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2020 Powersheets Planner Review

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If up until now, you haven’t been sold on the power of Cultivate What Matters Powersheets Planner, then please… allow me to convince you.

In October, Lara Casey of Cultivate What Matters launched the new Powersheets goal planner for the year of 2020. And I did not hesitate to order up a another book for what I knew was going to be a more fulfilling year.

I used a powersheets planner in 2019 when I was pretty unclear about the direction I was headed in life and feeling stuck on what decisions I needed to make.

And as you may be aware, as life starts to tick on by and you start to grow along with your wisdom… there are more things you start to consider.

You start to view life as more than the surface.

Maybe you become more concerned about maintaining your health and not JUST fitting into a size 4 pair of jeans.

Perhaps you’re realizing that you don’t just want a bunch a friends, but meaningful friendships.


After doing the prep work and shedding literal tears, so many more things became clear to me.

This planner just seemed to ask ALL THE RIGHT QUESTIONS.

Every single page was a page you had to SIT. And THINK about. There were no cheat sheet answers, and these prep sessions could go as deep as you wanted to go.


Some of the benefits?


In my 2019 powersheets planner, I uncovered the true aspiration of all of my dreams combined. The underlying message in everything was just that I wanted to create a more meaningful life.

Up until that point, I have NOT been very present at all. And in essence, I was basically starting to “settle” and I wasn’t be proactive in my life anymore.


But 2019 pulled QUITE a few tricks out of it’s hat.

I conquered one of my BIGGEST fears which was boarding a plane (three at that lol) to go and visit family. I also decided to stop looking for a “job” and managed to land myself into a “career” that I love!

And it’s also the year that my blog started to REALLY grow!


2019 has been a VERY life-changing year

And in a great way! It helped me break through barriers I wasn’t sure I could push through.

This year really allowed me to see that there is just so much more BEYOND what I’ve succumbed myself to accept. Which is why I’m so freaking excited for the new year!


Now granted, I didn’t STAY consistent with powersheets planner, for all those wondering.

All those previous posts about spontaneous planning and the like should tell you that I wasn’t really consistent at ALL with my planners.

But I DID use my powersheets planner enough to garner a lot of success while I WAS using them. And even then, I felt like the prep work alone made the purchase worth it. Because it really helped set the tone for the year and… my life, honestly.


So, what IS the Powersheets Planner?


powersheets planner 2


Okay, now that the gushy lovey goo testimony is over (I’m not affiliated by the way), let’s get into the REAL MEAT of what this planner is all about.


Intentional Goal Setting?


Now what sets intentional goal setting apart from just regular goal setting? Why isn’t your average everyday New Year’s Resolution list enough?

It’s not enough because there is nothing that really drives you to pursue it. And even if there is something that drives you to pursue it, there’s usually a lack of meaningful reasons to keep you motivated should you tire out.


Average goals do not require you to invest in the emotional aspect.


And that’s what I enjoy so much about the Powersheets planner, because it’s not really a book that hounds you about productivity.

Goal setting planners usually don’t entice you to cry. They may ask you and encourage you to envision your future should you achieve your goals. But they don’t usually dig that deep to begin with.

I find that the 2020 powersheets planner is really invested in what happened in your past and what you want to happen in your future.

It’s basically 26 pages of a therapist asking you all those uncomfortable questions.

You may squirm and wonder whether or not you should just go all in and dig deep and confess all of your pain and heartache. Or if you should just tread the waters slowly and not be so transparent all at once.

And that’s how the powersheet planners are to me. It’s a bit like therapy.

It can only help you as much as you allow it to.


The Essence of The Powersheets Planner


The Guidance

powersheets planner prep work


Prep Work

By far, the meat of this book comes through the personal development you experience when going through the prep work pages.

This year, the powersheets planner is chock full of 26 front and back pages of soul searching prep work that encourages you to really think and dig deep to uncover the roots of your fears. It includes everything from a simple “tell me about yourself” questionnaire to helping you manifest what your identity box is and seeing the ways you can escape it.

The prep work is separated into two sections which is the section at the beginning. And then the “Goals” section where the questions will be more directed at what your true desires are.

It is your little personal place to be 100% authentically you. It’s encouraged for you to get messy and to not get so caught up in maintaining the beautiful appearance of it (which is easier said than done).

What you can possibly accomplish with the help of the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets Planner all begins with how deep you dig with the prep work.


powersheets planner goals

Goal Setting

After crawling on your hands and knees through a puddle of your own tears (lol I’m kidding!), you will come to the second part of the prep work which is the goal setting section.

The goal setting doesn’t not stop at the front of the book though. You will have time to come back and revisit your goals frequently throughout the year.

But in the initial goal section, you will be encouraged to take the time to review the first section of prep work. And from there, you’ll want to be more mindful of the ‘threads’ or the patterns that you see a lot of.

These threads and patterns are what help to reveal what’s deep down inside, the goals that you WANT to be working toward and accomplishing.

They may be goals that you’ve been too afraid to go after. Or, maybe you are going after them, but perhaps you’re now stalling.

This section provides tips and ways to create your best goals for the year and that’s followed up by writing them down and breaking them into manageable small actions that you can start making TODAY.


powersheets planner monthly plans

Monthly Planning

After the initial goal setting, then you’ll be ready to use the powersheets planner along with your other planning systems. There has also been a few new changes added to the monthly section, but the biggest being the addition of the Monthly Calendar!


powersheets planner monthly calendar


Prior to this, there were no monthly planning or anything. Which is why it wasn’t really considered a planner.

This year, it could technically become a stand alone planner if you don’t require daily and weekly spreads. But, I still like having a separate planner for my catch all things and leaving this planner for goals in general.

Also in each month, you have “Prepare Well” pages that allow you to brainstorm your important to do’s for the month, things you’re excited for and that are worrying you, as well as what you are hopeful for.

Then, you will also have a section for goals you want to focus on and action ideas you want to take to achieve those goals.


powersheets planner tending list

The Tending Lists

If the prep work is the meat of the planner, the tending lists are the potatoes.

This is where the magic continues to happen, working as a monthly habit tracker to help you make sure that you are on track for everything you set out to do.

At the top, you have a section to write encouraging words that will motivate you when you read it everyday. Beside that is a “top priority” section for that month. Here you can write down that one thing you want and need to make sure happens that month.

The next sections are the monthly breakdowns, where you have a place for 10 monthly action items, 8 weekly action items, and 5 daily items. Followed by progress bars that you can use to track your activity.

Monthly action items are those one-stop things that you want to do. Like maybe purchase a plane ticket, pay the last bit of debt on a credit card, go to a special event, etc.

Weekly action items are things that you’ll do every week, but maybe not everyday. For instance, that might entail meal planning and grocery shopping, saving a fixed amount every week or two, uploading a video to youtube, etc.

And Daily action items are like a basic habit tracker where you track things you want to do everyday. Something like drink 8 cups of water everyday, read, practice drawing, walk outside. Just little things that you can do everyday that will help push you towards your overall vision for your life.


powersheets planner seasonal refresh

Seasonal Refreshes

Now, every quarter, you will be able to do something that they reference as a “Seasonal Refresh”.

This happens every three months, and at this time, they will provide you a page of something fun or productive to do. After that, you will have the chance to revisit the goals you originally mapped out and had been working toward that quarter.

At this time, you’ll be able to re-evaluate the 8 areas of your life and see where you improved or, possibly regressed. You’ll also have an opportunity to change your focus for the new quarter and make sure that the goals you started are what you still want to work toward.

Lara emphasizes a LOT that it’s okay to change your mind on things which is why the Seasonal Refreshes exist!

This is a great idea, especially if you’re still trying to find your way and weren’t really sure about the goals you chose initially. She gives you 3 seasonal refreshes to help you re-focus on what’s most important to you and to guide you on making sure you accomplish those things first.



The Aesthetic

The Quality

The quality of the Powersheets Planner is beautiful and is a book that makes you want to write in it!

This year, they have launched their new planners with a hardcover that’s as sturdy as they come on a new golden O-ring coil that compliments it wonderfully. Their dividers are composed of very thick and sturdy cardstock paper, with foiled tabs and smooth and thick paper!

The colors of this planner are vibrant and coordinate very well throughout the book and it even comes with a sheet of stickers at the front of the book!

And if you were a user of the 2019 powersheets planner, in the 2020 version they have also improved the font making it more legible and easier to read!


Additional Accessories

Cultivate What Matters also sell their own accessories for the powersheets planner. This includes (but isn’t limited to) a yearly sticker book, a planner pouch with an elastic band and even their own signature washi tape (that they refer to as “tending tape”)!

The accessories come with the same beautiful quality that their planner does. The sticker book is full of functional stickers that help make color coding your goals throughout the planner so much easier and visually-appealing.

So if you only choose ONE accessory, I’d definitely recommend you go with the sticker book!


powersheets planner sticker sheet


How The Powersheets Planner Worked In 2019


Earlier in this post, I briefly went over some of the things that the powersheets planner helped me uncover and achieve. But here, I’ll get into the actual planning itself and where I felt I held back in using them.


Rushed The Prep Work.

Ahhh, rushing the prep work.

I had initially got my powersheets planner in January, which means I was rushing to finish it so that I could begin for the month of February.

It wasn’t a bad mistake, but I did learn that I should’ve allowed myself more room to change my mind.

I should’ve left enough room for me to contemplate more as the year progressed and I didn’t. I was too busy scribbling any and every thought that came to me trying to fill up the page. After awhile, I noticed that what I wrote became more generic and thoughtless.

I guess I figured, the more information I had available, the more I could discover about myself.

And in the end, it worked out some. But I have to understand that how I feel about myself at the start of the year… is noooot necessarily how I’ll feel about myself in the middle of the year.

Or even after two months.

I need to allow myself to continue to go back to those areas and edit them, to refresh my goals and maybe add in new ones before I just blab out the first few that come to mind. And I’ll note that for my prep work in 2020.


Was Still Guarded Emotionally.

When I went back to review my powersheets planner the other day, I saw that I had written down quite a few goals that I feel were forced. I was forcing myself to grow those goals because I felt that would make me validated by everybody around me.

Even though it wasn’t necessarily things I cared about at the time.

And for the first few months, my tending lists was composed of 50% true goals, and 50% fake goals that I never even tended to.

It became pretty obvious to me that I was holding back on myself a LOT. I wrote down a lot of generic things that in the end… I won’t say they don’t mean anything to me. But they weren’t goals I was ready to work on at that season in my life.

They weren’t really anything I was motivated to cultivate.

I figured that if I just wrote down all the things that I envisioned I should’ve been, then the goal planner would help me become that person. But I soon realized that that is NOT what the powersheets planner is all about.

The powersheets planner is not about beating you into the person you should be, it’s about cultivating the person you ARE.

And I really feel like that’s the intention of many goal planners. But for my personality type, Cultivate What Matters does it best. 😛


powersheets planner gold coil


Over Extended Myself.

Now THIS is just about my planning in GENERAL.

Trust, if you read this post, then you already know that I was feeling VERY ambitious about using 10+ planners for the entire year!

And with checking in with SOOOO many planners all the time, I burnt out.

Which means I also burned myself out of checking in with my goal planner.

And because the powersheets planner is SUCH an intense goal planner and requires an investment of your time to sit and be mindful with all of your updates… it just took a lot out of me.

By mid-year, I had lost my drive to work in any of my planners.

So this year, I am definitely going to simplify it and make sure that everything that I’m using is intentional. Not just to have a sacred place for each and every topic I think of.

I want 2020 to be more about being present and mindful and… I don’t need 75 planners to achieve that lol. Stay tuned for my planner lineup though! #shamelessplug


Was Mainly Thinking About Productivity.

Another way I was using my planner was that I was focused on being INCREDIBLY productive.

And no, that’s not the terrible thing.

The terrible thing was that I didn’t have enough attainable “fun” goals.

I feel like for me, that’s pretty important to have. I didn’t have enough self-care habits, or adventures to go on. No specific sport to try out, clothing brand to test, nothing fun. Everything was more or less “work based”.

When I really looked at it, stepped back and looked over my life I realized that I really need to play more and incorporate more legitimate “fun” in my life. I need to celebrate more, get out more and cultivate more beautiful memories.

YES, I want to be a popular artist and create the stories that move the WORLD.

But I want to enjoy the JOURNEY.

I feel like not allowing myself to truly get out and have “fun” is what makes me stuck.

For instance, after my trip, my first flight and week off to just hang out and enjoy myself on a new adventure. I came back home with so many FRESH ideas. New and bubbling ideas for the content I wanted to post, things I wanted to try on my email list, my shop.


It was like I just had a brand new outlook and the adrenaline rush was REAL.


But I’ve been working on my blog and youtube channel for 2 years now. 😐

And yet it only took ONE trip, one week of fun to reinvigorate my passion for my business and personal life.


I don’t have as much fun as I think I do, apparently lol. And that’s why this year, making sure I have more fun is going to be an important goal!


powersheets planner title page

And The Results?

I Only Used 6 Months Of The Planner.

Like I said, from over extending myself across all of the many planners I had, I burned out.

Having such intense planners like the powersheets planner means that you will be devoting some time when you check in. The beginning and end of the month check ins are pretty much questionnaires that you have to make time for (or should, if you want to get the most out of it). And every three months, you have the seasonal refreshes which take even MORE time.

Pile that on top of 11 other planners and you’re a planner gone MAD!

So in the year of 2020, I want to be more intentional which means that my planner lineup is way more streamlined than this year’s. Everything is going to be about helping me focus and stay on track with what I truly want.

Because when I’m 80, let’s be real I won’t care that much about decorated scrapbooks like I’ll care about looking back over an adventurous, present and meaningful life. #Priorities


Even Without Using It, I Subconsciously Achieved My Goals.

The reason why I want the powersheets planner for 2020 even after stopping use of it mid-year is because of the prep work.

Because it allowed me to dig so deep into myself, the goals that I set were basically already ingrained in me. They were always goals I had wanted to achieve. And I was, I guess, subconsciously invested in them.

I feel like the powersheets planner is less about helping you grab goals out of thin air and more about revealing the goals that you really wanted to do in the first place.

And that’s why I never truly forgot them.

They weren’t just random New Year’s Resolutions, they were goals that were always there. The powersheets planner just helped me uncover the emotion, the Why behind it that created that deep connection and investment I needed to keep pursuing them. Even without constantly checking in with it.


I Started To View My Choices As Steps Towards My Future.

Maybe this was just a random by-product from uncovering my path, but I started to become more particular about the choices I made. There were days where I chose adventure over work. And other times where I chose to pull all-nighters working on my blogs.

I started to become a lot more confident in what I wanted and where I wanted to be. Who I wanted to invest my time into and overall, bringing more quality into my life.

I invested (a little too much lol) into upgrading my computer system and it has increased my work productivity in ways I couldn’t believe!

Things that I held back on because I didn’t know what direction I wanted to take were suddenly becoming much more clear. And I was more decisive and eager to experience more.




My Intentions for 2020

After a year in working with my powersheets planner, I have a completely new mindset on how I intend to use it. With seeing all that I did and everything I had the potential to do, I’m ready to free fall right into my prep work for 2020 and make next year the beginning of many best years to come! And this is how:


1) I WON’T Rush, I WILL Be Fluid.

There’s a couple of ways I intend to do this too:

  • I’ll be mindful of my prep work as the year starts, and make sure I write down the things I truly care about. And if I don’t care much about it and it sounds generic to me, I won’t write it. If that means there’s only two words on the page, then that’s ok. I’m going to allow myself to be able to come back to those certain pages and fill in more of what I feel.
  • When it comes to filling out my goals at the beginning, I’m not going to decide all at once what my goals for 2020 will include. My idea is this:
    • In the “action plan” is where I will write down all of the goals that I have for the year. I’ll refer to it as the “Goal Dump” area and that’s where I plan to host all of the goals I want to achieve in 2020.
    • In the actual “goals” page that’s at the front (and in EVERY seasonal refresh), I will only write down the goals that I want to work on for that season. I feel like maybe that’s how I should’ve done it before, but I didn’t. I would refresh ALL the goals I wanted to do for the year and it was harder to focus on what I wanted to do each month. In this 2020 powersheets planner, I will only refresh goals that I want to work on in that quarter so that I’m not, as Lara says“growing all at once”.


2) I WON’T Hold Back, I WILL Cry.

I am planning to be a lot more emotional with this powersheets planner ya’ll. It’s about to be the week of the Ugly Cry, so everybody grab ya Kleenex!

Heh, all jokes aside, I’m going to try to be more open about my fears and inadequacy. This year I felt that I addressed quite a few of them, and it’s only because I was strong enough to recognize that they were always there.

Finally jumping those barriers gave me confidence to pursue everything else that really mattered. And I’m ready to do that all over again for 2020!


3) I WON’T Plan Haphazardly, I WILL Plan Mindfully.

This falls in line with point #1 about not rushing everything. I want to take my time with everything, including the prep work, the seasonal refreshes on down to just mapping out the tending list every month.

I want to make sure I’m writing down the things that REALLY matter. And in order to do that, I have to give myself time to sift through the generic five to ten minutes of mental fluff in my brain. Which means…(next point)


4) I WON’T Wing It, I WILL Schedule Check Ins.


It’s gonna be tough. Because if you read this post, I usually have phases where I’d rather be in a “winging it” mode.

So I’m going to try my hardest to at LEAST stay consistent with mindfully checking in with my powersheets planner.

It’s done a lot of good for me already, so getting even more out of it is for my OWN benefit. And that’s how I’m going to try to see it.


And Other Things Like…

Use My Monthly As A COMPLETE Brain Dump.

I believe the change I’m most excited for is the addition of the monthly calendar!

Since this planner thrives on being messy, this is the pErFeCt place to jot down everything that comes to mind. From appointments, work events, and quality time right down to planner check ins and blog post uploads.

It can be as messy and as I cluttered as I want it to be! I’m not sure if I plan to gorge it in stickers. But I really want to enjoy the messy chaos that I’m sure I’ll bring to this planner.



Plan Goals To Allow More Fun And Celebration.

This will be really important to me. In fact, I should have a monthly action item that says “JUST CELEBRATE!” 😀

Celebrate what? I dunno. Google funny holidays and celebrate for all I care. But just have FUN!

I’ve already experienced the incredible renewal and vigor I have when I give myself a complete BREAK, and I want to make sure I do more of that. In modesty of course, I still have to work.

But I also want to play more too.


Tired of Me Talking?


Haa, that’s alright. I’m tired of talking too lol.

But I just wanted to tell you all about these 2020 Powersheet Planners and why you should consider trying it out!


At the end of the day, if you view it as “just another pointless planner” and you throw it on the shelf without giving it a real chance, then no. It’s not going to work for you the way it’s worked for me and countless others.

I also want to note that just because I like to dig deep and get emotional in this planner, that doesn’t mean you have to as well. Like I said, with the powersheets planner, you can go as deep as you want or stay as close to the surface as you want.

But if you’re not really into such detailed preparing and reviews, then there are many other alternatives to choose from that aren’t as costly either.


But anyways!

I hope this helped you out. Perhaps gave you some ideas and insights on how this planner could be used to help you reach the BEST you in 2020.

And of course, there are many more detailed reviews out there. And if you are sincerely invested in making this purchase, I want you to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting. So please feel free to visit these resources that I, personally, found helpful.



Amanda’s Favorites (Youtube Review)

Krodesigns (Youtube Review)

Plans With Laken (Youtube Review)

Mom’s Small Victories (Blog Post)


So what about you? Do you use the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets Planner? How has (or hasn’t) it helped you?


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