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My Top 5 Planners For Men

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Having hard time buying planners for men?

When it comes to shopping, I tend to focus more on buying quality products. And I get a lot of that from my dad.

But a couple months ago, I remember perusing around the aisles of Michaels when I ran into a lady who was frustrated as she zoomed up and down the Happy Planner and Recollection aisle. Even though I didn’t work there, I stopped anyway to ask her if she was looking for anything specific and maybe I could help her.

And then she said “Do they not think that men use planners!? I don’t see anything my husband can use!” clearly meaning that everything was so bright, colorful and definitely not professional looking.

To be honest, I’ve seen men using colorful planners before so I am not using this as a way to say that men should ONLY use bland, professional planners.

I would just like to give my thoughts on what types of planners I would probably buy my dad or any other guy that wasn’t deep into colorful, decorative planning like I am. But still needed or wanted a planner to increase productivity.

The planners I chose are personally from my perspective and from guys that I’ve interacted with and what they might enjoy. Also I’m trying to base them on brands that I have used personally (though there IS one on here that I haven’t tried yet but really want to!)

And these are my top choices:


My Top 5

Planners For Men

Ambitious Type?

Passion Planner

Are you a guy that is very goal-oriented and focus all of your energy on achieving the things that matter most to you? You my friend might find happiness with a Passion Planner.

If I were buying a planner for a male friend who was very ambitious, I would probably go with the Passion Planner as a first choice.

Also, I tend to find that generally most guys (at least the ones I know) are very time-based, and my dad is no exception. Time is MONEY!

And so my first choice for a man would be a Passion Planner. Having tested it myself, I feel like their hourly layout is so well thought out and wonderfully created for productivity and motivation.

It is also very well crafted having thick quality paper. And each planner is partnered with a unique and different charity. So if you’re into saving the world with a purchase, then Passion Planner is definitely a brand to look into!


Things You’ll Love About Passion Planner:

  • Time Based. If you are someone constantly on the go and always have something planned at almost every moment of the day, hourly planners are the best for structure. I find that the Passion Planner has one of the best hourly layouts being able to pencil in all work and personal tasks, and even offers you a free space for random brain spills throughout the day/week.
  • Different Sizes for Portability. They offer sizes in a small, medium and large design. The smallest being a size 5.8 x 8.3″ and the largest being 8.3 x 11.7″! And the wonderful thing about is that they will allow you to sample some of their layouts in all three sizes so that you can experiment and see what size would work best for you!
  • They Also Have Undated! Recently, Passion Planner also launched their greatest feat YET (in my personal opinion)! The undated dailies are PERFECT for those who tend to have a lot to do in a day AND, because it’s undated, you are not tied to use it every single day. Their dailies only hold 3 months at a time, but in them, you have basically one side to structure your day and a completely blank page on the other side to add in whatever you like throughout each day.
  • Donate To Charity. Unfortunately, there is no limit to amount of help and aid that the world needs. The great thing about Passion Planner is that every one of their planners are tied to a charity and when you buy one, Passion Planner also sends a free planner to somebody somewhere in need. It’s a great way to get productive and save the world all in one single purchase!



Minimalist Type?

Golden Coil

Are you a guy that likes things really streamlined, well put together and professionally appealing? Or perhaps you’re someone who would like to have things custom made for you? Or maybe you’re a guy that actually does appreciate a good quality planner but don’t like loud, abrasive themes.

All that can be achieved with my second choice in planners for men, the Golden Coil planners.

The main reason I choose this one is because you have the option to create and customize a planner for your specific needs.

And while the Golden Coil planner may be bland, it still manages to exert absolute BEAUTY in quality and design. It has a very professional yet minimalist aesthetic. And I think it’s the perfect planner to keep on your desk at your place of business and fit in quite nicely with everything else.

There are no frilly colors and cheesy quotes sprinkled throughout the pages. There’s nothing but the planner itself.

If you are a guy (or have one in your life) that actually does appreciate a good quality planner but don’t like loud, abrasive themes, then you might want to check out the Golden Coil website.


Things You’ll Love About Golden Coil:

  • Make It The Way You Want It. Picky, picky, PICKY! I know. (I am too.) Golden Coil comes with a WIDE array of customization options and they will create the perfect planner that you desire. You can choose different layout options, start dates, import your own personal Google calendar (and possibly others, not sure) and differently structured notes pages however and wherever you want in the planner up to 242 pages!
  • Streamlined, Professional and To The Point. It is a bland, no frills and thrills kind of planner. There is not any decorations and the only quotes you get are the ones you can choose to add on each weekly (or daily) spread. Even though it is bland, I find that to be one of it’s endearing qualities though. Plus add in the fact that the paper quality is wonderful and the overall design is minimal, I feel this planner would make a great planner for any minimal planner that wants the quality without all the hooplah.


Artistic Type?

Erin Condren

Or perhaps you are a guy that actually DOES love colors and beautiful designs in a well made planner. You may not need to go all in with a ton of foil stickers lol. But having a planner that’s prepped with all the beautiful colors for you inspires you more than it deters you.

And with that, my third choice in planners for men would be something from *Erin Condren.

I feel like Erin Condren’s colorful planners are more general and spread out for people who just like colors and designs as opposed to Happy Planner’s brand which are much more women empowerment-focused (and that’s ok too!).

If Erin Condren could ever come out with those hardbound planners again, that would be a top choice for me, along with a planner from their Focus collection.

The *Focus collection is moreso streamlined and minimalist whereas their regular hardbound/softbound planners usually carry their yearly themes throughout.

But some of their regular hard/softbound planner cover colors are solid which would make it somewhat professional for a guy to use if he preferred to have a little color in his life.

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Photo attributed by Erin Condren
Photo attributed by Erin Condren.

Things You’ll Love About Erin Condren:

  • Colorful Designs. Colors can be a very appealing quality when looking for an ideal planner. I find that Erin Condren’s annual themes are colorful and vibrant and can appeal to a vast audience. I find that even though their coiled lifeplanner covers are more decorative than preferred, they normally have a great selection of solid colored softbound planners that are just as appealing but look more professional… you know, in a colorful way.
  • Also Have A Focused Minimal Collection. The *Focused collection will certainly appeal to those who desire a more streamlined planner but still have a couple of the benefits of Erin Condren (such as the thickness of their stark white paper).
  • Somewhat Customizable In Layout. For the most part, Erin Condren planners carry more of the traditional layouts being vertical, horizontal and hourly. They have just started incorporating daily planners that are coiled but their layout selections are not as versatile as Golden Coil. But they do hold a *monthly planner that could easily meet those needs if you’re willing to create them yourself!

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Just Let Me Do Whatever The Heck I Want Type?

Lemome Bullet Journal

Or maybe you’re the kind of guy that is completely fine with going rogue.

If it weren’t for the chaotic mess that having a ton of sticky notes lying around creates, you’d be perfectly fine with that system.

Well, compile your sticky note collection all within a more organized *Lemome Bullet Journal, my fifth choice planner for men.

Sometimes people are just picky with the type of structure they need in their lives, and bullet journals might be some of the best planners for men to choose.

And by following Ryder Carrol’s original Bullet Journaling method, he can organize his life in a matter of minutes!


Things You’ll Love About Lemome Bullet Journal:

  • Ability To Be Flexible. Bullet journals allow you the flexibility to be as simple or as complicated as you desire. Whether you are planning a detailed itinerary for your 3 month long adventure in Europe or trying to figure out your meals for next week, a bullet journal can help with all that and more.
  • Can Create Your Own System That Fits You. The wonderful thing about Bullet Journals is that, as long as you’re up to it, you can create the best system for your schedule. You can create a vertical spread one week and just do nothing but bulleted points the next. Or, keep it as a daily task list book and just write down the date and get to writing down all the things you need to get done.
  • Possibly The Most Cost Effective. A bullet journal is anything you want to make your bullet journal. It can be a simple $2 notebook from Walmart or even a $35 Italian Leather journal. Whatever floats your boat and makes you want to plan and keep up with it. Sticking with it is the most important thing.
  • Simple and Minimal. I don’t think it gets anymore minimal than a blank notebook. Absolutely NO frills here, this book is whatever your mind feels like coming up with and creating.


Picky But Lazy Type?

Printable/DIY Planner

In a world where everyone can do almost everything themselves, creating a planner is no exception.

Can’t find anything you want? But still want the confined structure of a “planner” and not just a bullet journal?

Well how about you just grab a handful of printables from Etsy (or even make your own), print them out and slap them on some planner discs and CALL IT A DAY! The best planners for men sometimes are the ones they can just create themselves, I suppose.


Things You’ll Love About Printable DIY Planners:

  • Buy/Create Your Own Custom Layouts. The internet comes with TONS of printable planner page suppliers, all with their own ideas and styles. And if you’re willing to spend a few bucks on printables, than you may be able to create the planner that best fits YOUR needs.
  • Can Be Cost Effective. Of course, a printable planner IS going to come with some of it’s own expenses including a printer, ink, and paper. But if you’re not uptight about a specific paper thickness or printing quality, it can be as cheap and affordable as you want it to be!
  • You Can TRULY Create The Planner You Need. No need to leave the quality control up to another business, you can modify and add the things you really need in your planner. If you need notes pages in specific areas or even want the ease of adding them in later, a printable planner is very customizable with layouts and putting it altogether.



And There Are More Planners For Men Out There!


I just wanted to give my two cents on planner brands that I have tried. And that I feel might appeal to a guy if I wanted to get them a planner. lol Yes, I would probably think to give a guy a planner first because it’s practical and it’s useful.

Even though I, and many others, have taken the function of planning and made it into a therapeutic hobby. Planners are still a very useful and essential tool when it comes to being productive and achieving goals.

Guys could also be interested in the Monk Manual Planner, Clever Fox planner, the Commit 30 planner, Inkwell Press and even a Law of Attraction planner. I have never tried these personally (which is why they didn’t make the list). But I have heard great things about all of them!

It really comes down to their personality and what planner would be specific to their own needs. So next time you’re looking at planners for men, give some of these brands a change. You might be surprised at what the guy(s) in your life enjoy!


For my male readers, what kind of planners do you use? What do you look for in a planner? Or are you just sticky notes all the way?

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