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2019 Planner Lineup and My Intentions

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Are you getting your planner lineup ready for 2019? Ready to implement that fresh and snazzy organizational system for the new year?

Well, I know I am!

I believe this year, I started with about 4 planners. A daily/catch all planner, a budget planner, a business planner and my planner wallet. That’s what I started with, and over the year I switched it up here and now trying to settle in a good organizational system that felt right for me.

It’s been a lot of deciding but I think I’m pretty well established on what I will be using. I will note that a lot of these planners are not “year specific” meaning that these planners are ongoing and can be used far past the year of 2019. So I will first go into the planners that ARE year-specific and then I’ll talk about my other ongoing planners.

My 2019 Planner Lineup

Planners SPECIFICALLY For 2019

The “Budget” Planner

First up is my budget planner. For this I am using an Erin Condren deluxe monthly (the 2019 version). It is an 8.5 x 11 planner that I frankenplanned and of course, here is where I will handle all things finances. From my personal budget, to my business budget, calculating meal planning expenses, and journaling in regards to my emotional spending, this is THAT planner for all of that.

As far as checking in, I do my main check ins with my budget planner at least 3 times a month which is the beginning to input the budget and estimates and all my goals. The mid-month check is what I do on the 15th of every month to calculate how my expenses are doing. And my end of the month check is when I wrap up my total tallies for the month.

In terms of decoration, I decorate it a ton, but I only do so once a month (read about my favorite supplies here).

Now that I have incorporated doing weekly check ins, I also plan to calculate my variable expenses every Sunday for I add my expenses from every Sunday through Saturday.

Generally, I do a light check in every other day to account for updating my monthly expense tracker and adding “No Spend” stickers to my monthly view. And that’s how that will work out.

The “Art and Editorial” Planner

This planner is where I will conduct all things related to building up my blog and my YouTube channel. Another EC Deluxe Monthly 8.5 x 11 planner with the works. Here I will keep log of blog posts and videos I want to upload, my statistics between both of my platforms, any and everything social media related (pinterest, instagram, twitter), and sketches and concepts for anything I want to do related to my business.

As far as decoration, I don’t do anything too complicated other than using crayola supertip markers and my tombow fudenosuke calligraphy brush pen to map out my spreads. Any art I add is probably just going to be clipart or something, but for the most part, it’s not going to be that decorative every month (unless I just feel like it).

As far as usage goes, I can already tell you that this planner will be used daily or nearly every day. Actually, I’ve already been using it to keep ahead of scheduled blog posts and videos for the coming months. I like to stay about 2-3 months ahead with video and blog post ideas.

I went into how I plan to use my editorial monthly spread more in this post as well.

The “Wellness” Planner

My self care planner is where I will track how well I am (or am not) taking care of myself physically, mentally, socially, etc. My first ever lifeplanner from Erin Condren as well! This planner (along with a couple of others) will be used frequently and on the daily. I need to, as I have a lot of habits to check off that would be hard to try and remember every few days. It will probably be my most routine planner out of all of them and also the most helpful.

Primarily, it will be used as a type of “habit tracking” planner which is why it will be a daily routine for me. Otherwise, I consider it to be a kind of “play” planner, so when it comes to decorating and just having fun with it, this will be the planner I go to.

The “Brain” Planner

I battled with this idea for awhile. To get another vertical hardbound planner while I was still trying to re-purpose the ones that had fallen in 2018? Haaa… yes. I know… I know. 😐

But alas, here it is, in my 2019 planner lineup, ready for duty! But I am using it completely different than how I WAS using it. I’ve actually been doing this for the month of November and December in one of my now-current hardbound planners and I genuinely like the way it has been working out. What I do is use them as big to-do lists for the week.

Now I know what you’re thinking. A planner is basically a to-do list isn’t it?

Well… yes. But… no.

I will be using this planner not as a “day specific” to do list, but as a “week specific” to do list. Where I will just write down everything I need to get accomplished within the week and not just tied to any specific day unless it’s necessary…

You know, this might be a great post for another time! So stay tuned! 😉

As far as checking in goes, I will be checking in with it on an ongoing basis, but technically you could say daily.

The “Gratitude” Planner

Ack! I did it! I bought a mini horizontal Happy Planner!!

Never thought I’d see the day lol. And honestly, I actually was very skeptical about getting this planner. I didn’t think this would be something I would keep up with. But I have noticed this year in 2018 and just in general that I really do need to be more positive about things. I think in general, I am a pretty mellow individual, but when things get tough, it is very easy for me to lose sight of the positivity. And with that encourages depression and, from what I’ve learned personally, attracting positive things into your life comes from thinking positive.

You are what you think.

This year, I want to be more proactive about, not only being positive, but just being grateful. True, there’s a lot of things this year that didn’t turn out the way I wanted them too or expected. But there is also a lot of good that came out of this year too. I think it’s safe to say that we all understand that everybody is going through some sort of struggle. And it’s so easy to be consumed in what others have that you don’t.

But if we stay in that cycle, we’ll be wanting things forever, and in the end it IS all in vain.

So… I won’t continue to ramble lol. As you can probably see I really COULD go on, but I just want to practice being more mindful of what I have and to be more content. Good things will come, and it’s time to really trust and believe that and that’s why I’m glad I decided to incorporate this into my planner lineup as well.

Filling in my gratitude journal is something I want to do daily, at the end of the day. I want to really reflect on one good thing that happened and I will journal about it for that day.

The “Faith” Planner

Yep. Another Happy Planner. A classic-sized horizontal Happy Planner. Well, at least it isn’t an Erin Condren, right? We’re not discriminating here. 🙂

Up until I really got into planning and organizing this year, I don’t think I had EVER heard of a faith planner. But it really intrigued me and, perhaps it was just an excuse to buy another pretty planner. (UGH!!! lol) But also, I would like to continue strengthening my relationship with God and really get into scripture reading so this was a very important add to my planner lineup.

Though, this won’t just be a “faith study” type planner. I also want to journal here. And another reason is to kind of “memory plan”, with pictures, memorabilia, and things of that nature. It’ll be like an extension to my “wellness planner” being that I want it to be fun to do. 🙂

Checking in with this planner is also something I intend to daily, possibly throughout the day as I do with my other planners.

Ongoing Planners

The “Recipe” Planner


I’ve been having some fun with my recipe planner and it will definitely be a keepsake for my 2019 planner lineup and onward. This planner is an Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly in the 7×9 size that has been re-purposed from being a mock sticker kit planner. Here, I colorfully keep all kinds of recipes that I’ve tried and loved, family recipes, and more!

It is my goal this year to FILL this planner with as many recipes as I can! So that will be a fun challenge. I say challenge because usually when I cook, it’s pretty much the same things in rotation. With the added challenge of filling up an entire planner with recipes, it’ll really force me to get creative (or find creative recipes) to try out so I can fill up my planner with it’s culinary goodness!

As far as checking in, it’s not something that requires a specific check in schedule. It just gets updated whenever I come across a new recipe I want to add. Get even more details about how I’m using it in this post (and also a freebie just for you!).

The “Outline” Planner

The planner lineup wouldn’t be complete without my outline planners. 🙂 It’s nice that the planners originally dated for 2017-2018 will still get to see another year, and more! I spoke about how I have re-purposed my Erin Condren vertical hardbound planners in this post.

Since I have given these planners their new responsibility, they have served it well. I love using this as basically a brainstorm book, especially with maintaining consistency on my YouTube channel and my blog.

Checking in is much like my art and editorial planner and I’ll use it everyday or nearly everyday. Because I’m sure as long as I’m somewhere working on a video or a blog post, this planner will most likely be by my side.

The “Animation/Storyboard” Planner

Next in my planner lineup is my lemome bullet journal. I will use this specifically for rough sketches and story-boarding for animations and/or comic ideas, skits, or whatever else I come up with. Being that I REALLY want to focus on doing animations this year, I’ve got to be more serious and more proactive about learning the craft. Story-boarding is a basic function but definitely one of the most helpful when it comes to bringing scripts to life. Which in turns, leads me to my next “planner”…

The “Script Writing” Planner

This ‘planner’ is not necessarily a ‘planner’ but a notebook that will be used in conjunction with my animation/storyboard planner and so it was also included in my 2019 planner lineup. I use the Erin Condren hardbound notebooks at the moment to write my scripts out since I have a couple lying around. Since it’s just writing scripts, I wouldn’t NEED to continue buying their notebooks but um… judging by the abundance of their products in this list. I think it’s safe to say I’ll probably continue getting their notebooks. 😉

Between both the storyboard and the script planners, they will be used as needed. So, much like the rest of my ongoing planners, they will be used only when the time calls for it.

The “Planner Wallet”

My trusty and faithful Kate Spade Wellesley planner has been the planner I’ve been using solely for my wallet for the past 1.5 years. I just love everything about this planner and it was a must have in my planner lineup. In 2019, IF I consider swapping it out, it’ll be for another Kate Spade zip up planner in a different color. That’s how much I absolutely love it!

In this planner, I do nothing but keep my cash envelopes in it which I have a whole tutorial on. I also have a change pouch where I keep loose change and I keep a few of my store cards in it as well. I keep a blank notebook in it since this is pretty much the only planner that ever leaves the house with me. So in that notebook, if I need to remember to do or get anything, I jot it down there and go on about my day.

The “Lettering” Planner

Another planner of 2018 that made it into the 2019 planner lineup is my Lettering Planner. I will use this to practice my calligraphy on a daily. It is an Erin Condren small hardbound planner in the horizontal format, so it’s actually pretty perfect for practicing lettering certain letters or words and trying out new styles.

I would like to practice in it daily, but I just number the days I practice so it’s not that necessary. I just like to use it as a practicing spot for my lettering skills.


So people, I want to say that will wrap it up!

I gotta say, as an emerging planner junkie, I’m pretty excited about my planner lineup for 2019! So many pretty planners with so many wonderful uses! And not a planner will be left behind that I purchased this year. 🙂

Now, the question remains… am I REALLY going to keep up with 12 planners in 2019!?

I guess you’ll just have to stick around for that foolishness.

So what is your planner lineup looking like? Are you going down the multiple planners path? Or have you found the one planner that fits you completely? Share in the comments below!

But until next time, have a wonderful day everyone! 🙂

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