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Crochet Blanket Endeavors : “The Chevy Challenge”

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It started off with such high hopes. Such big dreams! To one day, become a long, beautifully crafted adult crochet blanket that would last through the generations! To keep any and everyone who wrapped themselves in it warm, cozy, and feeling secure. It had ONE JOB! To make somebody feel good.


And yet… there it lays. In the corner of my bedroom. Collecting dust for the past six or so months. Never even getting a chance.


This year, I aspired to finish my FIRST EVER adult crochet blanket. I’ve been an on and off crocheter for years now, and finishing a crochet blanket has to be the one thing I have always dreamed of doing. But just… never finished it.


I remember talking to a co-worker about this earlier on this year. This year was supposed to be the “Year of Completion“! And me finishing this crochet blanket was supposed to signify my biggest achievement this year.


But alas, THAT part didn’t happen. In fact, after several months of working on it, it got tossed aside and I never looked back. In my defense, I got burnt out with crocheting entirely. Before Chaotic Canvas and Kraizy Colorful Plans became a thing, I was selling crochet locally to help make ends meet. People were loving it, they were buying it, and I was able to keep paying bills. I really thought crocheting would be the thing that stuck with me.


But We’re Not Giving Up YET!


After creating the same items with slightly different variations over and over again, I begin to realize how much I hated crochet! I don’t intend to turn back to it as a business venture, at least not any time soon. But part of me is itching to return back to it as a personal hobby.


And that desire is what brought me back to my cast aside crochet blanket from earlier this year. Go on. Look at it!


It was supposed to be simple.


It was supposed to be a simple straight across, possibly one color blanket that didn’t require me to do anything more than just crochet.


But a couple rows into the blanket and I realized how much that would annoy me. So I unraveled it, and started incorporating the chevron stitch pattern to give it a little more appeal. Then eventually, I decided to switch up the colors every now and again. For awhile, it really was keeping my attention. Until I got way more into doing my YouTube channel. And eventually, this blog. My crochet blanket just fell to the wayside.


It’s STILL The “Year of Completion


We’re just gonna move that year to 2019! And one of my goals in 2019 is going to be finishing this chevron crochet blanket!


I, of course, plan to start working on it more before the year is out. Though I’m pretty positive it’s not going to get finished before 2018 is over. I don’t want to risk burning out with this, or anything else. But I do intend to finish it by the end of next year. Proactively speaking, before the end of next June.



Here is what I have been doing, and what I intend to do to help me finish this crochet blanket by the end of 2019:

  • Treat It As “Me Time”. The skill and interaction used to crochet this blanket is so minimal, that it’s easy for me to multitask with something like watching a movie, talking with friends/family, listening to music, or anything similar. I figure doing it that way will really allow me to “zone out” and relax my mind.
  • Use the “Double Crochet” Stitch. If you don’t know how to do the double crochet stitch, I suggest you get on Google or Youtube and figure it out. When it comes to crocheting long pieces, I can’t TELL YOU how big a time saver this stitch can be. Obviously, there are patterns and pieces that require doing lots of tedious single stitches… But I won’t be doing that. This is ultimately a personal project and a very long one at that. So it helps to know an easier to way to finish it faster while it still looking like it took me ages to do.
  • Change Colors! Can’t have a blog called “Kraizy Colorful Plans” if you’re not gonna have some kRaIzY cOlOrS! Switching up the colors is going to help me keep interest in my crochet blanket as well. It gives it a lot more appeal than a completely solid colored blanket will.
  • Using a slightly engaging stitch (the “Chevron Stitch”). For me to not become so bored out of mind with doing something, it has to be at least a little engaging and not monotonous. The chevron stitch provides that interaction with making sure I am performing the pattern correctly. But it’s still a lot of repetition which means it also makes it easy for me to zone out at the same time, so it’s still pretty relaxing.





Oh yeah… there’s my crochet blanket. In all it’s double crocheted glory. 🙂


Currently, my crochet blanket is 96″ wide and 21.5″ tall. So that’s 8 feet wide and almost 2 feet tall.

As far as what I am using, the yarn brand I’m using is from Red Heart With Love. The colors I’ll be using for it are in this order:

  • Black
  • *Dark Brown (I’m sorry, I don’t remember the name)
  • Medium Cafe Latte
  • Beige


Unless I decide to switch things up. But for now, I really like the way it looks, and I will be finishing it! Crochet Blanket!? YOU WILL SURVIVE!


So anyways, what about you all? Any crocheters out there who want to join me on this challenge? Or do you just have something you’ve been wanting to complete but just… haven’t… done it? Don’t worry, I’m not judging you. Share your goals in the comment section! Let’s make 2019 (and every year after that…) the Year of Completion!


But until we meet again, have a wonderful day!


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