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Powersheets Check-In: First Quarter

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Haaaa, so much for goal setting so far this year, eh? I guess I could easily sit here and say that all the planning I’ve done up until now was incredibly pointless.

But after really going back and reviewing everything that’s happened in this past quarter, that couldn’t be any further from the truth!

It has actually been a pretty good three months since I have started in my Powersheets Planner!

Even though towards the end of March, the world began to experience a major setback. And quite the setback indeed. But, what’s done is done and you can’t change the past even with heap loads of negativity, right?

So I would still like to take this time to do my powersheets check in to try and focus on the positives so far and the positives that may lie ahead!


Powersheets Check In: First Quarter




Well, let’s start in January, shall we?

Like so many others out there, January is usually the strongest month for change. And that was no different for me.

January was the start of so many good habits and working on so many great and stepping-out-of-my-comfort-zone goals!

January was absolutely jam-packed with new routines and goals to help chip away at some of my bigger dreams for the year.

And without foreseeing what actually happened in March, I feel January was great!

This was the month I also started to get on a more consistent routine with my blogging. That, as well as getting some of the financial aspects of my blogging business underway, I was starting to see a lot of improvements.

In my January powersheets check in, I also hit a record high for my traffic and my email list continued to grow as well!

Though, what January ultimately became was a month VERY focused on my health and wellness.

I was beginning to develop and stick to a consistent fitness routine where I was going to the gym twice a week after work.

This is also when I started creating my monthly self care challenges and having fun trying to complete everything.

This month I also started to reach out to my co-workers more and starting to be more open with everyone around me.

A goal of mine was to start building up my community and I feel January was a great start into that. I was reaching out to others more, texting family and friends, giving gifts and showing others that I cared.


After finishing my January powersheets check in. 🙂




Following up show-off January was my February powersheets check in, and this month, my spending started to get a bit out of control.

At this point, I was still actively saving up for my trip and I was also focusing on building up my shop as well. But still, a lot of things were following up from what I started in January.

Around this time I started to get a little anxiety about going to Colorado. For a host of different reasons! None of them had anything to do with what eventually happened in March. They were just some of my own fears.

I had invited my mom to go with me. But after awhile, I wasn’t sure if that was something I wanted to do. I had been most excited about traveling solo! But at the same time I didn’t want to tell her that I changed my mind and she could no longer go.

It was one of those things where I realized again how often I put myself on the back burner just to make everyone around me happy. That, along with regular fears of just traveling, I was still ready to brave it and go anyways.

Though, one bright positive was that on the very last day of February, I finally re-launched the Kraizy Colorful Plans Shop!  I spent almost everyday that final week trying to work on it so that I could reopen it for March!

The shop had been in construction for pretty much a year, and I had been very off and on with working on it. I definitely launched it before it was “perfect” but I figured that if I didn’t do it now, I probably would never get around to it. And now that I have finally opened it back up, I feel very accomplished!







I planned out my entire tending list around my trip to Colorado and… guess what?

Almost none of it got filled out. xD

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that March threw me entirely off my game.

Everything I had started and was being consistent with just came to a MAJOR halt.

I felt like in this month’s powersheets check in, I broke my fitness routine, the evening routines I was developing, blogging consistently, self care challenge, just planning altogether!

I, like a lot of people at this time, experienced a ton of setback. My job prompted us to start working from home and for now, I’m still hanging onto it for dear life. Sanitation and hygiene has become the upmost importance in such a short time.

It has prohibited the goals I had about becoming closer to family and making friends. It has erased the dream I had about traveling this month. And it has put a lot of uncertainty into what was otherwise, a predictable routine in my life.

March has been the month of upheaval in a very chaotic way.


But after every storm, there will still be flowers growing. LITERALLY!

One thing I consider a positive in all of this is that I actually started gardening this month!

Ha, look at that. I’m actually “cultivating what matters” lol

It was apart of my self care challenge to plant seeds in honor of spring. And in a couple of weeks, they had already begun sprouting which just made me SO happy!

March was also the start of my new instagram account. I was pretty good about staying consistent with it and was starting to have fun with posting.

March… also… is still a month where I made a HUGE life decision. Yeah, in the midst of all of this chaos, I still decided it was time to move.

I don’t feel like a super genius for deciding this in the middle of a crisis. And if you’re interested in hearing my thoughts behind it, check out this post I wrote on it.

But yes, in March I found a new home that I loved and ultimately signed the lease and will be moving there in April! So I guess I still got the “new adventure” I was looking for, just in a very different way.


My March powersheets check in looked so abandoned. Oh well! Onto a fresh new season! 🙂


So Much In March…

March was also the month of me stepping into bigger responsibilities at work. You know… prior to being sent home to work. =/

One of our co-workers had a found a great position elsewhere. And so when she left, I pretty much stepped into her role which was a lot more than what I was accustomed to doing.

Initially, I was very panicked. It spoke a lot to how I have lived my life for YEARS. At one point, I used to really want and fight hard to be more important to my workplaces. But I was always looked over and passed up for promotions.

It happened so often that I eventually became okay with being complacent and working the low level tiers. I suppose I had just accepted the fact that I’d never make it into a management role, or any role with such responsibility, and I was ok with that.

So when she said she was leaving… I. Was. Floored.

I had no idea how to juggle all of what she handled in a day. But I didn’t want to be negative, and so I didn’t make her feel bad or guilty for leaving us. She wants to keep growing and I am always all for that.

But that didn’t negate from how unequipped I felt.

It was a lot of crash courses, as well as a lot of trial and error. But I honestly am glad that it happened. In such a short amount of time, I feel like I’ve defined my role a lot more.

Granted, a LOT has fallen on my plate, but I feel like in the long run it will be worth it. And the skills that I learn in this new role can help me wherever I decide to go!


Grade For The First Quarter? B+


I made a lot of changes this year and, even with this current setback in the economy, I am still choosing to keep a positive outlook. It’s not the easiest thing ever to do, but I am going to keep pressing forward and being positive that good things will continue to happen.

January and February’s powersheets check in was good insight into the person I wanted to become. Someone who was healthy, active, and more open to the adventures of Life. 2020 was the year where I wanted to stop taking everything for granted. And to start cherishing every moment that matters to me.

It’s a grim way to look at it, but for me personally, this pandemic did just that.

This is the time where everyone will really start to see what is and what isn’t important to them. We can begin to make true choices in what we can control and where our true priorities lie. Whether that be with our families, securing a more stable job or choosing this time to work on skills to be able to try switching to a different career.

Does popularity matter or just the journey of doing things? This is a great time to self evaluate and to see how we are going to move forward with this New Normal of life. This really doesn’t have to be the setback you may feel like it is!

I mean, the only other option we have is to be paralyzed. And continue to let Life decide our path for us. I don’t know about you, but I’ve really had enough of that.

I’m looking forward to a better second quarter, and I hope you are too.


Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. And Stay Positive. 🙂


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