaling card

I prefer to tip in these additions instead of sticking them directly into my spread so that it still leaves me a lot of space to actually plan in my planner. But at the same time it adds so much to my spread!

simply gilded washi tip in

I create tip-ins by just adding Simply Gilded washi at the edge of whatever thing I want to add. I make sure to leave some washi hanging halfway off.

I then stick the edge that’s hanging off into the planner where I want it and walah! I have a beautiful tip in to help tie my spread together!


I find that 15mm washi and taller works best here. Anything shorter may not hold it in well.


As Backdrops

Using washi as backdrops works very well when trying to add a little more style to your planner.

simply gilded washi month backdrop

Add a small strip a washi and then lay down your script stickers atop of it. Or add washi behind your quarter and half boxes to give it that extra oomph!

simply gilded washi backdrop

Use washi repeatedly to make your own full box if you use a vertical planner. Use washi strips underneath foiled stickers on clear paper as a nice accent.


So many ways to incorporate this one!


As A Structure In Blank Pages

This is a favorite way to use my Simply Gilded Washi in my Passion Planner Undated Daily planner. With the big wide open blank space, I tend to like to use random strips of washi to add a little more “structure” to that page.

For the most part, I only use it to journal anyway. But I’ve always been a fan of the look of “writing around things” in my planner. And for me, adding a strip of washi here and there provides that structure that I like.


And also looks really cute when finished!


As Photo Embellishments

I like to use the smaller 5mm Simply Gilded washi rolls to help embellish any photos or pictures I add to my spreads.

Just a short strip across the edges of each photo gives it a really nice touch that I really enjoy!


As Monthly Spread Decor

Now, I’m pretty most people already use washi tape in their monthly spreads when they are marking trips, vacations, days off, or anything else that has to do with actually being functional.


But we ain’t worried about functionality here…. at least not right now. ?


I actually LOVE the look of this in the monthly spread but, I’m a homebody so I don’t have many places to go. Nor should I considering the era we all are currently enduring…

But that’s not gonna stop me from using Simply Gilded washi in my monthly spread! I love to use a nice design on just random weeks of the monthly to help tie my spread together. I usually add a strip of the same washi on each page so that it overall balances out the spread.

For me, I like to use my monthly for highlights that stand out, as well as appointments, and whatever else is important for the month. So the additional washi doesn’t interfere with the way I use it.


As “Check Lists”

Using Simply Gilded washi as checklists is also a great way to add some fun to your spread.

And using it this way also doubles as functional! Although, I don’t think her washi is great to write on.

But I still like to use her vertical bow washi rolls for this purpose. These come in 5mm sizes though.

simply gilded washi check list




Sooo, thanks for letting me geek out a little bit over my Simply Gilded washi tape.

You’re a real friend!


Of course, there’s plenty of “actual USEFUL” ways to use washi lol.

Things like marking your vacation or just days off, tracking habits or whatever else. All of which are great!


But for me, I don’t really care to have a purpose for it. ?


It’s just a wonderful way to help make the spread look pretty and keep me looking at my planner spread. Which is the ultimate goal here right?



Do you like to use washi in your planners? What are some ways you use washi tape?

simply gilded washi pinterest pin

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