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The Undated Passion Planner Daily + How I Use It

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It’s official. Pigs should be flying.

Because I have succumbed to the layout of the Passion Planner undated DAILY PLANNER. And I’ve actually been enjoying it

Behold! The newest layout by Passion Planner is their Undated Daily format. And I have thoroughly been enjoying that “undated” aspect.

I have a bit of a spontaneous planning personality which caused me to steer clear of layouts that were too intense and too involved. And a daily seemed like way too much space for someone like me who can hardly keep up with a weekly layout.

One of my biggest reasons for avoiding a daily is because I didn’t feel like I was busy enough on a daily basis to need a layout so large for each day. But booooy was I wrong! And right… in a way. Here’s why.


passion planner undated daily old and new

The Passion Planner Undated Daily

Why Do I Love It?


It Actually Counteracts My Spontaneous Side

By far, it still baffles me to find a daily layout that works so well with my on-again-off-again planning style.

The Passion Planner undated daily comes with a layout so structured yet so flexible at the same time that it can really be used however you need it to.

What I’ve found in many daily layouts are that they are heavily structured out with slots for hours, a list for to do’s and hardly any room left to really free flow through out the day.

Which is where the PP Daily shines!

This planner has a two page spread for each day, where one page contains more of a structured format while the other page is completely blank allowing you to brain dump throughout the day however you wish!

I can appreciate any planner that gives me a great balance of structure and a freedom all within the same layout!


It’s Undated!

I love undated planners. There’s no secret with this.

Undated planners allow me the freedom to skip days, weeks even MONTHS and still be able to start up again from my same spot.

Essentially, I never feel like I’m wasting a planner if I’m not consistent with it. And in that regards, it takes a LOT of pressure off of me to stick with a certain planner.

I have been working off of the same first 30 days in the original passion planner undated daily for about 3.5 months now! Let that speak for itself. 😐

And yet, I can still return back to it and start up again from the next fresh page. It’s wonderful!


I Love The Self Care Sections

I like how the Passion Planner undated daily has a big focus on the self care sections. The brand itself is really big on taking care of yourself and incorporating more time for self-love.

So within the undated daily comes a section that gives a handful of prompts for you to answer regarding each day. Some of which includes what you did for self-maintenance for the day, best thing that happened and even tracking your mood!

At first, I thought I wouldn’t really care to use that section. But as I continued using my planner, I find that it’s one of my favorite things to fill out at the end of the day! It’s a great way to take about 5-10 minutes on what happened and how I feel about the day overall.


The Size Of It Isn’t To Be Overlooked

As a personal preference, I tend to love bigger planners because of all the space they come with!

Very rarely do I try to fit things into a mini, purse-sized planner.


The Passion Planner undated daily is different in that regards.

For it to be a smaller-sized planner, it comes equipped with a TON of space for each day. That being with the full blank page you get for each daily spread.

This layout makes it perfect for someone like me who loves to write/brainstorm/free flow a LOT throughout the day without wanting to carry around a corresponding larger planner for the extra space.


Out With The Old, In With The New…

Now, I am currently still using the original passion planner undated daily layout even though there is a NEW version now available. So, I’ll give an overall review of the basics of the daily planner as well as the new changes that you’ll expect with the new version.


The Basic Undated Daily Layout

Whether you’re still hanging onto the old version or you have embraced the new head on, there is a basic layout of this planner.

In both versions, you’ll have the same title page with a “Who I’m Grateful For” section on the opposite side of your title page to fill out. You will also get the same guidance pages on how you can use your Passion Planner Undated Daily to it’s fullest potential. One of which includes their signature Passion Planner Roadmap page that helps you strategize the things you’d like to accomplish in the next few months to your entire lifetime!

passion planner undated daily roadmap


This planner also comes with monthly “Gamechanger Goal” pages that help you detail and outline exactly how you plan to work towards your goals every 30 days. On this page, you are asked to Define, Brainstorm, Visualize and make Commitments to working toward this specific goal for the next 30 days.

Along with that, you also get a blank calendex that will serve as your “Year At A Glance”. You can use to document anything you want throughout the year. The planner itself is for 93 days, maximum. But the calendex allows you to future plan for the rest of the year if you so choose.


The Daily Layout

The structure of each Daily layout is also unchanged between the two versions.

It is composed of a focus header where you can write down your focus for the day. Underneath that, is a GameChanger Goal where it gives you three lines that should be dedicated to achieving whatever your goal is for the month.

Underneath that are two sections dedicated to Work and Personal to do list sections. And then following are the self care prompts and suggestions. Including a Free Space To Grow, Self Maintenance, Best Thing That Happened, Today I Learned, Today In One Word, and Mood.

passion planner undated daily format

Next to all of these sections is your hourly layout which range from 5 am to 11pm. This hourly range is MORE than what is included in the weekly version of Passion Planner. But is still the same hourly range between both undated daily versions. You are given a date box to write down the date. And a Sunday through Saturday in letters that you can circle to clarify what day it is.

The second page of the this format is a blank page that is labeled as “Space of Infinite Possibility”. This is where you are free to do with this page as you please! Literally! No structure whatsoever!


Additional Pages

You also get monthly self care reflection pages that ask you the same questions between both versions. Including What’s On Your Mind, Memorable Moments, Accomplishments I’m Proud Of, and How I’ve Grown/Biggest Lessons.

You continue with the same daily layouts for the next 93 days. Then you get to the end of the planner where you will find a “Since You Started This Planner” page. This page includes prompts such as How Has Your Year Been So Far? What Has Brought You The Most Challenge? What Has Brought You The Most Joy, and What Do You Want To Dedicate More Time To?

Following that page is a good handful of dot grid notes pages. You can use them to further your daily brainstorm sessions or however you like to use them!

Phew! Those are the basics. Now lets talk about the changes!


Old vs New Versions

Perhaps the biggest change between the two sections are the addition of actual Monthly Calendars!

You get four undated monthly calendar spreads, all at the beginning of the passion planner undated daily. On the back of each monthly calendar are where you will find the self care reflection pages. That is a different placement compared to the older version where the self reflection pages were found after every 30 days of daily spreads.

passion planner undated daily monthly layout

Another change from the old to new version is… ;(

The absence of Hearto.


Ugh! I have to say I absolutely LOVED that story of Hearto! It was just the cutest addition to the passion planner undated daily, I felt. But I feel they removed that story in order to incorporate the monthly calendars which, obviously, are more useful.

But still… 🙁

Now new buyers of the passion planner undated daily planner will never be able to enjoy the encouragement from our beloved friend, Hearto. Though his legacy lives on in their sticker books! So there’s that 😀


How I Use The Passion Planner Undated Daily

Now, lets get into exactly how I’ve been using it! As I stated previously, I’ve definitely skipped some weeks with using it. And also, the way I’ve used it has already shifted some within the 30 days I’ve used it.

This planner has actually started to replace my self care planner because of how much reflecting I find myself doing in this planner alone and I love it!

Currently, I only use the “Today’s Focus” area for anything that has a big deadline on that day, or coming up within a few days. I don’t usually use this every single day. But when I really need to be productive and get something done, I will write that down here.

Since I decorate a lot in my planners, the Passion Planner undated daily is no exception! I tend to use washi tape to cover up the headers for the “GameChanger Goal”, “Work” and “Personal” sections and just free flow.


passion planner undated daily decorated layout

How I Use The Sections

The three lines that are supposed to be for the goal planning is what I use to track my meals for the day.

The next two sections I use for whatever to do things I have to get done that day. Sometimes it’s all work, sometimes it’s all personal. But I don’t put them in separate sections I kind of just smush them altogether.

The Free Space to Grow is an inconsistent use and usually for different things day to day. It could be notes or something I need to remember. Writing down a detailed list (think groceries, wishlist, ideas, etc). I might use it for Gratitude one day, or just add a lot of decor to finish off a really nice spread. It definitely varies from day to day.

The Self Maintenance prompts I use as is. I don’t change much up here.


passion planner undated daily simply gilded washi

passion planner undated daily blank decorated layout


Using The Hourly Structure?

Since my planning style jumps around, I find that sometimes I use the hourly structure and sometimes I don’t. When I’m really busy, I don’t normally have the time to track my schedule. Though when I’m not that busy, I do try to keep up with my daily structure from time to time.

I want to start using it eventually to build up a daily morning and evening routine. But I am still working on the bumps on that.


The Blank Page!

And currently, I am using the blank page to journal! This has been my new favorite way to use the blank page as I am just a writer at heart. I love to write out my thoughts, and put all of my feelings onto paper.

Lately, it has been hard to try and keep up with journaling in my self care planner. But the best thing about the passion planner undated daily is that it is pretty much tied into my daily workflow. So I’m hardly without it!

Which makes it a lot easier to snatch it out and journal my thoughts away!

It also makes me a bit more consistent in journaling everyday. Even though I still don’t use it every single day, I find myself journaling more frequently since having this daily planner than I did with my self care planner! It’s just been so wonderful!

passion planner undated daily used layout


And That’s It!


Overall, I have really been enjoying using my Passion Planner Undated Daily. It has worked well in tandem with my Golden Coil Catch All planner. I find using this helps me to better detail each day that I use it, whereas in my Golden Coil, it’s more of an overview of the week.

It is the perfect planner to take on the go, and I also keep it encased in the Simply Gilded new padfolio (received from the June Subscription Box). I also keep a cash envelope, a to do list pad, and other little things I may need to take on the go with me.

This is a GREAT planner for regular, consistent planners as well as all-over-the-place planners such as myself. So check out the daily planner sometime. At the very least, it’ll never expire on you. 🙂


So, do you use a passion planner undated daily? How do you like it?

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