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July 2018 Budget Setup: To The Beach!

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Okay… I’m a teensy bit later on this than I wanted to be, but nevertheless



Really excited about this setup for July! I feel with each setup that I do, I push my boundaries and creative level just a little bit more and I’m really loving the result of July.


This month’s theme is none other than something water-related: THE BEACH!!!

So let’s hop right on in, shall we?

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So I’m going to show you this a little backwards because to me, it turned out to tell a small story in it’s own way.


So here, I spent what seemed like forever trying to create sketch for the beloved JEEP WRANGLER.


I don’t know how many Jeep Lovers there are out there reading this, but I for one, LOVE THEM. I learned how to drive in a Jeep Cherokee! A very… broken down… very old… very 100-years-past-retirement Jeep Cherokee. When I say it was clearly past it’s prime, I’m talking the doors was falling off, the windshield was nearly busted… pretty dangerous and TRULY not something you would probably want your teenager learning how to drive in ?. But that Jeep has always been my favorite type of car, riding high, going strong through EVERY struggle, and so I truly had to pay some homage to the brand of Jeeps this month. I haven’t come across another car YET that could still drive while being held together by a thread (though… that’s not exactly something I’m LOOKING FORWARD to happening, I’m just saying…).


SO, I say all that to say, this month we’re beginning with a pretty blue Jeep Wrangler driving on the sand of the beach. ?

Inked in with a combination of small and medium faber castell artist pens is how this fancy blue Jeep Wrangler came to life! I then colored it in using my Prisma Color Premier Soft Core Coloring Pencils to color in the illustration. Moving towards the top, I used my tombow dual brush markers to write out each header title in calligraphy which was then followed up with a drop shadow with my small faber castell marker and highlighted with my gold sakura gelly roll pen (ugh! LOVE that thing!). And then I commenced to creating the rest of the layout with my XS faber castell pen drawing out my sinking funds box, some little seashells underneath my “top 3” section, and some little sandcastle flags underneath my “this month” section. BOOM.





So, now that we got the gang all packed up in our Jeep Wrangler with our fancy turkey sandwiches and our water bottles filled to the brim with our honey-lime detox water (it’s really good actually), it’s time to move onto the monthly calendar… which isn’t… all that fancy.

So we’ll picture this as the “car ride to the beach”… you know? Hectic traffic and all! 😀


I printed up some more bill due stickers and if these stickers look kind of odd, that’s because my black ink ran out… so they’ve got this kind of ‘funky, irridescent, futuristic’ look going on……No? No? Just stop?


Okay. ?


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So we’ve landed on the beach!!!!


It’s time to dive into the ocean and catch some WAVES!!!!

I, personally, don’t know how to surf, so I’ll be the one in the group filming everyone’s embarrassing moments on the waves and instantly uploading them to Youtube! (MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Lol) I’m seriously only kidding.

But for this page, I decided to create some epic waves to come crashing into my productivity page. This was outlined with a combination of my small and medium faber castell artist markers and colored in with my tombow dual brush markers. The actual lettering was done with my sakura gelly roll pen in metallic blue and then outlined with my uniball signo pen in white so that it could stand out a little more.





Well, everybody’s all tired out from all the surfing and now it’s time to chill out with a nice pineapple fruit punch in a cute glass (a pineapple cup!?) with a little fancy umbrella… #PinkyInTheAir

For this budget page, I used the pineapple punch sticker sheet from Erin Condren and customized the background to be Dark Red to give it the fruity fruit punch I was looking for.

I set it up just how I did for the month of June, but I decided to also use my Erin Condren Dual Brush Markers to help set up the different categories and to create a lot more colorfulness and boldness. The neon orange and neon pink markers in this were actually a sneak peek item sent to me in the Summer Seasonal Surprise Box. I believe they are supposed to eventually be available for the public to purchase, but as of now, I don’t see them on her site… sorry… 🙁



Haaa, isn’t it just sooooo refreshing to look at?







I’m not sure if I’ve ever shown this page on one of my blog posts though I show myself setting it up in every single budget video since March 2018. But basically, I just use a second sticker sheet to create the very simple layout for my expense tracker for the month of July.

I picture this as going to all those crazy expensive souvenir shops and oohing and aawing at all those fancy seashells we know we can find in a cornerstore somewhere for a lot cheaper (but we’re buying MEMORIES GUYS!!!! Lol). Okay, I’m exaggerating but seriously? Being a tourist is the equivalent to being robbed…the legal way. ? (I kid, I kid…?)



And guys that’s going to wrap up our beach vacation!!! I hope you all enjoyed your stay now uhhhhhh… GET OUT!

I’m playing of course, but I hope you all enjoyed and found it entertaining and be sure to stick around for more!

How you say? Well…

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