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May 2018 Budget Setup

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good throwback from the past? Clearly, I have been enjoying decorating my budget a bit too much, and this budget for May was truly no exception!

I use an Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Planner for maintaining my budgets. Obviously, you don’t need a top notch, brand name, dipped in gold and laced with rubies planner to do a budget, and you certainly don’t need it to decorate. But these monthly deluxe planners are my preferred budget planner as long as I care to afford them. Compared to their popular life planners, these are way more cost effective anyway. I love quality of these planners, the bold and vibrant colors, and the overall design them. Plus, the customization ability is wonderful too!


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I usually just use clipart and Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create stickers in order to spruce up my budget. But for the month of May (actually this begin in April lol), I went a little overboard with the whole “decorating” thing…

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Probably wasn’t expecting that eh? Yeah… neither was I.


The way I set up my budget this month included creating a section for income. I am currently one month ahead in terms of pay, but the only reason I included a second sticker is to determine how much and IF I pull any additional income from the upcoming month. I decided to income that because technically, most of the money I end up pulling from the next month is really to find my sinking funds and online savings account since I would like keep my auto savings going. So I figured I could just think of the extra money I pull as paying myself first for the following month.


I also created for columns which is a Budget column, a Mid Month column, an Actual column, and a +/- column. The tweak from April’s budget to May is the additional mid month column that I wanted to create to be able to check my budget in the middle of the month to get an overall view of my spending. Now this is just extra work I wanted to create for myself lol, it honestly is. I just love number crunching, planning, creating strategies, and coming to a resolution. Technically, I track my expenses regularly on a daily and weekly basis. There was really no NEED to add the mid month other than to gain an even deeper insight into my spending habits…and write in a pretty budget…


Another thing I’ve also tweaked from last month is adding in all of my categories and not just categories I intend to budget for the month. After reviewing my past 4 budgets, I realized that I generally tend to spend outside of my categories that I budgeted for the month, and it was a continuous thing. My main categories was always eating out and business.


So… With this budget, I felt it better to just include every category I would use whether I budget for it or not JUST to able to track, not only where my money is SUPPOSED to go, but also where it ACTUALLY goes. I want my budget to be more lenient in structure since my financial habits can be less than perfect most times.




On the opposite page, where we have the whole “Can’t Wait To Be King” thing going on, I have my Next Month, Eating Out, Business, Monthly Totals, and Other boxes.

Next Month is… just what it says. Things that would incur outside or irregular expenses that I can start to plan for in advance… such as whenever the new Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Planners release… *cough…hack…

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Eating Out and Business will be where I track every single expense related to those categories since they are more of my weaker spending areas.

Monthly Totals will be a one glance overview of the total of each category that I spent in for the month.

And lastly, Other is where I generally track my credit score and balances in my savings.


And then







I’m sorry. ?


I ABSOLUTELY enjoyed creating this drawing, and really the entire budget. For me personally, it makes budgeting THAT much more fun to do and will probably explain why I’m so into tracking my finances.

Even without the drawing though, I usually do my Top 3 goals for the month as well as a This Month section where I track whatever I can expect to happen in upcoming month, including events. I also track all of sinking funds as well, whether I add to them or not.


I… am thoroughly satisfied with this budget setup for the month of May and you can only expect the setups to be even more saturated in decorations and drawings. This is just what works for me, and not only does help me stay on top of finances…


It makes me happy. ?



And I hope it makes you happy too!


Until next time,


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