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How To Draw Hydrangeas

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Have you been trying to draw hydrangeas and can’t quite get it right? Does it seem just a little complicated? Well fear not! I will show you how I draw hydrangeas.


  1. Practice Drawing These Petals.

  2. Draw A Circle

  3. Fill the circle with different types of petals.

  4. Keep filling in the circle.

  5. Keeeeeep going! 🙂

  6. Fill in all those tiny gaps!

  7. Start inking in your drawing. (Be a little more free handed over the sketch).

  8. Ink it in some more.

  9. Finished. 🙂



And THAT is how you draw hydrangeas. 🙂


Interested in what art supplies I use? Find out more in THIS post!


Have a wonderful day you all!

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