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2020-2021 EC Monthly Planner Review

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The new *EC Monthly Planner has arrived! And I couldn’t be more excited!

I have been using the EC monthly planners (previously known as the “Deluxe Monthly”) for the past 4-5 years for budgeting. I just recently wrote a blog post about how I used my Deluxe Monthly for budgeting as well.

The new EC Monthly planners just launched back in early June. I was chosen to collaborate with the EC Team for this new launch and I am so excited that it all has finally arrived!


Before we dive in, I took a moment to sit down and film what I received in detail. So if you would rather watch than read, then please check out the review video I did!




Why the EC Monthly Planner?



In a recent post, I explained that I loved using the EC monthly planners for budgeting and have been using them for the past 4-5 years now.

The flexible layout of the monthly planner allowed me to be able to create a monthly budget that was easy enough to set up. But also maintain every week and still be detailed enough to pinpoint patterns in my spending habits.

And ultimately, it’s no secret that EC planners are quality made and some of the best planners on the market. I love the thickness and feel of the paper they use, as well as the colorful themes they come out with every year!

Even though the EC Monthly is still technically the same, their are a few noticeable changes from this year’s version that changed from last year.

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New Changes In EC Monthly



Doubled Notes Pages!

Probably the most dramatic change of the EC Monthly planner is the addition of doubled notes pages in between each month.

Whereas last year, there were only four blank notes pages that you had to work with, they are now coming fully loaded with 8!!!

This allows the EC Monthly to be a very flexible planner for those who do not like to use weekly or daily layouts.

Of course, most people tend to use this planner for budgeting, but that is not all it’s capable of.

Now that the EC Monthly comes with 8 notes pages, you can use these pages to track all sorts of things every month! Including fitness, mood and wellness, projects and deadlines. Hobbies, networking and keeping up with family and friends. To do lists, medications and doctor’s appointments and just a TON of things.

The EC Monthly planner is easy to use to track a variety of things each month!



Tab Goes To MONTHLY NOT The Dashboard

One of the biggest pet peeves for most was the fact that the monthly tab turned to the new dashboard page and not the monthly. For many, that was a disruption in planning style. The ease of using the tab to flip to the monthly was so much more convenient.

Well! The EC Brand listened to that and made changes accordingly. 🙂

In this new planner, the tabs are now flipping back to the monthly calendar. And behind that page you will find the dashboard. Nope, the dashboard is still around, they have just switched positions! I, for one, am glad that the dashboard page is still around. I had some ideas on how I wanted to use it in my own planners.



More Streamlined Design

The EC Monthly still retains it’s colorful style. But it’s just not quite so all over the place like last year’s Kaleidoscope theme. The colors are more solid and the designs still a bit bold, but not quite so “in your face” anymore.

A lot of the strips and headaches that came with last year’s design have been removed. Including the headers on the dashboard page and the shaded notes section on the monthly.

Honestly, I still prefer the boldness and vibrancy from their Painted Petals theme back in 2018… but that’s just a personal preference. I love having bold colors! But I am glad that there’s not so many mixed colors in this year’s theme. And not like the Kaleidoscope theme last year.

Of course, if you are using the EC Monthly planner, than the design isn’t that intruding anyway. Because this year’s theme comes with COMPLETELY BLANK notes pages! No hexagons, no faded designs. (Aside from the one at the front and beside the dashboard page if you have the colorful version), no nothing!

It’s a completely blank slate ready for you to jump in and create any and everything you need!


How I’m Using Mine



I decided to get TWO *EC Monthly planners for the new year. One is in the colorful design and the other, neutral. They are both the larger size which is 8.5 x 11 and come with an additional 40 dot grid notes pages. With the colorful planner, I upgraded the coil to gold. And this is what I will use for my budget planner.



I will use this planner very similarly to how I use my current deluxe monthly planner, but of course, with some new ideas I’m anxious to try! This colorful planner will start in January 2021 so that I can finish out my current planner for 2020.


My second planner will be for my blog and social media planning. This one starts immediately in July. So at the time of writing this, I have already started using it and getting used to it. So look forward to a post of how I have set this up after I used it for a bit.



And then at the very back of both planners, you will received two sheets of functional stickers and beautifully designed folder pockets at the back!



And That’s A Wrap!

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Again, I’d like to thank the EC Team for allowing me the chance to review these planners! I’m too excited to use them (I’ve already started with my blog planner lol) and I’m absolutely loving the style of this year’s theme.


Do you use an EC Monthly? What do you use it for?

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