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How To Set Up A Monthly Self Care Challenge

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In my self care planner, I have been doing monthly self care challenges.

In a time like this, it’s been a great way to incorporate more small daily self maintenance activities into my everyday routine.

The great thing about whipping one up every month is that it is composed entirely of things that I enjoy doing! I have been using them in an attempt to step out of my comfort zone and to try new things.

It’s pretty easy to set one up for yourself. So here is a quick glimpse into how I set up my monthly self care challenge for each month.


Setting Up A Self Care Challenge



Create A List Of Your Favorite Self Care Activities

To start, you will want to create a quick reference sheet of all of the favorite things you like to do.

I was inspired to create a sheet like this after working in my powersheets planner. One of the pages encourage you to write down all the things that “Fire You Up!”. So I started with everything that I had wrote down there.

And then I added in more activities and things that truly excited and motivated me.

I keep this at the forefront in my self care planner to easily flip to when I am working on creating a new monthly self care challenge.



Plan It On A Scrap Sheet Of Paper

Before I write down the activities into my monthly calendar, I rough draft it first.

I jot down numbers 1-31 (or however many days are in the current month) and first figure out when the weekends are.

It’s at this time where I start to piece in which self care activities I will do and when. I like to mark when the weekends are so that I can schedule less involved self care activities during the week and more involved activities during the weekend.

Here is also where I keep account of whether I have other obligations on certain days. That, and also special events! Including anniversaries, outings and whatever else I can think of.

After I have calculated how the month might go, then I start to add in self care activities I might want to do for each day.

I’d also like to note that I tend to try and balance out different areas of self care. Some of which are self indulging pleasures (like eating good food, watching movies, taking hot showers, etc), self reflection (journaling, gratitude lists, self love lists, etc) and self development (learning a new language, trying a new skill, de-cluttering, etc).



Add Them To Your Monthly Spread!

When my rough draft self care challenge is all scribbled out and done, then I add them to my monthly calendar.

In my self care planner, this is the only purpose of my monthly calendar.

But in my powersheets, I tend to just highlight the bottom of each box, and write in each activity so it doesn’t take up the entire box.

Or, you could just leave them on the sheet and check them off as you complete them! There’s plenty of ways to add them to your planner. But I find that I prefer to have them on my monthly section.

They are a lot easier to refer back to when I am planning in my spreads.


Things I Add To Every Self Care Challenge


There are also a few staple things that I make sure to scatter around in each of my monthly self care challenges. Those include:


A Solo Date Night

I started doing one of these every month since the year started and absolutely LOVE it! I never want to give it up!

Solo Date Nights are where I just get to indulge in doing something fun. This is normally something I don’t do on a regular basis and more than likely, something I’ve been wanting to do but never got around to trying.

They aren’t always extravagant either.

My first solo date night, I just drove around to different neighborhoods I used to live in and around different places I used to go a few years ago.

It brought up a lot of memories in me and helped me to see how far I’ve come along in life.

And it was pretty empowering!

My second date night in February, I took a class in Fluid Art painting. And even though I was the only single person there, I had a lot of fun and the people were fun to hang out with too! I even got a beautiful art piece out of it!

And for March, since we’ve been self-quarantining, I spent an entire day having fun filming and editing a video I had been wanting to do for MONTHS lol. If not that, I was probably going to paint all day.

So no, it doesn’t have to be big and luxurious, it just has to be fun and help you get excited and feel energetic and motivated. Whatever that may be!


Brain Dump Day & Planner Prep Day

These two are done on different days, but around the same time.

I have one day where I sit down and just brainstorm everything that I need to do and upcoming events.

And I tend to do my Planner Prep the following day where I take everything that I’ve brainstormed and began to sort it into my monthly planner prep for the new month.

This is usually the beginning to prepping all of my planners, even if I don’t get to them all in the same day. (which is rare lol).

On my planner prep days, I usually spend my time in my powersheets planner, my home catch all planner and my self care planner. Throughout the rest of the week, I also prep the rest of my planners for the new month.


Movie Night

Well, I LOVE movies!

But it is the one thing that I don’t do a lot of.

I normally just never have time to sit down and fully engross myself into a movie. Because, there’s usually other ways I could be spending my time.

That or, I’d be multi tasking so I wouldn’t be paying attention to the movie anyway lol.

Movie Night is MOVIE NIGHT. And I just sit down and watch a movie and do nothing else! Well, aside from snacking lol.

And I really enjoy myself. I want to start upgrading my movie nights, and making really good movie snacks to have and not just popcorn lol. You know, really make it a relaxing event!



Those are just a couple of things that are a staple in every monthly self care challenge that I look forward to doing.


And that’s all!


You might hear everyone around the block screeching about “self care! self care! self care!!!” and ummmm… I’m gonna join in too.

It certainly doesn’t have to be overly extravagant, nor does it have to be expensive. It can be as simple and cheap as you like it. Just as long as you are doing things that make you happy and that allow you the chance to relax your mind and body.


So, how do you incorporate self care into your daily routine?


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