3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Up

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Reason 3) You Won’t Feel Any Better Giving Up Then You Would Trying And Failing

In fact, you just might feel downright worse.

There is really nothing failing about… well… failing. It’s just the harder way of figuring out what it is you actually like because let’s face it, if it were something you love you wouldn’t give up on it no matter how trifling it may seem at the time. You would continue to find ways to progress, to get better, to salvage it and you would exhaust every avenue you could, wouldn’t you?

Sometimes it’s not about whether you succeed or even how big your success can get. But it’s true, the person who gave up would be worst off than the one who did and realized he could not succeed. How foolish would it be to actually have the potential to succeed and not even give it a chance?


Reason 2) There Will Always Be A Point Where You Start From The Ground Up

But it’s kinda depressing to think about starting from the ground up in something you hate rather than something you love. Why is that anyway?

Why is it much easier for us to work our way up to something that is “socially acceptable” but not “self fulfilling”? Does the fear of going against the norm control you so much that you’ll let your dreams slip right through your fingertips?

All people are made to have dreams and each one of us have every single right to pursue them no matter the age, race, or intelligence. If it’s real enough in your head, it’s real enough for your life.

No matter what you do, you’ll always have to take your first step and work your way up from the bottom to the top. It would save a lot more time and a lot more heartache if you invest that hard work into your passions.


Reason 1) Because A Year From Now… You’ll Wish You Had Started Today

Don’t I know this one extremely well.

And it is extremely hard explaining to yourself why you didn’t continue, and why you didn’t persevere, and you’ll be amazed at all the wacky excuses you can come up with while sobbing in front of the bathroom mirror trying to tell yourself that this time will be the last time.

Been there.

But don’t make this the last time. Don’t give your mind a ultimatum. Don’t send your heart through an emotional boot camp!

For most… that doesn’t work.

Just do something positive to move you in that direction. You have to move that way constantly even if all you can do for the day is write about it. Train your mind to feel that it’s not a deadline. That no matter what, one day, you will eventually get to wherever it is you are trying to be. Alright?


And that’s why you shouldn’t give up.

So don’t trip Potato Chip, everything will be crisp 😉

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