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Chevy Blanket Challenge Check In #1

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If you remember from an earlier post, I am setting myself for success in finishing my first crochet blanket.

Since that post, I have been working on it off and on. I usually end up crocheting at the end of the day when I’m winding down, usually binge watching YouTube videos. The chevron stitch really is the perfect pattern when it comes to doing something that isn’t terribly boring and monotonous. But at the same time, not too difficult and requiring a lot of focus and attention.


This won’t be a long-winded informational post because not much has changed since I last wrote on this topic. And really, there isn’t much TO add that hasn’t already been stated before. These check in posts are mainly to show you all how the blanket is coming along. If you are perhaps a fellow crocheter who is also tackling crocheting a blanket (or something equally trying for you) and would like to endure this fight with me, join me on instagram! Tag me at #KraizyCrochet and we can form a support group!

But otherwise, here are some updated pics of my current blanket:




Last Check In: 21.5 inches tall

Current Check In: 24.5 inches tall

Next Goal: 30 inches tall by March 31, 2019


I honestly don’t know how long I’m aiming for it to be, but I just want it to be long enough to cover my body with a little extra. So, will this FINALLY be completed in the year of 2019? We shall see. 🙂


But until next time, have a wonderful day everybody! Toodles!

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