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Decorative Planning Isn’t Just Stickers and Washi

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Decorative planning is by far one of the best things I’ve discovered. It implements a way to scrapbook while also planning out your daily to-do’s and appointments or even memory keep and more. There are those who find that the foiled icon stickers and multi-colored washi tapes are a bit too much when it comes to planning, so they’d much rather simplify their style.


But for those of us who enjoy the aspect of mashing the two together, we’re completely fine with taking a little more to spruce up our daily tasks! Most of the times, decorative planning is associated with using tons of gorgeous stickers and washi. But… you know… decorative planning doesn’t HAVE to be just that. Want some other ideas? Then keep on reading!






You were probably NOT expecting this one, were you? Honestly, taking the time to write everything neatly and in appropriate order IS decorative planning for some. The overall design is minimal, simplified, and non-cluttered which can make it aesthically pleasing (don’t you love that phrase!? lol) for some, possibly many. Decorative is not about sticking a whole bunch of stickers (ornaments, pictures, etc) everywhere, but more about creating a scenery that is attractive to that person. So if neat handwriting is all you need, that can be your only decoration.



Pair up your neat handwriting with a wonderful color scheme and you have quite a beautiful and enticing spread to look at for your week! This doesn’t just have to be pens, but feel free to incorporate markers, coloring pencils, highlighters, and more! Get creative with the different colors you use for each week. In the summertime, use more oranges, pinks, and greens. In winter time, use more purples and blues. Or, you could create a color coding system throughout the year and automatically know what’s important, an event, or a project deadline just by looking at the color you wrote it in.



Calligraphy headers makes ANY planner spread look beautiful! Why opt for regular to do headers when you could create your own with a calligraphy brush pen? Tombow Fudenosuke pens are great starting out calligraphy pens, but there are also beautiful, and vibrantly colored ones from Pentel (which I have not used personally, but at the moment is currently on my wishlist).



Stamps have their place in the decorative planning world as well. Coming in many different sizes, and an abundance of different topics, there’s a stamp for literally any and everyone! Switch it up with different inks. Use them instead of icon stickers to mark events, tasks, and more.



Well… here is where I tend to fit on the decorative planning spectrum lol. I absolutely adore being able to express myself artistically in my planner by drawing and doodling. And drawing in your planner isn’t reserved for the almighty and flexible bullet journals, use little doodles instead of sticker icons. Create a little scene around your daily planning boxes (something I tend to do) if you’re in the mood for it. Let your imagination run wild! Let your originality peek out! I love doing this especially since when I go back and flip through my planners, it’s not just flipping through lots of decorated pages, but I really get to see how my skills have progressed since the beginning of that planner. That’s the best kind of reflection for me.



If you’ve done the sample tests with your favorite paints, then maybe… just maybe you might want to give painting in your planner a try. Can it handle watercolor paints? Paint a watercolor landscape inside the daily boxes. You work better with acrylic paints? Create wonderful art around the edges of each page. Get as a creative as you’d like! There’s absolutely NO boundary at this moment.



Cardstock paper isn’t just for folding up into fancy cash envelopes and thank you cards. It also has it’s place in decorative planning, especially when you have fancy hole punchers! There are all shapes and sizes available to you. Want to add a little foil to your planner? There are decorative foiled cardstock papers, get a cute hole puncher and punch them out and stick them in with a tape runner adhesive! Cut out long, thick pieces of cardstock paper and use it as your makeshift “washi” borders. Cut out even thinner strips and use them for makeshift headers as well. The possibilities really ARE endless here.

Cleverly covered up a terrible marker bleed through with a scrap painting, a drawing of Rafiki and one of his famous quotes. 🙂


But then, perhaps you’re more sentimental with your decorative planning? Memorabilia is a great alternative for you. If you tend to keep fairly flat items like feathers, notes, pictures, dried flowers and other dried plants, and just things that remind you of special events and people in your life, this might be your decorative planning style. Definitely a cheap way to decorate, I would think. For example, had a wonderful day at the beach and brought back a bag full of seashells and sand? Dab some of that sand on some clear plastic tape and stick it in your planner. Your loved one surprised with a beautiful bouqet of roses? You might want to peel off a petal from one of the roses and glue it in your planner. Not expensive at all. 🙂



Take it right back to your childhood and get creative with the glue and glitter, the googly eyes, the papier mache, whathaveyou! Fold up some origiami and flatten them and stick them right in! Now is your time to REALLY feel like a kid again!… you know… unless you actually hated arts and crafts. Um, moving along.



Well, those were just a few of my ideas. If you had any yourself, please leave them in comments section below! I love to hear from you!


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