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Reasons I Love Using Multiple Planners

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I feel like I’ve been talking about using multiple planners a lot lately, but this will be the last post…at least for awhile. I hope.

But anyways, in this post, I am dedicating a list of reasons of why I love using multiple planners. And maybe a few reasons that will convince you to give it a try as well. Here we go!


Obviously, it’s more ways to stay organized.

Using multiple planners means that there are multiple ways to stay organized. Being able to have an entire book dedicated to organizing one section of my life means that I have more freedom to set up more systems, and document more detailed information for that specific category.

There’s only so many different categories you can mush together into one planner. And even then, the information is vague and generally only surface information.

But when you are able to dig deep into each area that you want to really grow in, it makes it easier to track what is and isn’t working. And with that knowledge, you can adjust your journey accordingly.

I suppose it helps that I naturally gravitate to researching and analyzing things which is why using multiple planners is a little piece of heaven in my book.


Lots of ways to self-evaluate.

As slightly mentioned above, using multiple planners gives a great opportunity to learn more about yourself. Over time, you start recognizing patterns in your behavior with the way you plan. I’ve gone into depths before about how interacting more and more with my budget allowed me to uncover bad emotional spending habits that were developing.

I won’t say that without planning, I would’ve never realized this trait because that would be a far-fetched idea. But, with planning consistently, I unraveled that habit a lot sooner than I otherwise would have.


Always a reason to write.

Being someone who loves to write, and can spend all day doing so, keeping a paper planner is a great way to always keep a pen to paper. And having the options to spice it up with different colors, thicknesses, or just drawing altogether, it’s a very soothing way to make sure I’m keeping on track with my goals.

Not only that, I’m sure you’ve heard that writing helps you commit to memory whatever it is your write down. It helps keep you focused by cementing your thoughts onto paper. That’s a pretty nice bonus to paper planning in my book.


More reasons to buy planners…

Ack! Ya got me! I couldn’t create this list without mentioning it lol.

Step into the paper aisle of any arts and crafts store and you will come across so many wonderful, beautiful planners. And not enough reasons to take them all home!

Okay… I’m not THAT obsessed, but I do have a love for stationary that is hard to put out. I can’t even deny it, I really do love planners and everything to do with them. I wouldn’t want to get so wrapped up that all I do is spend my time planning lol, but I also can’t live with just one every year. Call me crazy but this blog IS called… kraizy colorful… plans. 😐


Different ways for self-expression.

Using multiple planners doesn’t have to be as decorative as you probably come across. It can be very minimal and simplistic. But for me, I love having different ways to express myself.

It’s not even necessarily with just decorating my planners. In my post about using multiple planners, I shared how I use each of my six planners for this year. In that post, I noted how each planner was set up very differently from the rest and how very little information was repeated in each planner.

That’s part of self-expression and it gives me more opportunities to self-evaluate and look at my behavior patterns. In some of my planners I journal, in most of them, I draw. In others, I track to do lists. I keep different types of reference pages in all of them. They just provide so many avenues of expressing myself and I love that in using multiple planners.


More “Me Time”.

As a to-the-core-introvert, having my “alone time” is important. I completely understand how others may find using multiple planners (and decorating them at that) a little too involved, but for me, it helps keep me centered. It is a very constructive hobby for me to be able to sit down and basically scrapbook and plan a productive day all in the same setting.

Unless it’s the beginning of the month, I don’t usually spend much time in my planners anyway. But when I do, it’s always a moment that allows me to zone out and de-stress. Everyone won’t find the same satisfaction in using multiple planners the way I do, and that’s okay. But this is definitely a benefit for me.

And that’s it!


Yep, you heard it here first folks! I love using multiple planners!


Do you!? Share your reasons down below!


Otherwise, thank you for tuning in and may you enjoy the rest of your day. Toodles!


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