Budget Setup

June 2018 Budget Setup

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It’s that time again!


Time to get our budgets set up for the upcoming month! Of course, there’s no need to go all out with the pretty planning and decoration, but I love to dive right on in!… Head first. 🙂

Now following last month, I tried to go with a much more calmer idea (though it didn’t turn out all that calm in the end). Let’s begin with the monthly view first…



In all honesty, I whipped up these stickers last minute which is why it’s not overly saturated with decorations like… last month. But actually it was okay this way. I think I needed to tone it down a bit for the month of June. Personally, the auto-savings stickers were my favorite. They kind of remind me of rainbow sherbet… Mmmmm!





I think out of all the decorative budgets I’ve done thus far (at least since April), this has to be one of my absolute favorite setups!! All the bright floral designs, the hint of gold, the everything! I really loved the way it turned out!

I had already written in my bills on the right page (the budget page) so that’s why it’s cut off in these pictures (I’m not volunteering my personal finances, I’m only sharing how I decorate in these videos).


Not too much tweaking to my budget page besides adding in a “Totals” column in between each individual section. I will write those totals in the red label stickers accordingly. Otherwise, not too much of a change structure-wise… just with a new appearance. 🙂



I completely fell in love with this budget page! I use this page to track my usual “next month”, “eating out”, “business”, “monthly totals” and “other” categories. I decided to draw hibiscus flowers for this theme last minute, and I absolutely LOVED it! My original idea was to do koi fish (which you’ll see on the next page), but I decided I wanted to do something different… for this page at least. And I’m glad I did switch it up! It turned out beautiful!

I used my sakura gelly roll pen in gold to write out the titles for each section and then I outlined them with my S Faber Castell Fine Tip Pens.

After that, I also found a decorative use for that Erin Condren sticker book I had just purchased, and decided to cut a few of her washi strips in half and add a little more decoration in between the boxes. Plus some more of her gold-foiled deco at the ends… just for a little more *prettiness*.







This… was supposed to have a much more calmer color scheme, but it ended up looking like a Dr. Seuss character. LOL! I still kind of like it, but I think I would’ve went with more blues and greys if I could redo it again. One thing I really enjoy about using my Monthly Deluxe planner from Erin Condren is trying to find different ways to decorate it and add my own flair to it.

Before purchasing an Erin Condren planner, I didn’t really use a planner. I was a bullet journalist before I realized I was a bullet journalist… my go to planning style consisted of sticky notes, sticky pads, and TONS of half-used notebooks. The Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe was actually my first planner that I purchased from her site in 2017, and I’ve been loving them ever since!

Currently, her planners are being re-designed for the new year, so they are not currently available, but keep a close eye on them if you’d like to give them a try!


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