New Year Resolutions: The Only One You Need

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New Years Resolutions!

Let us all get together and sit down and brainstorm all the things we hope to achieve! Let’s enter the new year with high hopes and dreams of what we hope to accomplish this 365 days! And let us start this new endeavor with positivity and the knowledge that we can control our destiny and that the world is in our hands!


At least…


until January 2nd settles in.


If you’re like many, New Years Resolutions are that one thing that make you excited, sad, and nervous all at once. Whether you’re excited about the breath of fresh air the new year will bring. Or nervous about repeating the same failings all over again. The new year can bring a lot of mixed emotions for everyone.


But what if compiling a list of goals to achieve for the year is a daunting thought? Perhaps over the years, you’ve realized that you just aren’t great at achieving goals. You find that it’s hard to commit to one goal and see it all the way through. Perhaps you find halfway through that you don’t even like what you’re committing to. So you choose not to set them anymore.


So when the last half of the year starts rolling in, or *gulp… December… we start remembering all the goals we had set for the year and realize that we’re only able to scratch off like… two.


from a list of 25.



It shouldn’t be that way.


By definition, a new year’s resolution is:

a promise to do something differently in the new year.



Not a race to check things off of a list. Whether or not people actually view completing new year resolutions a “yearly checklist” or not is beside the point. Your concern with your New Year Resolutions is not to complete a vast amount of goals.


But instead, to just improve yourself as dictated by THIS definition:

a promise to yourself or decision to do something, esp to improve one’s behavior or lifestyle in some way, during the year ahead



This Year, Be Better Than You Were Last Year



The overall point of setting goals for the new year is just to continue bettering yourself. But it is demotivating not being able to check off a specific goal, even after you worked so hard throughout the year to achieve it.

Some people find it hard to focus on their successes when an overlooking failure is right in front of them. If they ran 4,999 miles in a 5k run and failed to finish the race, they will focus more on the one mile they didn’t complete.


Continue to set specific goals throughout the year. But your one New Year’s Resolution should be to just be better than you were last year.


Be able to close out 2019 next year knowing that you are a much better person than you were last year. Whether it’s in one specific area of your life (e.g. financially, emotionally, socially, etc) or different variations (e.g. learned a few new skills, visited different places, etc). Just aim to better than you were.


And if you must, go ahead and plan out the other 24 goals on your list. 🙂


Until next time, have a wonderful day everyone! And Happy New Year!

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