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Erin Condren Undated Hardbound Planner – Pros and Cons

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Have you been contemplating purchasing the Erin Condren undated hardbound planner lately and want to know if it’s worth the cost? Looking for an alternative to their best selling lifeplanners? Or just prefer bookbound planners altogether and want to know what are some of the pros and cons?


Well look no further!


Recently, Erin Condren has been making a ton of leaps and bounds in the planning community. And the launch of the undated hardbound planners was no exception.

I have personally been using this undated planner since the beginning of the year. So at the moment I’m a good 5.5 months into using it and not planning to switch any time soon.


And I have really been using my hardbound planner. You can just scroll through my instagram to get a better idea of the artistic tomfoolery that goes into this planner.


First Things First…

So I think the first thing I would like to point out is how well does the hardbound planner hold up when you use stickers in them. I took a photo of my book closed.


That is a collection of stickers, cardstock paper, and a whole flip out vision board taped in at the front. As you can see, the side is beginning to wear down after 6 months of heavy use.

Honestly, I feel that’s okay for what I’ve been doing with my planner and it’ll make it through to the end of the year.


Now that the more important question has been answered (maybe… I dunno…), allow me to share the pros and cons of the Erin Condren undated hardbound planner as told by my personal experience and impressions.




Erin Condren Undated Hardbound Planner


The Pros


Starting and Stopping At Any Time

I believe by far the best thing about the erin condren undated hardbound planner, and perhaps ANY undated planner, is the ability to start and stop using the planner whenever you like. And without GUILT!

Gone are the days of feeling bad when you skip a few weeks or even MONTHS in your planner. With an undated planner, you can use it whenever you please.

Perhaps you only need to plan during the summer months. Or maybe you just want to plan on the months you’re traveling which may be sporadically planned throughout the year.

However you plan, you can be assured that you will get the most bang for your buck with an undated planner.


Larger Than The Regular Lifeplanner

The regular Erin Condren lifeplanner is 7×9, as are most planners that you’ll come across. And larger planners can sometimes be a little too large.

The erin condren undated hardbound planners are a pretty comfortable size of 8 x 10. The blocks are bigger than the regular lifeplanner as well. So if you need more space for more tasks or if you have larger handwriting in general, this planner is PERFECT!

There is also a smaller version available here.




Cost Effective

Compared to other planners made by Erin Condren, the undated hardbound planner is the most cost effective being only $30 for the large size and $25 for the smaller one. Compare that to the $50 lifeplanner and I think the choice is incredibly simple.

Of course, there are other planners, dated and undated that are probably cheaper than this planner as well. But if you have been itching to test out an Erin Condren, the hardbounds are a cheaper way to go if you just want to test it out.


Quality Paper

The best thing about Erin Condren planners in general is the paper quality. With the undated hardbound planners, the paper quality was not skimped on and contains the same mohawk paper as her traditional lifeplanners.

The pages are thick and the edges are foiled in rose gold foiling, along with more rose gold foil accents throughout the planner and on the cover.

Just flipping through the pages will make you feel fancy! It holds most pens and markers, and some watercolors pretty well. Overall, it’s completely worth the price.


Book Binding

A book bound planner is great for professional and/or simple and minimalistic uses as well.

I realize that not every person that buys a planner wants to fill it up with stickers and colored pens to make it look gorgeous and instagram-ready.

Book bound planners are great to keep everything in one place. In my opinion, they are less of a hassle to carry around and look neater too. And they’re also great if you don’t care to add any additional clip in accessories or need to move things around a lot.

If you just want a nice book to write your tasks down in and be done with it, the Erin Condren undated hardbound planner is perfect for you!


Date It The Way You Want To

This is moreso for a decorative pro than functional. But I didn’t realize how much I loved the ability to date my own weeklies until I was actually able to do so.

To be able to write in the month and the number of the days in the color schemes I wanted is a very small, very minor pro. But I enjoy it so much, I had to put it here! It makes it that much easier to make the rest of my spread look and feel more cohesive.


The Cons


Book Binding

The binding can also be a con, a pretty big con. As I showed you earlier in this post, too much stickering and decorating can wear down on the spine.

It’s not built to expand over time like a coil-bound or disc-bound planner can. It’s spine is not supposed to be that flexible.

But also, with all that I’ve put in my planner, it can obviously take a LOT before it starts to wear down. So if your decorating style is nowhere NEAR as excessive as mine is… I think you’ll do fine with this planner lol.

If you’re a decorative planner who doesn’t mind a little wear and tear, then this planner is still a great option to look at.

And if you’re minimalistic in all things, this planner will be your best friend!


It’s Larger

It’s no mini, that’s for sure! (Unless you opt to get the mini undated planner, of course)

Larger planners in itself can be intimidating for people who don’t feel quite that busy and don’t need too much room to plan.

But a larger planner doesn’t have to be filled with tasks. I, personally, enjoy using larger planners so that I can add more decorations and drawings around my plans.

But with that, it’s not that mobile-friendly. Which is why I keep a mini on-the-go planner with me instead. Everything, though, still gets recorded into my catch all planner at the end of the day.


Overall, I Love It!


This is the second catch all daily planner I have used since I started planning. And possibly the first daily planner I’ve used consistently and intentionally. Besides my budget planner that is.

I enjoy the decorative aspect of planning so much, I even create stickers for this planner size specifically!


Would I use it again?


Honestly… YEAH! I’m currently contemplating if I will buy another one to use for the next year. I just haven’t found a planner that I really love more than this! But it’s only June… I still have til December.




What about you? Do you use the Erin Condren undated hardbound planners? What’s your impression of them?


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