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Pre-Planner – How I Pre-Plan For My Planner

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You have reached new levels of organization when you finally break down and purchase yourself a pre-planner planner.

Yes my friend.


To the planning community. 🙂


I was just strolling through the aisles of Joann one night…

What was supposed to only be window shopping (which I do quite often) turned into a spontaneous buy.

I haven’t been in Happy Planner Land for too long, but I am quite aware of the struggles of trying to find any of these planners.

Between my Michaels and Joann, the Happy Planner aisles look more like the remains of an ancient civilization by the time I get there.

I’m pretty sure a lot of you can identify with this struggle. 😐


But anyways!



Literally the LAST mini happy planner left on the shelf. Used and abused.

The protective clear paper had already been taken off, as well as the front and back packaging and everything else. So I could tell that others had already looked through this planner thoroughly.

I had been looking for a mini planner but literally hadn’t come across any in about two weeks! So I happily scooped this planner up and brought it home with me.


Pre-Planning JUST To Use My Planner?

For someone outside the doors of the planning community looking in, having a pre-planner to plan in before your actual planner is nothing short of wasteful and ridiculous.

Well… hi. 🙂


I have been using multiple planners for a couple of months now. And I find that all of my systems are so dedicated and organized to something specific, they don’t leave much room for sporadic information.


Enter the Pre-Planner.


Loving these sunny yellow discs!


There are a few things I have noticed in my own personal planning that is starting to become a nuisance.

And that is when unofficial information pops up.


I don’t like or want to clutter any of my planners with tasks and appointments I never do or attend. There are also times where I change my mind completely about a task or goal I was once very serious about.

Referencing back to this post will allow you to understand why this was an issue for me. I use my planner primarily to motivate me and be a positive atmosphere.

Filling up a day with tasks that never got done or appointments I wasn’t sure were going to be a reality is not really something I want to flip back and see a lot of.


How Will I Use My Pre-Planner?

This pre-planner is for more sporadic and on-the-go type of planning.

It’s used in the same way I would use sticky notes in my regular planner. I just go ahead and fill up all future appointments, tasks, etc on it’s corresponding dates.

It does not matter if it is official or not, I just go ahead and write it down just so I’ll be able to keep track of it. This can include anything ranging from regular and irregular bills, events, appointments, vacations, or goal-related deadlines, I just write it all down.

I tend to plan weekly in my catch all planner on Sunday nights, and daily every night for the next day. And in doing so, I noticed that I miss a lot of important tasks and appointments throughout the week.

Sometimes, I just can’t think of everything in a few hours worth of a planning session. There are times where I take in information and I forget about it completely. Usually it’s something long-term which makes it easily forgettable if I don’t immediately write it down.


A Semi-Bullet Journal?

I keep this mini planner with me, especially if I’m out and about somewhere.

Also, I don’t use any fancy colored pen coding system. So I created a way to be able to specify between different things.




So, in the back of this planner, I created a Key/Legend that most would use in a bullet journal.

  • Dot is for TASKS.
  • Cloud is for MEMORIES.
  • Dash is for NOTES.
  • Exclamation Mark is for IMPORTANT/HIGH PRIORITIES.


When Do I Use It?

Pretty much as often as I use my catch all planner.

The two intertwine very well.

Sometimes when I am planning in my catch all planner, I think of things that I want to do or are coming up in a few weeks. And that’s the perfect time to jot them down in my pre-planner.

Other times, I can’t think of much to put down while I am planning for a week in my catch all planner.

So then I use my pre-planner first to brainstorm things I want to do or anything else that will come up. In doing this, I remember a lot of things that needs to be done in that week.


So That’s The New Addition!


This is a pretty good overview of how I have been using this mini happy planner. Stay tuned for more updates! But I think this is generally how this planner will be used for the rest of the year.


Do you use a pre-planner? How do you use it? Does it help you stay organized?


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