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Cultivate What Matters Powersheets – It’s Time.

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I have been very anxious to receive these powersheets, and a couple days ago, this package finally arrived in my PO Box.



What are they?

These are “Powersheets” coined by the company “Cultivate What Matters”. There are extensive reviews about this I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-a-planner planner, and if you are interested in those reviews, I will link them at the end of this article.

But in short, Powersheets are a goal-oriented planner that you use in conjunction with your regular, everyday planning system. The organized system of this planner is crafted to dig DEEP (even if that’s not something you’re used to doing) and helping you not only set and achieve goals, but set the right goals to achieve.


Setting the RIGHT Goals?


As I have dug down deep and read up on these powersheets, I saw that this goal was not a “pull some random goals out of thin air and make them happen this year” kind of planner. This goal planner is centered solely on helping you set goals that will help you create a more fulfilling life.

There are lots of goal planners out there, but I am always wary of purchasing one. What I have been finding in myself is mainly it’s not how I’m going to achieve my goals, but what am I going after them for?

I’m pretty big on soul searching, so I didn’t need another planner to just track things. But what I found so intriguing about the powersheets was that it wasn’t just about tracking things. It was about helping you figure out why you were tracking these things. And that’s what sold me!



Already Using It

As stated before, I got this planner a couple of days ago, so I couldn’t WAIT to dig my fingers into this mental bootcamp.

And trust me, it gets INTENSE.


Or rather… it gets as intense as you want it to be.


I intended to spend a couple of weeks trying to fill it out. But I found that it was kind of hard to stay away from it. I’m really impressed with what filling out the first 15 pages started to uncover about me.

What was such a bad case of brain fog started to really become clear. I started to really gain a sight of what really mattered to me. And a good portion of it was shocking to realize and come to terms with.

I’m currently nearing the end of it now where you set your goals for the first season. And I just have to say that it’s made everything that much easier. It’s helped me to set goals I feel great about going after. I even changed my word of the year which was “Reroute”.

But after using these powersheets and allowing myself to dig deep beyond my usual “I want to do this” and “I want to be that”, I realized that my word should be “Positivity”. A lot of my goals have changed and I’m all too eager to embark on this adventure for the year of 2019!


And no. I don’t have any affiliate links for you, so you can trust that I’m feeling pretty darn inspired by this planner! I just had to hop on here and share it with you!



Want to look into it more?

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That’s just a few resources to get you get started. 😉


Much love and as always, have a wonderful day!


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