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2020 Passion Planner Review

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The passion planner has been on my “To Try” list for awhile now.

There are two types of planner layouts that I have managed to avoid for the few years I’ve been planning. And those layouts were: Daily and hourly.


Now, once last year, I tried to test an hourly layout from the Happy Planner brand for my full time job. But, I ended up not using it for work because I didn’t really need a planner for work.

Aside from that, I’ve never even batted an eye at another hourly layout.


That is…


Until Passion Planner released their new 2020 planners! And the forest green dated planner was simply calling my name!

Though, I did not immediately leap to buy it when they first launched. I was still too leery of including an hourly layout in my planner lineup. (I have truly been trying very hard not to include pointless planners into my starting lineup.)


But eventually, the Passion Planner made it’s way into my lineup starting in February.

It has been a good month of testing out the hourly layout to see how it benefits me. And in a nutshell…


I can’t believe I’ve gone without this planner for so long!


Why I FINALLY Chose The Passion Planner


Time Management.

I felt great about having the Golden Coil and the Powersheets planner apart of my line up since they are so great at helping me decide what I should do. But it was still hard to figure out when to schedule to do these things.

That was one of the many problems I started having with using the traditional vertical (and sometimes horizontal) layouts.

Mapping out what to do seemed easy. Figuring out when to do it was an entirely different ball game.



A Brief Overview About Passion Planner

In short, Passion Planner was started by CEO and Founder Angelia Trinidad with a goal of creating a personal organizer to help you focus on what really matters. This company is a “Get One, Give One” business meaning that every planner purchased results in someone in need getting one of these beautiful planners for free!

They often partner with a variety of nonprofit organizations which include a range of education to planet preservation to humanitarian causes and more! Every planner design is inspired by these different organizations, and each one purchased results in $1 being donated back to that corresponding charity.

Passion Planner is also very good at engaging and listening to their customers. Apparently, the community has been asking for a green planner… and 2020 was the year they decided to create it!


The Quality

The Cover

One of the main things I love about this planner is the cover! The one I chose was the beautiful Forest Green design.

The nonprofit organization associated with this color is the American Forests who are moving to help restore our threatened forest ecosystems.

The design was created by artist Kay Hung which are these beautiful tropical leaf designs that are embossed into the planner giving it a very simple but very creative aesthetic.

The faux leather material is very smooth and feels great to the touch and flexible. It comes with a reinforced elastic band to help keep your planner closed and a lime green ribbon to help you mark your current week.

It is a bound book and the back does not come with the same design as the front (I know, bummer) but still has the same smooth faux leather material.

When you open it, the book is pretty good at lying flat the further into the book you go. And also comes with a sturdy satin back pocket with a few extra goodies hidden in it.





The Paper

One thing that has become of great importance in the planner community is the quality of the paper. And the Passion Planner is a big competitor in that department!

This planner is composed of 120 GSM paper that is sustainably sourced (so it is recycled paper!) and can hold a variety of pens and inks!

Each page has “shaded monthly tabs” corresponding to what month you’re in. You are also given 20 additional blank pages followed by 20 additional dot grid pages for whatever you want to include.



Inside The Passion Planner


The Passion Roadmap

At the start of the passion planner, you get a quick tutorial on how to use their Passion Roadmap.

In short, it’s a general mind map overview of the life you want to live and manifest.

You’ll start out by quickly jotting down things that you’d like to accomplish in 3 months, 1 year, 3 years and in your lifetime and you can write in the dates of when you wrote them down.

Afterwards, it will have you prioritize what matters most and what you can be working towards right at that moment.

Then, you’re given a space to create your “Game Changer” passion plan which is the goal that would have the most positive impact in your life at that moment. You’re given tips and tricks along the way to help you make the most out of it.

You are given a space on each monthly view to revise your “Game Changer” plan. This is to make sure you’re focusing on what matters most. Of course, you can use that space for anything else, but that is just it’s intended way to use it.


I did not show the “actual” roadmap since I had already filled it in.


Year At A Glance

Like most, if not all, planners you are given an overview for the year ahead. You are not only given 2020, but also 2021 and the bottom half of both pages are left blank which you can use anyway you’d like.



Monthly Calendar

The pages of the Passion Planner are all neutral with no additional colors or themes added. The monthly view comes with the option to have a Sunday or Monday start (which will also be the same for the weekly, depending on which one you choose).

The sidebar contains boxes that are labeled for “This Month’s Focus” with a section for work and for personal goals. Under that is a “People To See” box, followed by “Places To Go” and “Things To Learn” which you can use as is or for something entirely different.

Towards the bottom on the left page, you have two columns where you can arrange your projects/to do’s for the month according to personal projects or work projects. There’s enough for two main projects for personal and two main projects for work.

On the opposite side is a blank space where you can either use to refresh your Game Changer plan or for whatever else you choose.

The days from previous and upcoming months are grayed out and it comes with standard USA holidays in a non-invasive font.



Weekly View

Haaa, my first TRUE hourly planner. 🙂

The weekly view is actually very well laid out for the way my brain works.

Each day comes with a time range from 6am to 10:30am and are separated into half hour blocks.

Right underneath the day is a “Today’s Focus” box. You can use to write down one focus that you want to complete for the day. In this box is also where the holidays will be printed if there is any for that day.

At the bottom on the right is a “Space of Infinite Possibility” box which can be used for… anything.

On the bottom of the left page is another place to be a bit more detailed about your daily to do’s and project tasks. It’s arranged to where top priority goes at the top and all the lesser important things follow afterwards. But can be used however you’d like.

The sidebar comes with boxes that are labeled for “This Week’s Focus” and “Good Things That Happened”.

Plus a nice motivating and inspiring quote each week! Followed by a weekly challenge that you can take on and schedule into your week. (I actually REALLY like that addition).



Monthly Reflection

In the Passion Planner is a two page reflection spread at the end of each month. This is where it prompts you to reflect over the past month.

Anything you did or didn’t achieve, how you feel and how you want to move forward all goes here.

It also has you go back to your original passion roadmap and cross off any goals you achieved.



How I’ve Been Using It


The Monthly Calendar

I have been doing very well with using my powersheets planner and normally, I keep my monthly goals in my self care planner.

Even though I will continue to do that, I’ve also decided the best way to use my passion planner monthly calendar is for my powersheets goals.

How I have done this is by color coding for each goal from my powersheets planner.

For instance, for this quarter my main goal areas include Travel, Wellness, Business and Community and each area gets a different color.

As I fill in my monthly, I write in whatever tasks or events that will happen according to which goal it is tied to. That can include any appointments, events, etc.



The Weekly View

I’m very surprised at how much I love time blocking and color coding in my passion planner. It has been working out so WELL in helping me stay organized and efficient.

I don’t necessarily time block every single half hour possible. But I do make sure that I time block for things I want to make sure I do. That includes things like going to the gym, working on my business and more.

I just outline each time block in pen. As I complete each section, I outline it with a colorful marker to signal that it’s been finished.



Also, I write down tasks I’d like to accomplish within each time block.

Since my work block takes up most of each day’s space, I write down my general to do’s and appointments within that section. And then I simply cross them off as I go.


There were some tasks I didn’t finish this week which I can clearly distinguish because they are not highlighted.


And So Far, That’s It!


That is how I’ve been using my passion planner! It’s very simple and easy to maintain. And it’s been very effective with helping me stay on track and focused on achieving my goals.

I used to take my Golden Coil planner with me to work, but now I carry my passion planner. I still use my Golden Coil to help me figure out what I want to do each month and each day.

And with that, I now keep my Golden Coil at home as my main “Master” catch all planner. And my passion planner is more so my “On The Go” catch all planner.

The Golden Coil helps to decide what to do, and the Passion Planner helps to decide when to do it.

These two planners have been working perfectly together! Even though it’s only been a month, so I will keep you updated and how they all end up working.


Stay tuned!


Do you use a Passion Planner? How has it benefited you?


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