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Using My EC Deluxe Monthly As A Recipe Planner

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The NEW Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planners have provided flexibility for innovative minds everywhere! They can be used for anything from daily planning to budgeting, and also being finessed into a recipe planner.


I’ve honestly had the most fun any planner addict could have with coming up with ideas to use in accordance with this new design. I’ve come up with several ideas to use with my budget planner. And if you’re eager to see those ideas, be sure to check out my youtube channel to watch the setup series unfold.


But for the recipe planner idea? I’ve technically already launched into it. So I will just provide a brief overview of how I plan to use my deluxe monthly planner for my Recipe Planner that should last me… possibly forever. 🙂


Color Coded Boxes

The main function of my Recipe Planner are these replicated box structures. I made them in an effort to duplicate the 2018 version of the deluxe monthly planner with the 5 box page. But after using them a little bit, I decided to tweak their sizing so that 3 bigger boxes could fit on each page in my budget planner. After brainstorming a bit, it hit me!


These would make for PERFECT recipe boxes since they’re pretty identical to index cards! (Yes, that is exactly what my brain said lol).


So I rough drafted a recipe or two and decided that YES! This was going to WORK! I don’t plan on releasing a culinary cookbook or anything so the recipes don’t have to be so detailed. I wrote them to know a general idea of what I’m talking about.


Now, as for the color coding, that was another idea I implemented. I figured that most recipe books have different sections where you can keep your breakfast recipes, lunches, dinners, appetizers, etc. And so I felt that trying to figure out how to do that was a little more challenging with a dated monthly planner that’s tabs were already printed on. 😐


A System That… WORKS?


But leave it to me to un-complicate the complicated! (or the other way around lol). Since I can be very visional and colors just… inspire me… I decided that what better way to organize my recipe collections than through COLORS! So, I color coded my boxes in the following key:

  • Orange – Breakfasts
  • Green – Lunches
  • Blue – Dinners
  • Purple – Appetizers
  • Red – Drinks
  • Pink – Desserts
  • Tan – Snacks

And I write down the recipe on it’s corresponding colored box and then stick it in! It’s really that simple!




“But wait!…” I imagine you’d say, “… what if you have a recipe that doesn’t fit in that little box?. Well, I thought of that too! (Aren’t you excited? Get excited!)


I’m just going to write it on an extra box and stick it in with the almighty multi-purpose use of washi tape! I decided that if I actually end up filling a month with recipes and would like to add more before moving into the next month, the way I’ll arrange my recipes is in this fashion:

  • For additional recipesI will put the washi tape across the top of the box I’m adding to, that way the recipe will flip “up” to show the second recipe.
  • For an extended recipe, I will put the washi tape on the side of the box, that way, the additional instructions will flip “out” to show the added instructions.

It’ll give me a quick way to notice which recipes have a second one underneath and which ones require additional steps. 🙂


I had so much fun with brainstorming ideas for this recipe planner that I kept on going!



We move to the back, to the notes pages, where I got even more creative with these decorative banner headers. I created a banner for each of my 7 categories and gave them all one page, front and back. My idea with this is to write down recipes as they go into my planner. I also numbered the pages of the planner so that I could make the entire planner that much more efficient with being able to write the page number that the recipe would be located on.


To make it even more visually appealing, I also write the recipes down in the corresponding color. But that’s just me. 😛





I definitely didn’t leave THAT area in the dark. I decided to separate them into 3 rows and make each column contain significant information I could use related to cooking.



So in my first row, it is all about conversion numbers! I’m still not very good with calculating conversions in recipes, so this definitely helps a ton! I took culinary class for 3 years and I have yet to conquer trying to calculate measurements with ease. (Just so everyone is aware… I’m not a cook that generally uses measuring cups a lot 😐 ).


In the second row, I write down food pyramid information. It helps to know how much of what I need to be eating on a daily basis to get all the nutrients I need.


And lastly, in the third row, I keep open for helpful tips that I learn or come across in my adventures with cooking!





For the time being, that’s it! This planner is still a work in progress. Actually, just sitting here typing out made me realize that I should probably also incorporate a color for healthy meals and/or baked meals. Hmmm? Just so many ideas, so many decisions. You could separate this how I did such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or you could be more specific with the meal types such as soups, stews, sandwiches, and more! I really feel like the possibilities are endless!


And the best part is, I’ll have this planner forever!


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I have no idea. But perhaps you do. Care to leave your suggestions in the comment section? 🙂 And while you’re at it, be sure to check to see how I set up my art editorial planner as well.




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