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July 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

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June turned out to be busy, busy, BUSY!

To follow such a busy and chlaustrophobic month, I decided to go with a theme I was sure would calm me the most: UNDERWATER!



Yes, I decided to take Mskraizy and Bujo’s adventure (if you’ve been following the Bullet Journal Comic in my videos) to the Deep Blue Sea! Originally, I was going to be a little more specific and do the Great Barrier Reef, but for simplistic purposes, we just tossed them in the ocean. Simple right? ?



At this time, I won’t be creating anymore themed sticker kits. I kind of want to take time out to re-evaluate the overall design and try to incorporate more of my personality into them. I’m still trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t and I am always open to feedback and suggestions as to what you all would find helpful and functional for your planning.

Also, whenever I do choose to start creating sticker kits of them, most of them will be for digital printables. Not saying that I’ll never do physical kits ever again, but for me, creating printables for you all is a lot easier than dealing with that unpredictable Silhouette Portrait 2 that I have ?.


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Onto the July Setup! If you’re interested in following the Bullet Journal Comic, I read them in every Bullet Journal setup video ?.



(get it?)


Doesn’t it seem like the year is just FLYING BY!?

Well yes, ladies and gentlefolks, we’re already at the halfmark of 2018!



I wanted to keep things a little simple, or you know… as simple as I know how, so this month’s watercolor title was none other than Mskraizy in mermaid-form swimming towards the surface of the Deep Blue Sea. I used my White Night’s Watercolor Paint Set as usual to do this and the multiple shades and layers of blue really gave me the calming effect I was looking for. For the entire month of June, my mind was like a tiny gnat just screaming in my ear for a full 30 days straight and while I really enjoyed the theme of the Amazon Rainforest, listening to busyness and looking at busyness just didn’t come together to give me any sense of ‘calm’, which is why I loved the way this theme turned out overall.





I did this Bullet Journal setup in stages, doing the watercolor backgrounds first so that they would dry before I actually tried to do any drawing on them. I had done watercolor in this bullet journal before and… it broke my entire book lol. The spine LITERALLY split apart from the pages and for that I used this Liquitex Matte Gel to bind it back together. Since I’ve used that to bind my book back, I’ve literally had NO problem with it even pretending to come apart so because of that… I was feeling a little bold and brash and decided to douse my bullet journal in water-heavy watercolors again… ? Yep. I sure did.

So, first was the watercolor background done in fairly the same layering techniques used on the watercolor title page (which you can see in my video) and when it was all completely dry, I added in this little sea turtle that I drew up and edited in Illustrator and then colored in Photoshop rather quickly. We will call him… FRANKIE!



Frankie was swimming around and got accidentally separated from the gang at Finding Nemo, and eventually found fun in playing with all these random bubbles floating up from below. Frankie decided to float atop of some bubbles, and soon discovered the long lost LEGENDARY BUBBLE which housed the monthly calendar for July 2018! Lol Great discovery Frankie! ?

Lol Okay all jokes aside, I used a combination of different colored Prisma Colored Premier Soft Coloring Pencils to draw in all the bubbles. I actually ended up loving this monthly spread way more than I thought I would! Since I needed the actual calendar to *POP!* more, I decided to use my signo pen in white to make bolder white letters to make them stand out. Overall, turned out really nice!



Then we rollover to the right page where I decided to try it differently and used a 1-31 number strip I also whipped up in Photoshop to make for a place to house different events and appointments that may be happening during the span of July. I decided to place it in the center just in case I have more than 1 event/appointment happening on the same day and don’t want to squish it altogether.

I used my tombow dual brush marker to create the “this month” text, followed by a drop shadow using my Faber Castell fine tipped marker in XS and highlights done with my sakura gelly roll pen in metallic blue. It’s hard to see it on camera, but I just love the added glimmer and shine every time I turn the page! #FeelingKindaFancy

And did you notice something? I’m actually using WASHI!!! I decided to add a washi border to the edge of this page to try and cover up all the paint splatters that formed along the edges. Worked out A-Okay!





Okay, so if you’ve seen any of my other bullet journals, you’ll see I’m re-arranging a few things. Normally my mood and water trackers are on the same page, but this time I decided to do my Daily Achievement right next to the Water Tracker. I also created another sticker in Photoshop (I was really toying around that day in Photoshop lol) for the “Daily” header and in my signo pen wrote ‘ACHIEVEMENT’ and went over it again to add a bit more boldness to it. I also used another number strip for the layout as well.


The water tracker is *hopefully* a BLUE WHALE (but we’ll see by the end of July…?). Going with the same style of thought with making the 5-8 range more optimal color choices, and 1-4 being yucky colors for our whale (yes, I said yucky! and I’m proud…)





Yes! So I’m actually doing my mood tracker WAY different than what I’ve done before. I watch a lot of EclecticScribbles bullet journal videos and she does her mood trackers this way, and I thought it’d be cool to try it this way for a month. I drew out 5 seashells and replicated them and made a sheet full of them! I’m still going to abide by my general style of filling each shell with every mood I’m feeling for that day instead of one overall color. I just like to see how stable (or unstable, heh…) my moods are throughout the month.

And I just totally realized that Happy and Upset look completely identical, so I might change that color later on ? Maybe purple?

And! ANNNND! I am giving away this seashell printable as a freebie! Download Mood Seashells Freebie! But please note, this is still property of Kraizy Colorful Plans and any attempt to resell or redistribute as your own is prohibited. Link backs are not required, but always appreciated! ?






A setup isn’t complete without my “Two Lines A Day” spread! This was another spread where I did the watercolor background prior to the actual “setting up day” of my bullet journal. I didn’t record this part for the sun decided to go to sleep a little earlier due to rainy weather, but this was also done with my White Nights watercolor paint.

On top of the background, I used my black tombow dual brush marker to write out the header and then outlined it in my sakura gelly roll pen in gold. I also drew some little squiggly suns in the corner to help create a sunny, beach day type of vibe. Simple and to the point, and I love the idea of feeling like I’m ‘scribbling my thoughts in the sand’ every time I go to write in it.





And here’s our cheeky octopus with the budget check in page! I really love how this turned out with our dazzling purple Octopus with her dolla-dolla-bills y’all!  I used my faber castell fine tipped markers in a combination of medium and small to create the outline and also draw in the octopus as well as my tombow dual brush markers to fill in the boxes and octopus with color. I also used my tombow dual brush markers for the “budget check in” text at the bottom and outline it with the metallic blue gelly roll pen. And then the water background was lightly colored in using my prisma coloring pencils.





Since July literally starts… well, Today, I’m kind of out of “week” to plan for. So I decided to just use this blank page to account for today (yesterday when I filmed this video) and tomorrow’s (today…don’t judge ?) planning. I normally start my weekly spreads on a Monday, so this turned out perfect!

I also used more washi! I just used it as a border for the top and bottom and to divide the center. I used a green tombow dual brush marker to write out the days followed by a drop shadow done with my faber castell pen in x-small. The bubbles were done with my metallic blue gelly roll pen which I love because I love the shining bubbles effect when I turn the page!


But overall, that is going to do it!! That is my setup for July and I’m actually excited to see it all filled up and loved and whatnot. Do you guys have anymore ideas for sea creatures I should incorporate? Or do you have an idea for August? August is actually my birthday month and I ‘kinda’ have an idea already, BUT, I’d actually really love to hear what suggestions you all have.


And do you want to be apart of the Bullet Journal Comic!? Then tell me, where should Mskraizy and Bujo go next!? Leave your comments below!


But until next time, you guys have an incredible day! Buh-Bye!

(And don’t forget your freebie! Download Mood Seashells Freebie)

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