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EC x Hello Kitty Collab Review

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There will always be a little piece of my heart that still hangs onto the quiet resilience that is Hello Kitty.

Too dramatic?

I think not!


The team at Erin Condren decided to select me to help with their launch of the Hello Kitty collaboration and I couldn’t be more excited! As of now, all of the products I am reviewing are now available for purchase. So if you’re heading over there now, be sure to use *this link so that you can get $10 off of your first purchase at Erin Condren!

And without further adieu, let us dive into the nostalgic goodness that is a Hello Kitty filled box!


What’s In The Box!?

To begin, let’s start off with some of the smaller accessories and work our way up!

There are very cute *Hello Kitty bookmarks that come in a pack of three, all embellished with gold foil only. They come in the colors of pink, lavender purple, and a cream color and they work quite well in your coil bound planner.



Following that were some new *sticker sheets that were designed in the spirit of Kitty goodness! Each sheet comes with a different foil including gold, rose gold, and silver. But the designs on each are different.

They range from functional stickers that contain half circles, page flags and boxes to, my personal favorites, sweet sweet deco that you can add to your planner just for fun and to spruce it up a bit.





They provided me with a *Hello Kitty-themed dashboard that you can use to take any extra notes on the go. This dashboard also acts as a “bookmark” where you can take it out and move it around in your planner as you please.

This one in particular is laced with gold foil and contains a cute kitty border with a lined space at the front to use for note taking. And along the back is a Monday through Sunday layout which can be used to track anything from meals, events and appointments, workouts, work schedule or a new regimen you’re getting in place.

As far as writing it, I feel like they do sell specific pens for these dashboards as they are thickly laminated. Erin Condren provides dry erase markers that can be used. As this is my first time actually having a dashboard to write on, I won’t say that they do or don’t work. But I can definitely attest that the dual tip markers DO NOT. So ummm… don’t waste your time there.



Speaking of *Dual Tip markers, I also received their newest trio bundle of dual tips. Alas, these are NOT brand new colors to the world of dual tip markers. So if you’re a collector of these wonderful pens, you most likely already have these colors.

BUT! If you’re not, they have provided some of the softer sides of the dual tips in a bundle which include the colors Turquoise, Bubblegum and Lemon.



Last of some of the smaller accessories includes this ADORABLE little *planner charm that you can use to attach to the coil of your EC planner… or any planner for that matter. Look! It’s a golden Hello Kitty charm, isn’t she cute!?



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What Else Is There?


Moving along into some of the bigger items we have, first of all, there are NEW covers! And I was sent two of them!

The first cover is the *Metallic Asterisk which consists of many little kitties surrounded by EC’s signature asterisk all embellished with gold foil. There is a non-foiled version of this cover and I believe that is the one where you can change the colors of the cover if you so choose.

And the second cover sent to me was the Hello Kitty version of their *Flower Power theme for the year. It has Hello Kitty’s face centered and surrounded by the beautiful illustrations from the Flower Power’s theme (that I personally would’ve liked to have in the Monthly Planners… just saying lol…).

These covers are interchangeable, meaning that you can snap them on and replace them whenever you please. If you’re into changing up the outsides of your planner to give your atmosphere a fresh new feel, then these covers will work great for you!



And these next two items are my personal favorite items out of the box!

They provided me with their newly revised *Sticky Note booklet designed through and through Hello Kitty! I remember the last one that was sent in one of their previous seasonal surprise boxes that had the Woven Wonder pattern.

That was the first one launched and, if I’m being honest, it wasn’t all that. The sticky notes were too sticky on the pad, but not sticky enough on the paper for in my opinion.

They weren’t useless, they still got the job done. But…

…not without a little elbow grease.


These new sticky notes seem like the result of a lot more trial and error and I have high hopes about them! I actually really liked the potential of the sticky note booklet, and I’m too excited to get one in the Hello Kitty style!



I’ve taken it upon myself to go ahead and test out some of the sticky notes myself juuuuuuuust to see what we were working with.

What I found, personally, is that they peel off rather easily (I can do so with one hand now! lol) and they also stick FIRM to the paper! It was almost like working with a Post-It note and I really enjoyed that!

And it helps that they are just SO flipping adorable!




AND! If you noticed in the above picture, the sticky notes are plastered into the last item of this box. And this is my personal FAVORITE item!!! Ta-daaaah!




How cute is she!? xD


This is another version of their *softbound notebooks. But it comes in a beautiful rose gold shimmer with the Hello Kitty face embossed at the front. The page edges are lined in rose gold foil even the bookmark is rose gold! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


The very first page you open is their design page and… ya’ll… please at look at this cuteness!



This was just a beautifully crafted notebook in my personal opinion and I’m so glad to have received it!

Aside from that, on the inside, it is pretty much the same as all of their other bound notebooks. The line spaces are college ruled, maybe a little bit wider in my opinion. But it’s the same with all her lined paper across the board. It also uses the same paper as her other planners.



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It’s So Cute!


Overall, I love it!

I feel like the EC x Hello Kitty collaboration was beautifully done! It’s very appealing to those who are into cute, kitty-themed cartoon characters… like me :|. I see you judging…

But anyways, go ahead and check out the new collaboration! Links to the products are affiliate links if you choose to do any shopping based off of this post. And all that means is that I get a little kickback for referring you. And it’s no additional charge on your behalf.

So until next time, I hope you have a wonderful day!


Interested in the Hello Kitty collab? What was your favorite item?


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