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June 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

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What does June say to you?

Well apparently for me, it just SCREAMED Amazon Rainforest!

I was very excited to jump into this June Setup, one of the main reasons being I was so excited to paint that Blue Macaw for my title page. And I thought about doing something different seeing as I literally had a spread full of hummingbirds for my last theme but, I just love birds. But I promise! July will be something different and unrelated to winged creatures… hopefully.


But anyways, lets just jump right on in! Now I did go ahead and make a video about it… a very… long… video about it. Definitely not your average monthly setup, but I REALLY wanted you guys to share the experience with me. I really love to watch other artists create their setups from start to finish without too

much cutting in between, and that just correlated to my own editing.

But I am open to feedback. Leave your suggestions below! 😀

One reason this video turned out to be so incredibly long is because I gave you all a really nice overview of May, and I also ready to you all the Bullet Journal Comic for the month of May. But you’ll just have to watch my video to hear the EPIC-NESS (and possibly some cringe lol). If you wanted to see how May turned out, and all the filled out satisfaction and GLORY, be sure to grab a cup of hot tea (hot cocoa, coffee, popcorn??) and tune into the video.


And now, for the June Setup.



I decided to do this sketch on ACTUAL watercolor paper. I have the lemome bullet journal and while it’s pages are thicker than other bullet journals, I am just far too heavy handed with watercolor painting. I’m still a beginner and I tend to use a LOT of water and a LOT of paint. I also wanted to have the texture of the watercolor paper show through my painting as well and overall, I’m glad I decided to do it this way.


Downside. It added bulk. LOTS of bulk. Especially since I pasted in TWO, count’em TWO watercolor paintings. The other being a jaguar painting that I was practicing prior to doing my actual June Title page just to make sure I had some kind of idea of what I’d be doing when I sat down to film that video. ?


For the watercolor painting, I used White Nights Watercolor Paints in the 24-set. I used the colors yellowish-green, azure blue, green, and emerald green as well as burnt umber and mars brown. I truly had a lot of fun creating this title page. I actually did this on a separate day for I knew this would take me some time to do and I record using natural light… I have to budget my sunshine as creatively as I budget my expenses. 😛

But after spending so much time doing the watercolor painting, we finally hop into the actual setup.



This was just so much fun to do! I created a bullet journal sticker kit specifically for June (that is now available in my SHOP!) that I used throughout the rest of my spreads to add more color and help embrace the whole “Amazonian” theme I had going on this month.



The first thing was to setup my monthly calendar and this month/goals page which I actually used my Jaguar watercolor painting for. Yes, even though this was only a practice painting I ended up loving it so much, I also wanted to incorporate it in my bullet journal. So, with my uniball signo pen in white, I quickly wrote out June’s monthly calendar on the side, and used my elmer’s tape runner to stick that right on in.

On the opposite side, I used a couple of decorative headers from my sticker kit, tied with use of my black tombow dual brush marker and the uniball signo pen to create the “This Month” title. In the bottom header, I used a “goals” title filler, also from my sticker kit (purchase NOW), to label that header as well.



The next couple of pages involved creating a mood tracker and a water tracker, pretty staple in my monthly setups but I love to change up the designs every month! This month, I decided to continue my idea of making sure I record ALL of the moods I’ve had in each day and so I created a blue macaw tracker (because blue macaws are the BEST!). This is the back and obviously, if you’ve ever seen the back of a blue macaw, they are completely blue. So I coded my color key as “Happy” being the corresponding blue that I would like to see all month… or… you know… 99% is okay too. ?

I have a few different shades of blue, but as for my more negative emotions that I don’t want to have a lot of, they are coded in colors that I would rather NOT like to see on my blue macaw in an effort to help me stay positive for the month.

And then we move on to the next page, where we have my banana leaf. Now I had an idea similar to this back in April where I created a water droplet and coded the color key with only 5-8 cups of water being a blue shade and 1-4 cups being different colors I didn’t want my water droplet to be. It proved to be very effective because I just did NOT want a green and yellow water droplet on my page. So I’m using that same idea with creating my water tracker. Aiming for a healthy GREEN banana leaf by the end of June and not a yellow or dark blue one. From 5 – 8 cups, there are different shades of green, so my goal is to hit at LEAST 5 cups everyday… MINIMUM.



I decided to go back to having a full spread for my budget check ins as opposed to the weekly budget check ins that I did in May. It was just kind of tedious always having to remember to create a section for my budget check ins, and one time I actually forgot. So I decided to just give my budget check in’s it’s own page again.

For this, I used my howler monkey decorative header and created a chart with weeks 1-4 going across horizontally at the top of each column, and on the left sidebar, I listed all my categories that I generally spend in every month. A better idea would’ve been to have created a few extra rows for any other categories I spend in, but I also have a budget planner where I record every single expense anyway… so this doesn’t have to be completely accurate. I suppose whatever I purchase that doesn’t go into any of those categories can just find it’s way into the unbudgeted categories… and we can sort through the rest of it later when I work in my actual budget planner.

At the bottom, I also created a section for my July Bills. I would just like to have one place to be able to go back and record all the bills that I have coming up for July, what dates they’ll be due on, how much is due, etc.


And then I also incorporated a NEW spread which is for my July Projects. This is something I will eventually make it’s own planner out of, but I like how this is just a snapshot of projects I want to be working on in June that I want to make sure gets launched on the date come July. I thought this would be really helpful in keeping me focused on my deadlines and helping me break down my tasks into the weeks and making it more manageable and helping my workflow more. Well, we’ll see how that works out for me when it comes time to do my June Flipthrough!



This comes pretty self explanatory and I set this up the same way I setup this spread in May, but of course, switching up the tombow dual brush colors a bit to color block the background. And I also used WASHI!! I don’t use an incredible LOT of washi, but I’ve been growing a little collection over here. So I figured this month would be as good as any to try and incorporate some more washi love into my spreads. This is where it shall began! I also decorated the title with my macaw deco stickers, also from my sticker kit (available HERE!).



These two spreads are new to my setup, and I’m thinking that maybe they will also become staples.

My daily achievement spread was setup using gray and pink tombow dual brush markers and accented with deco stickers from my kit.

My purpose for this spread was to record something that I did that day that would overall, help push me toward my goals. For me, my goal is to create animations, get into graphic designs, or something of the like. So daily achievements for me would be something like “sketched a drawing”, “inked in comic”, “brainstormed animation ideas”, “wrote a few sentences to a script”, “worked on re-designing my resume” etc. Doesn’t have to be anything HUGE, but I would like to make sure that I do something intentional towards my ending goal, everyday. Even if it’s a 5 minute thing, a ONE-MINUTE thing, it’s still one minute I decided to actively pursue my goal. And that’s the point of this spread, so that when I look back over it, it’s going to be pretty satisfying watching how all those little intentional moments added up over time.

I’m actually REALLY excited about that spread. ?


And then on the opposite end, we have a Blue Macaw just cracking up with the giggles! I saw this picture on pinterest and decided to re-create it into my spread, and make him…yes… a Blue Macaw! This spread was for my “inside jokes” moments. Things that probably only I will understand and find funny. I tend to have a more humorous outlook on life and I kind of want to keep it that way. Since I’ve started taking my blog, youtube channel and shops more seriously… I find that I actually don’t laugh as much. Which is sad right? Little things go wrong and it just shakes me up… I’d like to have a page full of just funny things that I can go back and smile and laugh at for when those inevitable moments try to overtake me. Because everybody needs a good laugh sometimes.



And so we move out of the entire June Spread setup into my first weekly spread. I didn’t have anything pre-planned since I wasn’t sure exactly how many pages I was going to use in setting up my other spreads, so this was kind of a “winging it” set up. I decided to use the same washi from before (just LOVE that washi) to block of the center of the spine, since the added watercolor pages made that section un-write-able. So using washi I blocked it off and then colored in the center with a blue macaw color scheme. Then I sectioned off the left side into 8 boxes being 6 dots in height each and created my Monday-Sunday spread with an (unintentional) budget check in box at the bottom. The right side included a section for This Week, Next Week, my hourly trackers as well as the corresponding color key.


And that is my entire setup for June! Overall, I truly enjoyed creating this spread, it’s full of color and amazon creatures…and trust me… there’s only more to come. I currently already have a brewing idea for my next weekly spread.


I hope you all enjoyed and until next time!


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