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Powersheets Check-In: Second Quarter

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2020 has been quite the year.

I’m pretty sure that all, or most of us, have spent the second quarter of this year quarantining and spending majority of our days at home.

For me, this second quarter was definitely something different than what I expected 2020 to be, just like a lot of others.

But ironically, even though this quarter came with some DRASTIC, and life-impacting changes, I can’t say that it was absolutely terrible. While there was surely a lot of bad that came about, there was also a lot of good… for me personally.

I feel like 2020 is the year of “cleansing”. The year of getting rid of a lot of toxicity that ended with the last decade. Perhaps this year is creating a new slate for a new wave of ideas, talent, and changes.

I feel like this quarantine was a way to get everyone to really buckle down and realize the things that matter to them. And not only what matters, but what makes them happy. Where they can self-improve, where they can progress and more.

It’s scary, yes it is. But I don’t think it’s ALL bad.

And that’s what my powersheets have helped me to see!

So without further adieu, let’s hop right on in to the check in for my second quarter! Starting with my overall goals for the second quarter, and here they are:


2nd Quarter Goals

Prep Anyway For Trip To Vancouver

Move Into A New House

Continue Practicing Self Care and Fitness

Keep Building Shop & Blog

Start Investing



April (Month of Transformation)

The hallmark of April had to be MOVING.

And it was definitely a testing time. A lot emotional testing, but also financially too.

Due to the Corona virus and everything shutting down, I experienced having my salary basically cut in half a week before I was to start moving into my new place.

The move itself was stressful. A lot of the help I needed went lacking. I even found myself moving everything by myself for an entire day. And from that I learned that I will ALWAYS invest in movers lol.

There were countless times I felt like I couldn’t do it, that all of this pain and struggling was not worth it. That I should’ve sucked it up and just dealt with where I was. At least it was cheaper, and I was already familiar with the environment, even though I couldn’t stand it anymore.

There were SO many reasons I started coming up with that made me want to back out. And I just never did. I couldn’t. I wanted this new place too much. I saw too many opportunities of ways I could grow. And ultimately, I just wanted a fresh start. A reset, so that I could finally embrace all of me without so many reminders of the toxic environment I was leaving. My mind needed a break.

And this new place was going to give me that break.

Outside of moving, I also chose this time to start investing.

Oh my goodness, I feel like I was just bleeding money in April lol! From all of the extra fees I wasn’t aware of with moving from an apartment to a house, dabbling in investments in a crashing stock market, and eating and shopping my emotions away, ugh. April was uhh, not the best look for finances. And, a little foreshadowing here: my spending still isn’t under control. But keep reading, you’ll understand why.



May (Month of Rejuvenation)

And then May rolls around.

By the time May got here, I was in my new home and starting to feel more cozy.

I enjoyed waking up in that place every single morning.

To actually hear birds chirping and not muscle cars speeding through the parking lot was quite the achievement for me.

It was clearly more spacious than the apartment I came from. And I actually had a bit of land. Something more than a screened in balcony, I had a BACKYARD! I had a garage to shield me from a heavy downpour when I needed to get to my car. I had a more open kitchen that I could freely dance around in while cooking. I had so much that I didn’t realize I wanted so badly.

And every single day I awoke, I was extremely grateful that I hadn’t given up. This new home turned out to be worth every bit of the tears I struggled through.


And why do I say that?

Well, May was thee month for TONS of self-loving and self-caring. Predominantly, through my creativity.

I didn’t really realize just how MUCH stress and anxiety I was under… until I was no longer under it.

I surprised myself quite a bit this month as I started to re-learn myself again. And at one point, it made me sad.

Sad that I had wasted so much time ignoring the real, authentic me for the sake of people pleasing. That hurt!

After a week or two of adjusting to my new place, suddenly I was singing and dancing all over the place. I was laughing heartily at things I enjoyed, I wasn’t indulging in so much negative drama. I was letting go of my jealousy towards people I viewed as better than me. I was slowly but surely becoming more and more content with ME.

I felt… weightless.

And my creative gene just SKYROCKETED in May!

I started getting into creative journaling, which then prompted me to come back around to working on my online shop. I actually started creating new art for my shop and was all too excited about these new releases!

I was doing tons of things I hadn’t given much attention to in YEARS. Things like actually dressing up and… wearing makeup. Makeup is just something I never do, quite frankly because I don’t feel like I’m good at it. And also because… I always viewed it as too much work.

And I still do lol, not going to lie. But I have found that when I do put in a little extra effort to paint my eyelids with a bright color, it just makes me feel so GOOD inside! The music turns on and the lion comes out!

I haven’t worked up the nerve to go out in public with it lol. But it definitely does my heart good to vogue in the mirror for a few minutes lol!

I also tried a new tea company. I love drinking tea, but I always get the little boxes from Walmart. This month, I wanted to treat myself to something that had more quality to it. And so I tried tea from Tea Box and I REALLY enjoy their tea! I tried a lot of their green tea, which I have always enjoyed. I even purchased a tea kettle from them! My first one ever!


Because I don’t have a microwave now.

I said no to getting a microwave. And I didn’t really understand why in the beginning. But now that I’ve been without it for a few months, I think it’s because I want to enjoy the process.

I had gotten to rely so much on the quick convenience of microwaving, eating out, etc. It really started running through my life with how attached I was to convenience.

I don’t think going without a microwave is this big huge be-all-end-all thing. But for me it was.

It meant that I had to actually COOK. And it also meant that I had to be thoughtful about my time, because to heat things up in the oven takes a little time.

Going without a microwave has encouraged me to use more of the appliances I have in my kitchen. Which is ultimately what I was going for.

I don’t think microwaves are terrible, not at all. But I just wanted to be without them for awhile. And now that I’ve been without one, I’m not in a rush to get one. I’ve been enjoying spending more time in the kitchen and cooking lol.

I also started trying to do yoga. Yeah, I was having a lot of body pain, so I attempted to do a yoga challenge that I DID not stick with lol.

And lets not forget the stimulus check! That was a nice boost, especially with the salary reduction! I ended up investing a few hundred dollars more into investing in the stock market. I felt like this was a great time to purchase whatever stocks I could and so that’s where a bit of THAT money went.



June (Month of Momentum)

Haaa, after a powerful self-evaluating May, then June charges in.

Starting at the end of May, I started posting a couple videos to Youtube.

In June, I pretty much took off with filming videos and posting them!

What I don’t think I realized at the time was that I was in the process of building my momentum.

Like I said, I have been in SUCH a better and more positive spirit and mindset since moving into my new home. And I feel that energy just rolled into wanting to get back to my youtube channel again.

Sometimes I go back and re-watch my videos, and I can hear the differences from the ones where I felt stuck in my old place and how I feel now in my new place.

I feel much more eager to be who I am and not just who I feel like everyone wants me to be. And I’m enjoying myself and enjoying sharing whatever I come across and/or create with others.

June is also the month where I FINALLY got chosen to do a collaboration with the Erin Condren brand.

And then, um, controversy happened.

Controversy that I do not care to delve in too deep, but it was definitely offending.


I also got started in a dieting program that my health insurance offered, Omada?

It’s a program that allows you to connect with a personal diet coach along with a small group of others, and you get weekly lessons and you can share tips and encouragement with your fellow teammates.

You get a scale mailed to you, and you just weigh in everyday and log your food. It’s not exactly a calorie counter, but just like a food tracker. And I was really enjoying it! I was excited about eating healthier and gaining more tips, and they were useful too!


And then the shop…


What started out as great ideas, daydreams and fantasies started to come CRASHING down when trying to deal with my Silhouette Portrait.

It had been doing so well, but suddenly, for a whole week straight, working at it countless hours each day, it just would NOT work. It wouldn’t register, then it wouldn’t cut, then it wouldn’t cut EVENLY. It was a huge, stressful HEADACHE.

So much so that I threw it out… along with the printer which was at it’s end anyways…

I was pretty much set to give up on my shop. And close it down right then and there.


Haaa. but eventually, I got paid again from my job.

And I decided to take that paycheck… and invest it into a new, better printer and a new, better silhouette cutting machine… the CAMEO.

And that… well, actually, that’s for July. So I guess you’ll just have to tune in next time! ?




Trust and believe there was a ton of stuff that happened for me in this second quarter! But for right now, those are the things that stand out the most. So as far as my second quarter goals, how did I do?


2nd Quarter Goals

Prep Anyway For Trip To Vancouver? F

I did absolutely NOTHING toward my trip to Vancouver. I looked at ticket prices a few times, and they were extremely cheap too! But I haven’t really done anything and in fact, I ended up cancelling my PTO for it. So I don’t even think I’m going when I thought I would… but we’ll see. The year isn’t over yet!

Move Into A New House? A+

After internally battling with myself, I decided to go on a leap of faith and move! And it turned out to be absolutely worth it! The wonders it’s done for my sanity made it the completely and the ONLY right choice. It definitely didn’t go without it’s struggles to get here, but I’m so glad I didn’t back out of it.

Continue Practicing Self Care and Fitness? A+

I’ve definitely had a lot of fun tuning into ME and getting to spend more quality time with myself. INTENTIONAL quality time with myself. And not just dozing off to Youtube videos or trying to lose myself in music like I usually do. I enjoyed stepping out of my usual routine and trying new things even if they were just little, trivial things. Like pouring tea out of a tea kettle, taking a luxury bath with bath bombs and strolling around my own backyard instead of spending all my time indoors. Those are things that are unusual for me, but it was my personal way of intentionally telling myself that I love ME. And I really enjoyed that!

Keep Building Shop & Blog? A+

Oh yeah! If nothing else came out of the second quarter, I DEFINITELY stepped into building my shop and blog (and youtube channel).

Finally turning my shop around and adding in the finishing touches really brought a spark back to my soul. It’s been a VERY creative time for me and I’m trying to take advantage of it as much as I can! And it’s definitely been a rollercoaster ride. But one that’s definitely worth it!

Start Investing? A+

I haven’t invested big bucks or anything, but I’m squeakily happy at how much I’ve been gaining! I’m not an expert or a guru, so I won’t be giving you any tips on how to invest lol. But all I can say is I’m definitely glad I got into the market right when it crashed! I’m excited to learn more about investing and how to benefit from it.


And That’s All!


Whew! This second check in turned out to be rather lengthy. But I like the way I did this check in, and will probably do the remaining like this also.

I hope you all are still making the most out of 2020 with what you have. Because even though it’s not what we all asked for, it can absolutely STILL be everything we need.


So are you still using your powersheets? How did the second quarter go for you?

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