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The Formal Introduction

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Hello there!


I am Mskraizy and I’m formally introducing this blog and my youtube channel.


Prior to this, especially if you’ve come from my youtube channel, first of all “Hi!”. Glad you’ve stopped by! 🙂


But perhaps you have wondered why my YouTube Channel is named “Chaotic Canvas and Company” and “Kraizy Colorful Plans” is the name of my blog. Maybe you’ve also wondered whether or not I was going to get rid of one name and stick to the other, well allow me to clear all that up in this post! (And if you weren’t wondering at all, then you can…probably…just skip this…… post… o_o)


My youtube channel (Chaotic Canvas and Co) was started with the intent of eventually progressing into doing animations, primarily 2D animations but I wasn’t partial to it and I kinda know a LITTLE bit about 3D animation as well. Chaotic Canvas and Company was inspired by those little creatures that you see in the picture at the beginning of this post!

They are the “Creatchies”, an imaginary hodgepodge of different cartoon characters I enjoyed as a child. Chaotic Canvas was the “cartoon idea” I had in mind that I eventually wanted to create a series for, so quite naturally, that’s what I named my channel.

I figured that since I really didn’t know much about animation, and definitely wasn’t in a position to whip out a new animation every few weeks, I would start trying to build up my channel through means of just showcasing my art in some form of fashion. It started out as printable sticker sets constructed for the Erin Condren Large-Sized Hardbound Planners (the vertical edition) and later, it seemed like the most viewed videos on my channel were my budget setups.

Now, I LOVE budgeting and I love drawing, so in a sense, this seemed like a perfect match for me. What better way to intertwine logic and creativity than with a beautiful Broadway Budget!?

And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing them. And hopefully, the people subscribed to my channel are understanding enough to know that I will most likely never showcase them my actual numbers and perhaps they just stick around because they find my content entertaining. Because that’s what I want to do, that’s the main reason I decided to create my channel: To Entertain.




Kraizy Colorful Plans stepped in because I felt my youtube channel was starting to become a “traditional art/planner/semi-wanna-be-budgeting channel” and while it IS a form of art that I’d like to maintain on my channel, I’d like to formally make it clear that Chaotic Canvas is NOT a money channel. I’ve been doing a lot more “budgeting without the budget” sort of videos and I feel it’s taking my channel away from what I initially wanted it to be, which is an animation/cartoon channel.

I realize that there may be a lot of people subscribed to me for possibly the sole purpose of hanging onto my broadway budgets and the cash envelope videos that I do, and I won’t stop doing those honestly. But as far as money management goes, that’s really as far as my channel is going to go.




I just thought I’d formally make it clear that my channel is going to continue to curve towards the art and animation channel with a sprinkle of money management videos, so if that’s not something you’re that eager to watch grow, than you can happily unsubscribe. I promise, I’ll still love you for the support you DID show. 🙂

But I’m aiming to attract the audience into animations, into art, into little storytimes (maybe?) and whatnots and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, subscribing to my channel thinking I’m going to do more money management tips when all you’ll probably get is art tutorials, speed paints, and “making of” videos.

As far as my Bullet Journal comic, for those who were interested in that… I will still be doing that, but currently I’m taking a break from it. Between that, the budget setups, and working on just setting up my youtube and blog foundations, something just had to give for the moment. I’m sure I’ll find my way back to it, for I loved the story so much! So we’ll probably pick it up again in September. 🙂




Yeah… I guess that was all. I just wanted to formally introduce Chaotic Canvas and Company which is my animation business, and Kraizy Colorful Plans which is my planning-related, traditional art business.

Kraizy Colorful Plans will always host any printables, any digital art, stickers, kits, tutorials, and just lots of planning and art related things. Chaotic Canvas will eventually just be my cartoons and animations.

As for my youtube channel, it’s all going to go on the one channel. I’m not going to create a second channel and tell you all to go subscribe there too, so everything will be centered on my one youtube channel among different playlists…you know… keep it organized. 🙂 And that will still be under “Chaotic Canvas and Company”.


Right now, my only blog is “Kraizy Colorful Plans”, but as time goes on, hopefully I’ll gain enough fire to create a separate blog for Chaotic Canvas as well where I can just house my animations and blog about animations and things on that blog.

So yeah! That’s it!


Hope that wasn’t TOO confusing, but I live for making things clear, concise, and nice. 🙂


You all have a wonderful day!

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