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Self-Care Planning: Touring My Self Care Planner

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I haven’t been completely honest.

When the year of 2020 started, I proclaimed my planner lineup that was supposedly the be-all-end-all for my planning endeavors. And yet I left one teensy little detail out.

I didn’t tell you that I also started self care planning. 😐 (don’t look at me like that).


Why didn’t I mention it?


Well, it was mainly because I wasn’t sure if it was going to stick.

When I professed my 2020 planner line up to the world, those were planners I KNEW I would be using and maintaining for the majority of the year, if not all the way.

I knew those stationary staples would be around for awhile and I had no problem letting that be known.


The self care planner, on the other hand, wasn’t something I was sure would make it past January, let alone the entire year!

I’ve tried to maintain self care planners before, and they just hardly ever work out. From gratitude planning, to routine tracking, I find it hard to keep on top of those things.


But since discovering my spontaneous planning nature, I decided to give it one last shot!


And it was with the Stargazer Mini Happy Planner that I got from a BOGO deal at Joann’s (I was getting a gift for a co-worker… I promise!).

I’ll be honest and say I got the planner before I thought about what to use it for. But that’s beside the point, let’s go ahead and dive into what my self care planner consists of!


Touring My Self Care Planner

Frankenplanned With 3 Mini Planners?


I couldn’t quite keep away from all the gorgeous happy planners launching this year. So… this was kinda my way of getting a fix without getting too carried away…

Okay, I did get carried away.


This frankenplanned mini happy planner consists of the Stargazer monthly mini for purely self care (more mentally here), the Vacation Vibes monthly mini for my beauty planner, and the fitness planner that launched last year since I still had it lying around.



And also! I’d just like to mention that this gorgeous cover was purchased from a seller on Etsy (MakersAvenue). It is absolutely STUNNING with a shaker cover filled with beautiful purple schemed sequins and made with love, so definitely check out her shop!


Vision Board

When I open it, I get smacked front and center with a quick vision board I whipped up.

This was using the Happy Planners page protector sheets which you can find on their website (because I can never find them LOCALLY myself… *ahem…).

The pictures were printed out using my Canon Selphy (oh my goodness I LOVE this thing!). And I honestly didn’t put a lot of thought into putting it together.

I just quickly printed out some photos that spoke to me and what I wanted this year to include.

And that meant traveling (as in not chickening out), growing my blogging and shop business, retaining my hair length, maybe even moving.



Fold Out Goals Board

I’ve been watching a lot of AtHomeWithQuita and I just LOVE when she does these cute little fold out goal boards! I sat down and made one right along with her video.

I decided to create sections for travel, wellness, lifestyle, business, financial and community. At this moment, it’s not COMPLETELY filled in with my goals but I figured maybe I’ll come up with more as the year goes on.

So this is how that turned out.




Ideal Routines Guide

Even though I’m not sure how well I’ll do, I would like to start developing routines.

And to start, I’m trying to test and maintain a good morning and evening routine to do every day. I created a page for what would be my ideal morning and evening routine and I try to use that as a daily guide.

It’s been incredibly bumpy trying to get into a habit of doing it. And I have missed a lot of opportunities to fulfill my morning routine but I’m not gonna give up on it.

I figure 1 day out of two weeks is better than 0 days out of a year. But the evening routines are settling in pretty well so I think I’m finding something that sticks.



Random Notes Pages

I also keep a hand full of notes pages to jot down more ideas, brain storming sessions, notes, or anything more.

These include things like my self care ideas list, an ongoing needs list, etc. The extra notes pages are also used for additional notes pages in between each monthly for reasons I will explain in the next part.

And I also have the rest of the mini happy planner page protectors in the back. That’s what actually divides my self care planner from my other two planners.




How Do I Use It?



Monthly Self Care Challenges

For my monthly self care challenges, I take my self care ideas list and, on a scratch sheet of paper, number out the days of the month. Then I carefully choose an activity for each day that I feel I would be able to do.

And this is based around my pre-planned schedules. So around all of my work shifts, outings, appointments and whatever else. Just something whether big or small that I can do for just ME.

After that, I then transfer them into my mini happy planner monthly calendar and decorate all around it. I also put little check boxes in each day so that I can check off whether I did that activity or not.



Each month I try to make sure I include a solo date night. January wound up being a drive around some of my old stomping grounds and filled me up with a lot of memories.

February, I would like to try something new and explore something different! It’s gotten to a point where I actually look forward to these little self dates. 🙂


Mini Powersheets Tending List Dupe

Well, you probably already know that I also have the powersheets planner that I’m using for intentional goal setting.

But obviously, I don’t want to lug that book around every second of every day! And so within my stargazer monthly, there is a page inside that is actually PERFECT for acting as a mini dupe for the powersheets tending list.

On this page, I transfer my monthly goals to the “check it off” section. Under the “jot it down” area, I write my weekly goals out and then draw in 5 check boxes just like you would find in the powersheets.

And then, I use the habit trackers for the habit tracker in the powersheets planner. A very easy and very portable way to keep my goals with me without having the entire planner with me. And I love it that way!



Currently Section

Next to the Tending List dupe is a section for my “Currently Feeling” page.

There’s really nothing super substantial about this.

I just jot down whatever random things that keep popping in my head and occupying too much head space.

Things that excite me, worry me, peek my curiosity. All of that goes here without too much detail. This also includes photos, drawings, stickers, etc.

It’s kind of a fun way to go back and look at all the things I was into at a certain period in my life.

It’s only February and the things I’m thinking about now have kind of changed already since January. It’ll be interesting to see a whole year of my thoughts and interests bouncing around.


Daily Standout Moment

At first, I really wasn’t sure how to use those daily lined sections.

I started out using it to write down exactly how I took care of myself that day.

But then it started to feel redundant.

And so now, I simply just write out a daily standout moment.

I would say a daily highlight, but let’s be honest. Everything and every day isn’t good all the time. And I’m ok with recognizing when days are just completely BS and others are not.

So this is a place where I can write down that one thing that sticks out to me from the day. Whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. There’s only so much space to write about it anyways.

I try to keep it mostly positive though, and I do it everyday.


Random Journaling

In the notes of each month is where I do any extra journaling.

When I just need to write my feelings out more than just a quick jot in the currently section or a few lines in the daily stand out part, I will just journal away in these pages.

And here is where I’ll also include any extra notes pages if I need to and just allow myself to write down whatever I feel. Sometimes it’s extreme joy and other times it’s extreme sadness.

I also don’t force myself to journal everyday either. I just journal when the mood really strikes me and this seems to be working out just fine.




In The Weeklies, I…
Track Workouts and Progress

I mainly use this part of my self care planner for one thing and one thing only… logging workouts.

All I want to keep track of is my stats when it comes to building strength and increasing stamina.

So in the “Today” section, I just log any exercise I do at work. This is usually only on the days where I actually go to the gym after work. I don’t write this everyday.

Where the “Food Log” is where I track my workouts instead of meals. I track every single exercise I do at the gym, how many reps, how long I held it, how heavy the weights were, etc. I also track how long my overall workout was as well.


Stairwell Tracker

At my job, I use the stairwell to get to work. That’s a good 6 flights of stairs one way. 😐

So instead of using the water tracker for tracking… water pleh! I have started using it instead to track how often I take the stairs up instead of the elevator.



In The Monthlies, I Track…
Meal Planning

I am STILL trying to figure out how to meal plan lol. But I have kind of started using my fitness planner to help with that.

I’m thinking to start meal planning in the monthly calendar but I have yet to put that into action. I will keep you updated to let you know how that works out!


Measurements & Weigh Ins

In the side bar of the monthly calendar is where I track my measurements and current weight.





Hair & Skin Routine

Initially, I was going to use this part of my self care planner for keeping on top of my shop. But, it just threw off the whole atmosphere I had going with “self care planning”.

So I swapped that idea and have decided to make it into my beauty planner.

I’m currently doing a test run of it now. But I will be using the monthly to track my hair and skin routines (and maybe any other routines I’ll develop).

I plan to use the monthly goals section for any hair, skin, and beauty goals I’d like to accomplish.


Overall, Still Test Piloting

This planner is still a work in progress since I have just switched this idea over mid-February. I actually have a lot of ideas for what I would like to use it for.

But I’m going to try it out over the next month or so before I come to you with what I’m actually using it for. Maybe even if it fails, I’ll still give you ideas. But you’d have to join the email list for that one. 😉


But That’s Gonna Wrap It Up For Now!


It has only been one month thus far, so the TRUE test will be if it last for the next 5 months.

Ultimately, self care planning is very important and it’s quickly becoming one of my main focuses for the year of 2020! It’s not the healthiest thing to work your life away, or waste your days either. Everything is needed in moderation. 🙂


So, how do YOU self care? Do you keep a self care planner? Do you have a self care planning routine?


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