Expensive Planners – Is It Worth The Investment?

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Hey you… let’s talk.

I get it. There is at least one person in every industry that can’t fathom dropping obscene amounts of money on a product. That may range from pricey phones and flashy cars down to brand name clothing and… expensive planners.

Everyone is an individual and there will be an area that you are willing to spend money on and areas where you are not. It’s perfectly understandable!

Whatever expensive item there is out in the world, you better believe there is a cheaply made knock-off waiting to take over its throne. And truth be told, all expensive products are not created equally.

There are companies out there just tagging a high price to a cheap item and selling it. Not even taking into account the experience and quality for the customer.


But what about expensive planners?


Yeah, let’s get back to that! Why are people out here dropping $30-$50+ dollars on a notebook? Isn’t there anything else they could possibly spend that money on?

At the end of the day, what it comes down to is preference.

For example, I am not an incredibly fashionable person. So I can’t imagine dropping a ton of money on one purse simply because it’s brand name. I am also not usually into keeping up with all the latest trends (even though I should be). So just imagine my surprise when I hear of individuals constantly spending $800+ every year or so on a new iPhone.



When it comes to stationary and other arts and craft products… I can easily blow money. I can tell quality paper just by the way it feels and quality pens by the way they write. For me, I enjoy the experience of using expensive stationary and art supplies because of the added quality.

Just as another will enjoy the experience of a more expensive pair of jeans because of the quality of it’s cut and denim wash.


But, I’m pretty sure you want more legitimate reasons on why expensive planners exist! So here is just a few things that I thought up.


Expensive Planners

Are They Worth The Investment?


WHY Are They So Pricey?

Where Is It Made?

Whenever I hear of people speaking against expensive planners (or anything expensive for that matter), I always question whether they know where the product is made.

Anything in the USA is going to be more expensive than a product that has been outsourced to another country. And just go ahead and increase that price tag if it’s a new and emerging company.

For me personally, it means a lot to me to see USA-owned businesses and smaller USA-owned businesses grow. So that alone convinces me to purchase from them to contribute to them staying in business.

Now, this is just my perspective, but I feel it’s not really fair to argue about not outsourcing jobs to other countries and futuristic robots and then turn around and argue about prices being high, especially from new companies.

You are going to end up giving in some form or fashion whether it be giving more money or giving away the jobs. (Obviously it probably isn’t that serious, but it’s just something to consider.)

And also keep in mind that someone is always paying the cost for “FREE”. Regardless of whether you pay full price or not, it still costs someone else their own time and money to create these things for you.


What Materials Are They Using?

To tie in with the whole “where is it made” point, you also have to factor in the type of materials they are using.

I find that expensive planners carry thicker paper quality than you may find in everyday $5 planners. If you use pencils or an everyday ballpoint pen, this definitely may not affect you.

This also may not affect you if ghosting and bleeding through the paper isn’t a big issue for you.

And it doesn’t stop at paper quality. It could also include the printing quality, the overall layout and structure, the materials used to bind it, the design aspect, and any other add on to make it stand out and appeal to you. Expensive planners speak for themselves and will be easy to distinguish from a cheaply made planner always.


Expensive Planners


What Comes With It?

And to further the first two points, consider what they come with. Some more expensive planners include starter sticker sheets and other accessories that come with their planners. Their less expensive counterparts may only be sold as a planner with options to purchase the other accessories on your own time (if you even want them).

They can range from post cards, coupon codes, miniature booklets, and other freebies that are included. Obviously, this doesn’t appeal to everyone. But there are those who like to use those post cards and other freebies and find it useful when the planners come with them already.


What Does It Provide?

Then there are those expensive planners that come with causes and other detail-oriented things for you to fill out. They come with mini tutorials and step-by-step guides on how to use that planner to its fullest extent.

Some planners dig deep in pursuit of trying to help you find yourself. Other planners donate to charity or support some sort of cause that appeals to you.

At the end of the day, does it matter having those types of adds and benefits to your purchase?


Who Is The Brand?

Yup, this one matters too! And this is probably the main reason people are disgusted by expensive planners because the brand has gotten so big.

That’s why this one was last. 😉

Yes, brands do inflate their prices the bigger they get because of supply and demand. They are starting to acquire some die hard fans and that might stroke the ego a little bit. I’m not saying that this a fair way to price expensive planners, but it definitely is a factor on why some are higher than others.

So keep that in mind as well.


WHAT Is Important To You?

Doing It’s Basic Job

If you could careless about fancy frills, charitable causes, small businesses, and/or thicker paper (goodness, you’re missing out!), then by all means, find a cheaper alternative!

You’re not some weirdo just because you choose to be frugal with your stationary purchases (or maybe any purchase)! At the end of the day, you mean business and you just want a planner that does it’s basic job. PLAN. And there is nothing wrong with that.


Fancy Frills And Other Extras

Perhaps you like those added stickers and post cards and coupon codes that comes with every online purchase. You don’t care to buy up a ton of accessories to customize it from the inside out. You’re okay with the little bit that comes with the planner and you can work with that.

Expensive Planners
Make the world a PRETTY Place!

Quality Made

The thought of using gel ink pens and markers, turning the page, and seeing every single word on the back of that page just makes you quiver.

You enjoy the feel of turning quality paper, you love the binding and covers of that planner, the colors and designs draw you in everyday and it just makes you feel GOOD.

It makes you use it. Its beauty helps to keep you flipping through its pages and ironically… helps you stay productive and on track.

You’re just not into cheap planners and now that you’ve started buying expensive planners, it’s hard for you to turn back.



Honestly, it doesn’t matter what the product is, you have found a company/brand that you believe in and you just want to support them! It does your heart good to stand behind a company that inspires you, motivates you and encourages you to be better than who you are.

Perhaps they make you laugh, perhaps they pick you up on a sad day, no matter what it is. You just want to support them! Because they’ve contributed so much happiness to your life and you just want to do the same for them.


So, At The End Of The Day…

Expensive planners are only worth the investment if you’re into this stationary kind of thing. If you ask me, the only time something expensive is worth it is if it already has a dramatic impact on your life.

Is dressing up and fashion what you live and breathe? Then expensive clothes will be the things you save up for. If transportation and mechanical engineer is your thing, you’ll be more prone to spend money on quality cars and car parts. Perhaps you are a foodie and love to cook in the kitchen? Then most of your hard earned money will be geared toward quality kitchen tools and accessories.

So the question isn’t necessarily are expensive planners worth it? Because in general… no. They aren’t. Just like anything expensive in general is not worth it.

The question you SHOULD be asking is, are expensive planners worth it for ME? 

Because purchasing expensive planners (and/or other products) comes right down to opinion and preference. And those two things are different for everyone.


Do you enjoy using expensive planners? Why or why not?


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