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Mid Year Planner Lineup 2019

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It’s time. It’s mid year planner lineup time! And I…I am an ambitious type.

And so when I started this year with 12 planners, I had genuine intentions to stick with all of my planners for the entire year of 2019.

Well now it’s time to arrange the mid year planner lineup. And as the six months progressed, I found that at times if you find that something isn’t working, it might be time to let it go and switch it up. And so, with a very heavy heart (seriously, there was a lot of heartache making these decisions lol) I’ve cut a few planners from my original lineup and added a few more in place of them.

So let’s just hop right into it, shall we?


2019 Mid Year Planner Lineup

(Oldies But Goodies)

mid year planner lineup catch all planner


Catch All Planner

By far, this is probably the only planner that I have been incredibly consistent with since the beginning of the year. It has kept my attention and succeeded at keeping me motivated during some of my slowest weeks.

I will say that not everyday has been incredibly productive, nor was every month the most satisfying.

But it has served it’s purpose with keeping me on track with my goals and my dreams whether I worked a lot toward them or a little. At the end of the day, I feel that’s what a planner is supposed to do.

My catch all planner has become the very place I wanted it to be which was a place of retreat, happiness and positivity. A place full of reminders that being who I am is completely okay whether I ran a mile a day for a week or walked two feet for a month.

It not only allows me to plan for the things I want to work toward, but also helps me remember all the little successes I’ve had along the way that could be forgotten.

I absolutely LOVE this planner! I don’t know how I ever went so long without it! So yes, this planner is a definite part of this mid year planner lineup.


mid year planner lineup budget planner


Budget Planner

Ohhh, my budget planner.

You should probably be hearing crickets in the background right now.

This year, I’m off to a TERRIBLE start with the use of my budget planner. For at least the first few months, I had a somewhat legitimate reason to not be as intensely interactive with my budget planner like I was last year. And that was because I was out of a job.

But by March, I was back in action! So I really should’ve been back on track with keeping my monthly budget.

I am sad to report that my budget planner has been incredibly deserted for the first half of the year. I was doing well with creating my budget every month. But then…. that’s where it stopped.

I had no drive to check in with it daily, to track my weekly expenses, to do my end-of-the-month tallies, nothing! And so I lost my urgency to keep up with it.

I’ll be honest though…

I feel like a big part of the reason why I kept on top of my monthly budgets in 2018 was primarily because they were so heavily decorated. LOL!

Yes. PLEASE laugh loudly so they can hear you in the nosebleed section!

Another reason is probably because… maybe deep down I just haven’t wanted to face it yet. I’ve been doing a loooooot of emotional spending. That problem was uncovered from consistent budgeting last year. I am eating out a lot and I’m buying up tons of planner supplies and I’m really upset about it.

I’m upset because I look at how much money I’ve spent on such trivial items, when I want to be spending them on more meaningful memories. I don’t know why I haven’t faced it yet, maybe I was feeling too restricted? I don’t know, that could be a post for another day, eh?

But yes, I am still using my EC Deluxe Monthly Planner (2018-2019’s version) to keep on top of my finances in my 2019 mid year planner lineup.



On-The Go & Memory Reference (Gratitude) Planner

I am still using my two mini-happy planners, but I have squished them into a “transformer planner”, a functioning multi-planner coined by Youtuber “Whimsy Linsay Plans”. I’m actually pretty late on this but you know… WHATEVER!

My on-the-go planner is still used the way I started using it. To just write down everything that happens and that I want to happen…as it happens. Basically the more minimalistic, non-sticker-nor-drawing-saturated planner I have.

The “Memory Reference” planner is a new idea in an old planner. This planner was initially my “Gratitude” planner when the year started. But I slowly realized that… I’m not a very grateful person. (KIDDING people, I’m joking! lol)

I have actually been using my monthly section in my catch all planner to write down highlights/good memories/and things I’m grateful for, so this planner lost it’s purpose with me.


But instead of casting it aside in the Planner Twilight Zone, I refreshed it and decided that it would be perfect for a “Memory Referencing” planner!

What is that you say!?

Well, it’s basically the written version for a NEW planner that I’ve added to my planner lineup, my memory planner (see below), to help me remember all the things I want to remember to add to my memory planner!

It works very well in tandem with my on-the-go planner seeing that in my OTG planner I have more space to write down tasks and in my MR planner, I have more space to write down more memories.

I just combined the last 6 months of the year of both planners into this full “12 month” planner and BOOM! Ready to go any place, any time, anywhere!


(New Kids On The Block)

mid year planner lineup social media planner


Social Media Planner

Originally bought with the intentions of making it a work planner for my full time job. This planner was quickly dethroned from THAT position when I realized how little space I needed for my actual work objectives.

This planner is GORGEOUS, and without a doubt, I morphed it into my new Social Media planner.

Now, this is one of the planners that ended up replacing a different planner. In January, my Social Media planner was originally the EC Deluxe Monthly Planner that I used as my Art Business planner.

It seemed like no matter what, I just could NOT make that planner work for me. Being that it was a monthly, I found it far too flexible for me. I thought I would like that more given that I am a more spontaneous person by nature, but I actually NEED a more structured planner simply because I’m overly spontaneous.

I am far too much of a “big picture” thinker. It’s very easy for me to overlook small details, underestimate my time spent on different projects and over-estimate what I need.

A monthly planner doesn’t really help me lock into those details. Or at least, I just don’t know the right things to map out.



A day by day planner helps my mind pay better attention to the details. I can focus on doing a little everyday and not wing it by “trying to find the time within the month”. A day by day planner ensures that I AM making time.

And that even if I only spend an hour working on my business… that it was a QUALITY hour!

I will say that, even though it’s only been a month of using my Social Media planner… I’m still feeling very unsure on how effective this planner will work for me. But maybe I am uncovering something else about myself. Well, that’s a topic for another day too!

But until then, we’ll be working the kinks out with my new Social Media planner in this mid year planner lineup!


mid year planner lineup memory planner


Memory Planner

Another new planner added to the mix this year is my memory planner!

I was actually very skeptical about adding this type of planner to my lineup. One reason being… I don’t feel like I’m that exciting of a person.

Okay, I said it. Just putting it out there! I feel BORING.

And truth be told, I am. No shame people, no shame. 😐

But, I love memories! I love to look back and see everything that I’ve lived through, whether good or bad. Even if my life doesn’t consist of traveling to a new island every month, it’s still a life I want to remember!

It’s my life. It doesn’t have to be validated by anyone else but me.

And so after much debate over the course of a YEAR, I finally cracked… and bought a happy planner.

Can I say that was the best $18 bucks ever spent?


Too early to tell.

BUT I am glad I got it. After three weeks passed and I hadn’t planned ANYTHING in it, one day I finally sat down and just recorded some of the memories I remembered and started trying to figure out my planning style.

I have already begun to see that I am a story-driven person, so I think my memory planner is gonna become one filled more of stories and writing than just pictures.

And I feel like that’s okay (cause I’m not good at remembering to take photos anyway lol).

I have a whole 18 months with this planner to try and figure out what my overall style will be. But so far, I feel like this will end up being a good investment. I feel like it’s an investment to myself. To have fun documenting my life as I live it, as opposed to going with the flow and one day not remembering it.


mid year planner lineup fitness planner


Fitness & Wellness Planner

And yet, another planner replacing an oldie.

Remember when I started the year, eyes full of glee, with my EC Lifeplanner?

After a couple of months, that just stopped working out for me. And I, honestly, wasn’t going to buy another planner specifically dedicated to wellness.

But my mid year planner lineup just wouldn’t be complete without it! And so when I saw the mini fitness planner by Happy Planner, I just couldn’t help myself! I really want to get in better shape and just start taking better care of ME.

I’m in such a slump with doing the bare minimum in maintenance. I don’t do the little “spa sessions” I used to do, I don’t buy fashion pieces anymore, I don’t exercise the way I used to, I’ve gotten away from SO. MUCH.

So I really didn’t want to go without trying to use a wellness planner.

And having this Fitness Happy Planner has really done the trick! Simply because, it’s a MINI. I can take it everywhere without it feeling to overbearing and clunky. And I can easily keep track of my meals, hydration and workouts!

I use the top sections to keep track of my haircare and skincare regimens. There is a middle section labeled “Focus” and I use this to write down one thing specifically that I want to do that day that I don’t normally, or I want to do more of. Examples of that could be reading a book (and not just reading through Google all day lol), practicing playing an instrument, writing a song, crocheting, or just relaxing.

Happy Plaaaace!

So far, so good with this addition! It’s made life so much easier to be able to record everything on-the-go! It’s no longer tedious work trying to rack my brain after a long day in an effort to remember what all I did, ate, etc. This planner turned out to be a lifesaver and I’m glad to have it in this year’s mid year planner lineup!


mid year planner lineup work planner


Work Planner

Well, this was a planner I didn’t think I was going to end up adding to my list.

But despite how fairly monotonous my full time job is, it is still a little more spontaneous than, pretty much all of my previous jobs.

And also, this planner is not necessarily JUST for recording meetings and other events that come up at work, but also to help ensure that I’m keeping on top of my health.

Mental health, physical health, emotional health. I’m just a health nut this year, huh?

Maybe I will discuss this in a different post, I don’t know. But with many of the previous jobs I’ve had, I have become clearly aware of how important it is to make sure that you take care of YOU.

That means taking 15 minute breaks away from the work place, even if I don’t feel stressed. It also means eating my lunch AWAY from my computer desk. Perhaps it means meeting up with others. Or going for walks on my breaks. Etc.

I have learned that burnout is real and can have lasting, damaging impacts on you that leaves you paralyzed, in all aspects of health.

And since I am someone that can be obsessively interested in things I love (or highly aggravated with things I don’t), it is very easy for me to burn out. I have become so trained to just stay put that a lot of times it is actually hard for me to get up from my desk.

But then what results from that?

Fatigue, weight gain, depression, bone deterioration, high cholesterol, I don’t know. I’m not a doctor.

But I’m sure it can’t be healthy to sit at a desk all day and not move from that chair not even ONCE.

So along with meetings, client visits, presentations, deadlines and whatever else, I also keep track of mandatory things in my work planner that I check off as the days go on.

Mandatory things such as taking a walk on both of my breaks, making SURE I take my breaks. I also like to make sure I am eating breakfast and having my tea in the morning (something I’ve recently started and can no longer live without!). I plan for days I want to take off and I like to give myself the permission to be free from work.

At this moment, I really do enjoy my job.

But I want to continue enjoying it. You can enjoy your job and still take vacations you know.

Vacations should feel like it’s an accessory to your job. Not like it’s a getaway car from a crime scene. And yes, I know all too well how that feels.

And that’s how I’ll be incorporating my Work Planner for my 2019 mid year planner lineup.


And That’s The New Lineup!


That is what I plan on closing out the year of 2019 with! I’m pretty excited! I’ve really been self-examining my planning style for the first half. So I’m hoping that this second half is going to be more rewarding.

And then in another 6 months, we will be here again, chatting about our planner lineups for the year of 2020.


What is your mid-year lineup for 2019? Has anything changed or are you sticking with the same planners? Share down below!


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